Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars

night vision binocularsIf you enjoy hunting, fishing, or camping, then you likely want to find the best night vision binoculars for you. Night vision devices are useful for these purposes, so long as you buy a good set.

There are plenty of night vision goggles on the market, which makes it difficult to find the best pair. Not all of these products are created equal. Different goggles can serve different purposes. If you want to use night vision to find deer, rabbits, and other animals, you should choose a pair designed for hunting. If you want to use your binoculars as part of search and rescue efforts, then you would need a different pair. However, if you’re just looking for ways to get a closer look at small birds in daylight, you’ve got a lot less to worry about.

Today we will be looking at some of the best night vision binoculars around, as well as how these binoculars work and what you can use them for.

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What Can Night Vision Goggles Be Used For?

When most people think of night vision, they picture spies working under cover of darkness. That is just one of many potential uses. These goggles were originally developed for the military so that they could track enemies in the dark and conduct night missions. Nowadays, there are plenty of different purposes for these goggles.

Here are some of the more common uses of night vision goggles;

  • Finding hidden items
  • Surveillance
  • Security
  • Wildlife observation, including birdwatching
  • Law enforcement
  • Hunting
  • Military purposes
  • Entertainment purposes

Please note that different brands of goggles can have unique features that make them suited to a particular purpose. Check to see what the goggles are good for before making a purchase.

How Do Night Vision Binoculars Work?

Night vision goggles work by collecting and amplifying existing light in an area. There’s a lot more light out there than the stuff we can see. Night vision works by grabbing as much light as possible, including moonlight and infrared light, through the lens. The lens focuses the light on the image intensifier.

The intensifier contains a photocathode that converts the photon energy from the light into electrons. The electrons accelerate inside the intensifier and hit the phosphor screen, which is sort of a monochrome green TV, which creates an image the human eye can process.

The acceleration of electrons is what gives the image its sharpness and clarity.

Please note that night vision goggles can’t work in a complete absence of light. There has to be some light that they can latch on to and magnify. However, there are some models that can work in complete darkness. Some binoculars are made with an infrared illuminator built-in. These illuminators offer the goggles a small trace of light they can use. This infrared beam is almost invisible to the human eye but it appears bright when viewed through night vision devices.

The Benefits of Using Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision binoculars offer plenty of benefits for users, including;

* Ability to see in the dark

Being able to see in the dark is the main benefit of using these devices. Night vision binoculars let you see clearly in the darkest rooms and outdoors so long as there is some ambient light. Invest in IR goggles to see when there is no ambient light at all, giving you more flexibility.

* Better Accuracy

As the name implies, night vision binoculars also function as binoculars. They allow you to see at a greater distance and identify your targets with more clarity and certainty, particularly for people who hunt at night or in low-light conditions. This benefit also applies to watching animals such as birds at night.

* Improved Safety

Night vision gives night owls the safety and security they need when doing things after dark. Being able to clearly see where you’re walking and potential pitfalls is a must for anyone who enjoys walking through the night.

What are the Different Night Vision Generations?

You may have heard people throwing around terms like “gen 1” and “gen 2” in regards to night vision. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what it all means, as we’re here to explain!

Night vision goggles are sorted into different generations depending on their power and quality. In regards to night vision, “generation” refers to different features that the night vision device has or not. One of the key differences between the different generations is price. Gen 1 devices are the most affordable, with each gen getting progressively more expensive. Gen 4 is the most advanced form of night vision available, bringing with it quite a substantial cost.

Here’s a look at what the different generations are capable of;

* Gen 1

The first generation of night vision devices are some of the most common. These devices use infrared light to illuminate areas and objects at night and in darkness. The devices beam out infrared light that bounces off objects and is amplified by the device to brighten images even when there’s little to no natural light around. Think of it as being similar to the human eye. Our eyes absorb light that bounces off of objects, but don’t produce their own light. The difference is that these devices do.

