The 3 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories

The 3 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories 1Without a doubt, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most beloved and innovative gaming consoles in this generation. From the start, Nintendo became famous for their willingness to take risks and try something new. Sometimes they completely miss the target (looking at you, Nintendo 64 boomerang controller). But most of the time the hit just the right spot with their consoles and games.

It has become clear, with the Switch, Nintendo has another hit on their hands. I mean the the awesome games alone offer you (and your whole family) hours of joy and entertainment. Animal Crossing New Horizons, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Zelda? What else do you need for hours of video game bliss?

The Nintendo Switch is simply said: Awesome!

And while this little nifty piece of technology definitely is great on its own, we think that you may be interested in some of the accessories that you can add to it. In this article we will show you the top 3 nintendo switch accessories that are not even that expensive, but well worth their money. So let’s begin.

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#1 The Nintendo Switch Kickstand

With the stops and innovations that Nintendo pulled out on the Switch device, it makes it strange that they included such a flimsy kickstand that is prone to falling off or getting snapped in half. Enter the customizable HORI Playstand.

Here is a look at a quality replacement kickstand that you are sure to need sooner or later.

What is a Nintendo Switch Kickstand (play stand)?

The kickstand attaches to the back of the removable, portable console portion of the Nintendo Switch. The kickstand makes it possible to make the screen stand up by itself for tabletop play. Without the kickstand, users will either need to hold the device or set it flat on a surface. The kickstand is a small feature, but a very important one for portable play.

How do you use the Nintendo kickstand?

The kickstand device is located on the back of the Nintendo Switch and looks like a thin plastic strip. To use this function, remove the device from the docking station. Then you will need to remove the Nintendo Joycon controllers. Once the screen is separate from the other devices, use a fingernail or something thin to pop the kickstand out. Pull the kickstand all the way out until you hear a clicking sound.

Once the kickstand is extended, you can place the device on a flat surface and the screen will be visible and ready to play.

Who would benefit from using a Switch kickstand?

One of the best features of the Nintendo Switch* is the option to play games on the go. The portability of this console is one of the biggest selling points for users of all ages. The kickstand enhances the portability of the device by allowing users to prop it up on flat surfaces. Without the kickstand, users would have to lay the device flat or prop it up with some other object. Any user that wishes to play the Nintendo Switch in a portable scenario will appreciate the functionality of the kickstand device.

In addition, the only charging port for the portable device is on the bottom of the console. If you wish to charge while you play on a tabletop surface, you aren’t left with many options.

The Best Nintendo Switch Kickstand: HORI Compact Playstand

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HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

& Free shipping
Last update was on: June 30, 2022 6:11 pm

In order to solve the issue of a flimsy kickstand, while allowing users to charge at the same time, HORI released their HORI Playstand* that makes tabletop gaming on the Switch much more enjoyable.

Here is a quick look at the HORI Playstand:

●      This product is Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

●      Users have the ability to play while charging in an angled stand.

●      The unit folds up for portability.

●      Angles are adjustable.

●      Includes rubberized grips for stability.

●      The unit can be adjusted to 30, 50, or 60-degree angles.

●      Fold up dimensions: H-162mm, W- 89mm, D- 17mm

Specs and Features

The design is simple, and this accessory is quite easy to use. The stand collapses to form what looks like a somewhat flat rectangle. When opened, it creates a flat base that extends around 6 inches behind the Switch, which rests on 3 angled “stoppers.”

Once it is pulled up and locked into one of the multiple stopper angles, you can easily slip the Switch unit into position and begin playing in tabletop mode, without ever needing to adjust the built-in kickstand.

The best part of this design is that there are built-in holes for the power cable to feed through. This allows the unit to be playable in tabletop mode while charging at the same time.

How it works

The HORI Playstand is well-designed and easy to use. First, the extending base with the stoppers provides different angles of play that are both stable and solid. The HORI stand simply slides out from the flat position to provide a stable and customizable position for the Switch console to rest. The wide bottom base means that this accessory can be used on solid, flat surfaces or even softer, uneven surfaces such as carpets. The included kickstand is not suitable for uneven surfaces and often tips the device over.

