Ethernet Over Coax (MoCA)

Ethernet Over Coax (MoCA)

Everyone knows that wired connections are the best option for great internet connectivity. But wired connections are costly, cumbersome, and limit the freedom of moving from room to room with your device. Now the solution to this used to be wi fi, but wi fi is an unreliable wireless system; you lose bandwidth easily and have latency issues. And if you live in a big house, then your wi fi signals won’t reach everywhere unless you invest in an expensive mesh network.

Now to counter the wi fi problem, we have MoCA. MoCA offers the reliability of a wired connection with the freedom of a wireless one. MoCa adapters are the latest in networking technology that provides internet signals through coaxial cables.

In this article, we will talk about the best Moca adapters and discuss how this new technology works.

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How It Works: What Is MoCA?

MoCA or Multimedia over coax alliance is a form of home networking solution. MoCa uses your home’s existing coaxial TV wiring to create a home network.

The moca adapters are the backbone of moca technology. You have to start off with two moca adapters; one is connected near your router.

An Ethernet cable is used to connect this to the router; in this adapter, you plug in the coax cable running in your house; this way, the internet signals will travel through the coaxial cable, creating a moca network.

The other can be connected to any room where you wish to use your computer or laptop. You connect this to the other coaxial cable and then use an Ethernet cable to connect this to your device, and your internet is going to be up and running.

There is no configuration required; it is simple and easy to use. And it is one of the most hassle-free ways of creating wired connections.

Because it is a wired connection, it is better than wi fi in terms of delivering high-speed internet to your end devices. It is great for streaming videos, gaming, and a high volume of data sharing.

Is MoCA safe?

MoCA is completely safe to use. It doesn’t cause any problems in your home; there are no drilling or structural changes that need to be made to set up moca. Also, since this is a wired connection, no external party can hack into it since you have to connect to the coax cables to access the internet. So it’s safer than wireless technology.

What is a MoCa adapter?

A moca adapter is the piece of equipment used to convert the coaxial network in your home to Ethernet. This allows for a moca network to form, through which high-speed internet can be accessed from any room with a coax cable connection.

How to use: MoCa adapter setup

Using Moca adapters is extremely easy. You don’t need any configuration, unlike other networking solutions like wi fi extenders and mesh wifi. To set up a MoCA adapter, you first need to buy two of them.

Take one MoCA adapter and place it near the router. Plug the MoCA adapter into the power socket to give it power. Once the adapter is on you, you need to connect the router using an Ethernet cable.

The other end of this moca adapter will have ports for the coaxial cables. Connect your home’s coax cable to this port. Once this is done, the moca network has been established, and internet signals are running through your home’s coaxial cables.

Now take the second moca adapter to the area where you wish to sit and use your device. This second moca adapter will have to be connected to a power source, and the coax port on it will need to be connected to the coax cable in that area.

Once connected, this adapter will now need to connect to your device. To connect the moca adapters to the device, you need an Ethernet cable. Plug the Ethernet cable into the device you want to access the internet from. And use the same cable’s other end to connect the adapter.

Once this is done, you will be able to access the internet. You can add more adapters in areas where you wish to use your devices. Moca allows for up to 16 adapters to be plugged in. With this setup, you will have Ethernet over coax.

The Best Ethernet Over Coax Adapter: The ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter*

To get Ethernet over coax, you need good Moca Adapters. The ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 network adapters* are the right choice. With moca 2.5 technology, you will enjoy high-speed internet, no latency issues, no interference issues, and security.

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ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter for Higher Speed Internet, Ethernet Over Coax...

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  • The ScreenBeam Moca adapters have MPS which is a Moca-protected setup. This ensures a secure connection so no one can hack into the home network and steal data.
  • The 2.5 version of the ScreenBeam MoCA adapters provide Ethernet over existing coax wiring and transmitting speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps.
  • With this high-speed internet, you get to enjoy lag-free 4k video streaming. On top of that, you can also enjoy online gaming, as the connection is just as good as if you were connected to the router directly.
  • Customer reviews for ScreenBeam are also great, with some praising the high-speed internet connectivity, which is achieved through these MoCA adapters.
  • If you have coax cabling in your house, choosing Ethernet over coax is a great option, and ScreenBeam Moca 2.5 is the way to go. Transmission of Ethernet data over your coax network will be a breeze.

Product Highlights

  • Moca 2.5 technology for high-speed internet and data transmission
  • Compatible with all devices with an Ethernet port
  • Manufacturers guarantee
  • Ethernet cables, coax cables and coax splitter included
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  • MPS for secure data transmission
  • Up to 2.5 Gbps of internet speed
  • Gigabit ports for internet transmission
  • 4K video streaming and online gaming can be done easily

What We Like About the ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter

The ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 adapters are Ethernet over coax adapters that give you a wired connection without the hassle of all the cabling work needed when setting up an Ethernet network.

With the ScreenBeam MoCA’s latest 2.5 technology, 2.5 Gbps of internet speed can be easily transmitted. This allows 4k HD video streaming and online gaming to be extremely smooth. The latest MPS technology allows for a secure internet browsing experience across Ethernet devices.

What We Don’t Like About the ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter

The ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Adapters only have one coax port, limiting the number of devices you can connect to the adapter and forcing you to buy more adapters.

Pros & Cons


  • MPS secure connection
  • Up to 2.5 Gbps of internet
  • Suitable for 4k HD video streaming
  • Suitable for online gaming
  • Compatible with Ethernet devices


  • Only one coax port on the adapter
  • Works only if there is coax cabling in the house


MoCA is an amazing alternative to traditional wired connections. It is also a great solution for big homes where making wi fi signals reach every corner is a huge hassle. Unfortunately, though moCA will only work in homes with coaxial cables. But for anyone looking for moca devices, in our opinion, the ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network adapters are a great option.

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ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter for Higher Speed Internet, Ethernet Over Coax...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: August 9, 2022 10:08 am


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