Gen 1 should be enough for most people, but it does have some limitations. For a start, they are severely limited in their range. Gen 1 devices have trouble seeing things beyond 75 yards. The quality of the infrared beam could also affect the quality of image. Images produced by these devices can be distorted around the edges.

* Gen 2

The second generation of night vision devices is much better than their generation 1 counterparts. These devices can pick up infrared light naturally emitted by the moon and stars in the sky. They don’t rely on the built-in IR emitters found in generation 1 devices.

Much like generation 1 devices, these devices aren’t perfect. Because generation 2 enhances any existing light sources, they can be rendered useless by cloud cover. Some models are sold with a built-in IR emitter to compensate for this and still work well no matter the situation. The image quality and range is generally much better for gen 2 as well, with these devices able to see up to 200 yards away.

* Gen 3

Gen 3 night vision devices are the ones used by the military. This generation of night vision goggles creates incredible images, no matter the lighting or weather at the time. Third generation devices are versatile and suited for a wide range of uses as well, which makes them more useful for the military. They also come with excellent field of vision, capable of seeing up to 300 yards away without a problem.

* Gen 4

There is one more generation beyond generation 3. The fourth generation of night vision is highly expensive, however, and rarely used. This is why the military sticks to third generation devices. With that said, fourth generation devices are definitely worth it if you have the money and inclination. These devices create incredible quality images in even perfect darkness and have an excellent range to boot. Gen 4 represents the best of the best, but is often too good for most people.

The Best Digital Night Vision Binoculars

If you are looking for the best digital night vision binoculars, then it doesn’t get much better than the Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars*.

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CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars for Complete Darkness - GlassOwl Infrared...

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Creative XP strive to deliver high-end quality optics at an affordable price for customers. The company’s dedication to affordable quality has made them one of the best sellers on the market. Don’t let the price fool you, as you’re still getting versatile equipment for your money.

One of the standout features of the Creative XP is the sheer power of the magnitude. Thanks to digital optical zooming, you can see targets up to 1,300 feet away. The binoculars are also waterproof up to IPX4 standard, making them an excellent choice for people in rainy and foggy environments.

These high-tech goggles let you observe wildlife from a safe distance without startling them or getting in their way. They allow farmers to keep an eye on livestock at night. The 32GB of storage in the binoculars means you can even take images and video directly without any problems.

These binoculars allow you to see in complete darkness. Unlike some other night vision goggles that need ambient light to produce quality images, the Creative XP won’t let you down. You don’t need to worry about these goggles eating through battery power in minutes or taking too long to zoom and focus.

The binoculars are equipped with an 850 NM infrared illuminator, allowing for the Creative XP to produce its own ambient light. This infrared illuminator means you can see in the dark for hours on end, no matter how pitch black the night gets. The focus is super smooth and crisp to give you excellent quality images each and every time. Take a look at what the night world has to offer through the 4″ screen.

  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 1
  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 2
  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 3
  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 4
  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 5
  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 6
  • Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars 7

The adventure never has to end when you have a pair of GlassOwl binoculars on your side. If you enjoy hunting at night, watching animals go about their business, keeping an eye on livestock, or just watching for intruders, then you need a pair of digital night vision binoculars. Imagine what it would be like to capture perfectly clear photos and videos in high definition in the dead of night, save everything to a built-in memory card, and download and share the images and clips with your friends. Well, thanks to these night vision binoculars, you don’t have to imagine that anymore. The goggles even come with a card reader included to make it even easier to transfer images and videos to your other devices.

As mentioned before, Creative XP is dedicated to providing high-end products at affordable prices. All of their products are independently tested by experts to create unforgettable experiences for end-users. These night vision goggles were developed to withstand the strain of military activity thanks to the rugged housing containing all the components. The binoculars feel comfortable in your hands, if a little heavy. One reviewer said that they turned off all the lights in their home and was still able to see perfectly using the vision binoculars.