To use the device, simply fold out the stoppers and adjust them to the desired angle. Once the stoppers click into place, you will be able to confidently rest your screen in the unit and play away.


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Q: How is this product better than the built-in kickstand?

A: The HORI Playstand allows users to charge while in tabletop mode. It also has three adjustable angles and a wide base that provides more stability.

Q: Will the Switch be able to charge like in the dock?

A: Yes, this device elevates the undercarriage of the device so that the charger can reach the port. Without the elevation, the charging cable will not be able to fit under the device.

Q: Will it work with a Switch case installed?

A: Yes, the HORI Playstand has enough room to fit a device equipped with a case as well as the Joycons.

Q: Do you need a USB C adapter to charge?

A: No, this device provides enough clearance to be able to charge while you play, without the use of any adapters.

Q: Is it small enough to fit in a carrying case?

A: Depends: larger cases will have no problem, but the smaller cases might not be able to accommodate the depth of this device.

While the Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary device when it comes to console gaming, it does come with several design flaws. It has a flimsy kickstand, and the bottom charging port makes it impossible to play while charging on a tabletop. The HORI Playstand eliminates both of those issues and makes for comfortable gaming with adjustable positions.


#2 The Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile and innovative gaming systems available on the market today. The system also benefits from dozens of excellent games that are exclusive to the Switch platform. It is easy to see why so many gamers want to plug in to play multiplayer or stream their achievements live. To do so, you might need to utilize a LAN ethernet adapter for Nintendo Switch to ensure a high-speed connection and to avoid latency.

What is a Nintendo Switch LAN adapter, and why do I need one?

Much like the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii consoles before it, the Nintendo Switch console does not include a built-in ethernet port. The hybrid handheld and console system relies on Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

However, it does come with the option of purchasing an ethernet adapter that will allow the console to connect to the internet through a wired connection.

In contrast to a wireless connection, a wired connection is often considered more reliable (fewer connection issues) and, in most cases, faster. Wired connections come in handy if you are far away from your Wi-Fi signal or located in a “dead spot” of the house. Wired connections will decrease connection loss and interference from a spotty Wi-Fi router.

How do I use a Nintendo Switch LAN adapter?

The Nintendo Switch LAN device is incredibly easy to install to create a wired internet connection. All you need to do is plug it into one of the dockside USB ports. These ports are generally used to load cables on external devices.

Still, they can also be used to create a wired network connection.

To set up the adapter, simply plug it into an unused Nintendo Switch USB port. Then, connect on the end of an ethernet cable to the adapter and the other end to an empty port on the router, or wall connection port. Your Switch should automatically read the connection. Remember, this connection is only active when the Switch is sitting in its docking station.

When you turn on the Switch, first go to the System Settings menu and select the option “Wired Connection.” Now, you are ready to play any internet-enabled games on your Switch with a stable, wired internet connection.

What is the best Nintendo Switch LAN adapter?

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Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

& Free shipping
Last update was on: June 30, 2022 6:11 pm

One of the most popular and reliable choices is the HORI Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter*. This adapter is a go-to choice for most Switch owners due to its easy to install functionality and dependability. This product is directly licensed by Nintendo, and it was released as the official ethernet adapter for the Switch platform. If you are on the fence about which product to use, the HORI adapter makes a choice easy.

Since it is officially licensed, it is guaranteed to work properly. It comes with the authenticity of an officially licensed Nintendo product.

Here is a quick look at the HORI LAN adapter:

●      This product is Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

●      Functions as a plug and play LAN Adapter for the Nintendo Switch.

●      Creates a fast and stable wired internet connection.

●      Stable, wired internet connection. Great for playing online multiplayer games.

●      Plugs directly into the Nintendo Switch Dock for easy installation.

How It Works

This LAN adapter works by simply plugging the male end of the cable into a spare USB port on the Switch dock. Next, plug a cable connected to a router port or ethernet wall connection into the female end of the adapter. Now you are ready to experience internet speeds of up 1Gbps.

LAN adapter Nintendo Switch: Features

This switch ethernet adapter was specifically fabricated to fit snugly into the Nintendo Switch Dock. The sturdy design will ensure that users always experience consistent downloads. The HORI device will provide a

steady and secure connection directly to your Switch dock. It also allows for lightning-quick content streaming and download speeds up to 1 Gbps.

These blazing speeds make it a perfect choice for playing online multiplayer games.

The female portion of the adapter is exceptionally sturdy and creates a solid connection with the LAN cable. It might feel a bit larger than other adapters, but this size creates a strong connection and will give you peace of mind when you are in the midst of online play. It is small enough to store in your Switch case and take with you on the go.

The cable itself is 7.5 inches in length, which is a bit longer than many other adapters available. The length guarantees that you will not have to strain your ethernet cable to achieve the best placement around your devices. The cable is also well-insulated and sturdy. It will not kink or break easily and will not become torn when being stored or carried about.

Specs and Details

The HORI adapter supports functional 10/100/1000 ethernet quality. This is to be expected since it is an officially licensed Nintendo product. It is also rated to be energy efficient.

The optional standards for this adapter include IEEE802.3ab, 2.3u, and 2.3.


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Q: Can I just use the Wii LAN Adapter instead of the Nintendo switch LAN adaptor?

A: Some users have reported success using their Nintendo Wii U LAN adapter, but the compatibility and connection are not guaranteed. Also, you can expect slower speeds from backward compatible gear.

Q: Is this adapter 1 Gigabit?

A: This adapter is specced to run at 1Gbps speed. However, some users report that the USB 2.0 functionality will limit the speed to 480Mbps speed.

Q: Is this adapter USB 3.0?

A: No, it is not USB 3.0. This ethernet adapter utilizes USB 2.0. The theoretical maximum transfer speed will then be limited at 480Mbps. Most users report hovering around 5-400 Mbps speed due to the protocol of USB 2.0.

Q: Does a regular LAN adapter work on the Switch dock?

A: Other LAN adapters might work with the Nintendo Switch; however, non-licensed products are not guaranteed to be functional or compatible. A safe bet would be to buy an official Nintendo product for a wired internet connection.

Q: Does the brick fit in the management tray?

A: It is possible to plug the adapter into the rear USB, which will functionally hide the brick, but it does not actually fit inside the cable management tray.

Overall, this product might come at a higher asking price than other adapters. Still, since it is officially licensed, it comes with the guaranteed compatibility and connectivity you would expect from a Nintendo product.

#3 Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

For some time now, Switch users could connect to a USB headset or a pair of external speakers. Gaming headset provides an unmatched, immersive experience that simply can’t be beaten. Unfortunately, a USB headset still requires a dangling cable that can detract from the immersive experience. It can also limit your options when it comes to a headset. Many high-quality headset require a powered USB, which the Switch dock lacks.

However, by adding a Bluetooth adapter to your Switch setup, you can eliminate the need for those annoying and tangling wires. You can also go for higher quality headsets when Bluetooth is an option. To help you make the best choice for your Bluetooth needs, we tracked down the best Bluetooth adapter for your money.

What is a Switch Bluetooth Adapter?

Three main differences set a Switch Bluetooth adapter apart from a generic Bluetooth adapter. These differences include the form factor, the firmware, and the input.

The form factor is the most important part of a Bluetooth adapter. For most devices, such as laptops or PCs, Bluetooth adapters utilize USB C technology. However, this form factor would be too bulky for ta Nintendo Switch controller. A customized Bluetooth adapter is designed to be quite compact and fit snugly at the bottom of the controller.

The firmware for the Switch adapter is also quite unique. Many Bluetooth adapters focus mainly on general connectivity and are not specifically designed for audio. A Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter focuses on connecting your headphones. In that case, it is optimized to provide maximum sound quality to enhance your gaming experience.