These night vision goggles would also make an excellent gift for a friend or family member. Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of getting to see clearly in the dark, if just for fun? The binoculars come with a 4-inch TFT screen. The screen makes it easy to share and view images and videos captured with the binoculars. The 2x digital zoom, with up to 7.5x optical zoom, means that you’ll be able to see up to 1300 feet away with your binoculars. The multi-coated 31mm objective means you get a crystal clear image each and every time.

The GlassOwl comes with everything you need to get the most out of your binoculars. Not only do you get the binoculars themselves, of course, but you also receive a protective case, SD card reader, neck strap, USB cable, 32GB SD card, and easy-to-read manual on how to use the binoculars. The goggles are compatible with Bushnell and Sightmark tripods and runs on 8 AA batteries. The pack even includes 8 rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about keeping your goggles powered.

Don’t worry if something goes wrong with the goggles either. Creative XP are with you every step of the way thanks to email and phone support that’s always on your side.


  • Affordable price
  • Manual focus
  • Large viewing range
  • 4″ LCD screen
  • IPX4 standard waterproofing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent customer support


  • Slightly heavy

What Do Other Users Have to Say?

One way to get an idea of what to expect from a product is to see what other users have to say. Your experience is likely to be similar to theirs. With that said, most people have a lot of positive things to see about these binoculars.

People have praised the picture quality and are amazed at how completely the binoculars light up even complete darkness. They also praise how the binoculars come with recording features, with some people uploading videos and pictures to their reviews to show off the quality.

One small criticism of the binoculars was the clips. The clips on the neck strap are metal and can clang a little if you aren’t careful. This does make it more of a challenge to be quiet, which is essential for nocturnal animal viewing.

Another criticism was the zoom feature. Creative XP don’t try to hide the fact that what you get is a digital zoom, meaning that the picture can get grainy when you zoom in too much. The picture can become pixelated, making it difficult to get a clear picture. Keep in mind that the binoculars do have a limited optical zoom, which provides crisp clear pictures. The zoom problem is only an issue if you zoom in too much, but it would be nice to have optical zoom all the way rather than a mixture of optical and digital zoom.


Can I use night vision binoculars during the day?

The question of whether or not night vision binoculars can be used during the day depends on the make and model. Some binoculars are safe for daytime use and others aren’t. The main weakness of night vision is flares and other bright lights. Keep in mind these goggles work by amplifying trace amounts of light.

Models that are safe for daytime use are digital ones such as this. These models respond to light levels and prevent glare. You should be able to use them safely during the day as regular binoculars without worrying about glare and blinding yourself.

What is the purpose of your binoculars?

Binoculars like this can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common use of night vision is hunting at night. People use night vision cameras and goggles to track animals in darkness and follow them. Keep track of your prey all through the night with the ability to see in the dark. No animal will be beyond your sight.

Night vision goggles are also good for more pacifist night time animal watching, such as looking for nocturnal birds. Farmers can use them to watch cattle and other livestock to ensure night predators such as coyotes stay away. People also use night vision goggles for security and to protect their home in the dark.

If there’s something you could want to do in the dark, then night vision binoculars will help you do it. It’s as simple as that.

Can rechargeable batteries be recharged in the binoculars without having to remove them?

One of the downsides of the GlassOwl is that the batteries can’t be recharged while still in the binoculars. You will have to take the batteries out and recharge them separately. Another problem with this is that it can mess with the internal clock of the binoculars. You may have to set the time again when you put the batteries back in. This is one of the biggest downsides to the GlassOwl binoculars.

Can this be attached to a head mount?

Keep in mind the product is a little heavy. The goggles would likely be too heavy for use with a head mount. If you were determined enough, however, you might be able to fashion a mount for it. There are no head mounts marketed as being compatible with the goggles, however.

Will this work for night hunting?

These binoculars are great for night hunting. You’ll be able to see your targets from a good distance away without spooking them. Try them out on your next hunt to see what these gen 1 night vision devices can do.


If you are looking for a great pair of night vision binoculars, then it doesn’t get much better than the GlassOwl Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars. Creative XP provide the best combination of quality and affordability to let you see in the dark, hunt at night, and do anything else you do at night with the safety and security of night vision.

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