Lastly, the input on most Bluetooth adapters is designed to use a 3.5mm auxiliary plug. While these are great for cars or stereos, this design is not compatible with the Switch system. The Switch system requires a specific input device, meaning not just any Bluetooth adapter will be compatible with the controller.

What to expect from a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter

While some Bluetooth adapters offer a great range of sound quality, it is important to clarify what exactly you can expect when you use a Switch adapter. The range of the Switch adapter is somewhat limited in its use. The switch Bluetooth adapter does not support simulated surround sound in 7.1 channel format. With that in mind, even “7.1-channel” headsets will not be exactly in 7.1 quality. The only way to approach this range of quality is to utilize a headset that offers built-in simulation. When you are using a headset with the Switch, it is important to understand the limitations first.

Anyone who wishes to use a headset or connect their Switch to a Bluetooth audio receiver will benefit from adding an adapter to their Switch system. Bluetooth audio is fast, simple, and easy to use and can add an element of immersion to any game. If you are looking to enhance gameplay and bring the game to life, you should consider utilizing an adapter with a Bluetooth headset.

What is the best Nintendo Switch bluetooth adapter?

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HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Adapter with USB C Connector Built-in Digital...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: June 30, 2022 6:11 pm

The answer is quite easy. In our opinion, the simple: The HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter*.

The easy to install HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is a compact, 0.16-ounce transmitter that utilizes your Switch’s built-in USB C port. The unit itself is a compact 1.89 inches in width and only 0.35 inches high. Still, it packs a good amount of information on a tiny display.

It comes with three individual LED indicator lights, along with two-button controls that toggle the dual-channel connections. The HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter is also available in 9 unique colors, which makes it easy to customize your system to suit your needs.


●      This adapter is made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, so it is compatible with both the Switch and the Switch Lite.

●      It comes with plug play connectivity. Easy to install dual headphones. The LED indicators show the audio codec and headphones in use.

●      Built-in mic function.

●      Directly transmits from the USB C port for low latency.

●      The only Switch device that can stream to 2 separate headphone units in aptX Low Latency.


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How it Works

The dual-channel function means that two players can connect and listen at the same time. The Switch has put a huge emphasis on social gaming, and this adapter respects that idea. Each of the buttons on the HomeSpot will pair to either channel 1 or channel two, so it is easy to pair each set of headphones without confusion.

The button to the left will control player 1’s channel and the button on the right, player 2’s. A green light will indicate that the connection is normal; a flashing green light means it is pairing, and when it is amber, the channel has been connected, but it is currently muted.

The layout and buttons are simple to use, and the HomeSpot offers several quality codec options.


Q: Are there colors to match Animal Crossing themes?

A: Currently, there are not. However, it is a possibility in the future.

Q: Does it work with the Lite version when the HORI case is on the unit?

A: Unfortunately, no. You will need to remove the case for this adapter to fit properly into the port.

Q: Can voice chat be used via a wireless headset?

A: Voice chat can be used utilizing the built-in mic in the adapter.

Q: Is this device compatible with the PS4?

A: Yes, users report being able to use this adapter with the PS4 as well.

Q: Can this adapter be used while it is docked?

A: Yes, this device can be used by plugging in the included USB A adapter to the side of the TV dock.

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use way to connect your Bluetooth headset, look no further than the HomeSpot 5.0. With two switchable channels, it is great for multiplayer play, and the colorful options make it highly customizable. The high-quality audio codecs will enhance your gameplay and immerse you in action.


That’s it.

Those are our top 3 accessories for the Nintendo Switch. We hope that some of those might be right up your alley. Stay tuned for more awesome gaming content. If you’re also a PC gamer, you might be interested in our article on the best gaming monitor under 300 or our guide on tempered glass pc cases.

Here are the top 3 accessories and the Nintendo Switch again:

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Nintendo Switch w/ Gray Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Full Game...

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HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

& Free shipping
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Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

& Free shipping
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HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Adapter with USB C Connector Built-in Digital...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: June 30, 2022 6:11 pm