Chip that wood with a log splitter

electric log splitterThere can be no question that doing chores such as chopping wood keeps you strong and healthy. On the other hand, doing such strenuous and repetitive activities can do a number on your body. If you need to split lots of wood to keep your fireplace going or need wood for other uses, using an axe could do more harm than good for you. One of the easiest solutions is to use an electric log splitter.

Log splitters are environmentally-friendly machiens that take the work out of splitting wood so you can save your energy for more enjoyable things. The best electric log splitters have the power to deal with the toughest wood in a decent amount of time, making log splitting more efficient.

Keep reading if you’re interested in electric log splitters – and which one is the best.

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What is an Electric Log Splitter?

As the name implies, a splitter takes a log and splits it down the middle, rather than cutting it horizontally. Splitting logs like this is useful when collecting firewood, as quartered logs are more efficient and effective for fires than standard full logs. A log that’s gone through a splitter is also easier to move around and fit into a fireplace or burner.

Woodworkers can also find a log splitter to be a handy piece of equipment. Splitters help a lot with projects where the wood has to be cut in this way. However, keep in mind that log splitters are not made for precise cuts. If you need a precision cut, you’re better off working with something else other than a wood splitter.

How do you Use a Log Splitter?

One of the first things you’ll need to do for your electric log splitter is ensure the hydraulic log splitter has enough hydraulic oil. How much oil you need depends on the make and model of the splitter, so check the operators manual to find out more. After using the right amount of oil and doing anything else the manual recommends, you’re ready to power your splitter up up and get started.

Once your machine is up and running, you can place the log down onto the wedge ready to be split. Ensure that the log is securely placed against the wedge. Next, find the activation mechanism for the machine to start the piston and apply plenty of pressure to the placed log. The activator is commonly a button that has to be pushed or an armed that has to be pulled. Activating the mechanism applies immense pressure to the log. The wedge digs into the log at such high pressure that it splits the log into pieces as desired.

If you use a manual log splitter then you could have to follow a slightly different process. Manual splitters have a hydraulic jack on one end and a welded wedge on the other. One of the main differences is that you have to tighten the screw on the jack to secure the log in place on the splitter. You can position the cylinder when the log is secured. You then have to release the screw after splitting the log and put the cylinder back. You’ll have to repeat this process for each individual log.

While using an electric log splitter is certainly convenient, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, you should never neglect your safety when using one. Make sure you read the manual for your log splitter and stick to the safe operation instructions. Another safety tip is to ensure the log is secured in place. It is best to hold the log in the middle. Holding it like this reduces the risk of accidental injury. Also, make sure that you follow the proper safety protocols, including wearing protective bots and eyewear.

How Do Log Splitters work?

Log splitters generally have a splitter at one end. The splitter is narrow and has a pointy shape. There is also a ram. The ram pushes the wood into the splitter, which applies high pressure to the log. The pressure, combined with the fact the pressure is focused at the center of the log, causes logs to split in half down the middle. Log splitters don’t cause clean cuts, but it should be more than enough for firewood at the very least, if not other purposes.

Best Overall Log Splitter – WEN 56207 Electric Log Splitter

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WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter,Black

Last update was on: May 10, 2022 11:09 am

The WEN 56207 electric log splitter* is a 6.5-ton splitter designed to make things much easier when you need firewood. Using the WEN to split logs isn’t complicated at all, and it takes the burden out of using an axe to split logs for firewood, which many people still do. One little benefit of using the WEN is that, as an electric log splitter, it is safe for indoor use. The splitter doesn’t emit any fumes and so you can safely use it in an enclosed space.

WEN has been in the business of power tools since 1951. The company is famous for delivering high quality tools at an affordable price, and their electric log splitter is no exception. WEN is dedicated to delivering a combination of durability, affordability, and quality. This commitment has made them a force to be reckoned with in the power tool industry. Keep reading for our in-depth review of the WEN 56207 log splitter.

One thing to keep in mind about electric splitters is that using one typically means sacrificing power for convenience. You can get more power from a gas log splitter. The reason that electric ones are so attractive despite the lack of power is that they are often lighter and smaller. Gas wood splitters take up a lot of room and aren’t easy to transport. That’s to say nothing of the convenience of using electrical power; there’s no gas, which means no fumes. Electrical splitters are also cheaper to maintain and service and should run fine no matter the weather.

So, what’s the difference in power between an electric and gas splitter? Gas splitters are typically rated for between 25 and 40 tons of wood. Electric splitters, on the other hand, are rated for 5 tons on average. This rating refers to how much pressure the hydraulic ram places on the log. Having a higher pressure rating means that these splitters can handle bigger, thicker, and harder wood.

Using an electric log splitter like the WEN means getting around five tons of pressure for your troubles. Five tons should be enough to split soft wood up to 10 inches in diameter. You should be able to split hardwood logs up to six inches thick with that pressure. How much wood electric log splitters can handle depends on how dry the wood is, as dry wood is easier to split.

The WEN 56207 is more powerful than most other electrical log splitters on the market. The WEN pushes above the average five tons to deliver 6.5 tons of splitting pressure. So, what else does the WEN offer outside of having one of the most powerful electric motor options in electric log splitters?


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  • Powerful 15A motor to deliver over 13,000 pounds of pressure
  • Can be used with or without the 34-inch stand according to user preferences
  • Comes with a pull handle and never-flat wheels for easier transportation
  • Electric powered – meaning no gasoline, carbon monoxide, and less maintenance
  • Split logs up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches thick

One of the first things you’ll notice about the WEN is how easy and convenient it is to use. The splitter comes with a 34″ high stand for working upright, or you can forego the stand and work down by the ground. The splitter is also super simple to set up. The 5.5″ wheels attach to the front or base of the machine to make it easier to move around. The machine weighs 98lbs in all, so those wheels will definitely help with transportation.

The powerful 15A 2.5HP electric motor on the machine has enough power to split logs up to 10″ thick. That little extra burst of above-average power means that it is suitable for breaking up hardwood logs. The sturdy table has excellent side support to accommodate logs up to 20.5″ long. The 16 square inch heavy-duty steel plate and 5″ wedge make for effortless operation, even with heavy and hard wood. The cylinder stroke for the splitter is 14.75″. It takes around 20 seconds to complete a full cycle and split a log. This cycle time is reasonable for an electric wood splitter of this size and power.

WEN take user safety seriously, which is why the splitter has a two-hand safety feature. This feature is common for an electric log splitter. The system basically means that you have to keep one hand on the starter mechanism to keep the splitter running. That means you have a free hand to hold the wood in place. This isn’t as much of a hindrance as it might sound, as you don’t need both hands to split wood with the machine. Most people would prefer to have the safety system in place as well and have the two-handed operation. This system helps reduce accidents by ensuring the machine doesn’t turn on accidentally.

The WEN log splitter comes with a bit more power than the average electric log splitter. This extra power translates to some extra pressure on logs, which is just what you need with a log splitter. The more pressure the splitter applies, the better. The WEN 56207 is a clear winner in terms of robust construction and engineering. This is a machine that will last you for many years when taken care of properly. The nationwide network of technicians and the two-year warranty make taking care of your machine easier too.


  1. Does the WEN work in cold weather?

The WEN 56207 works well in cold weather. The only thing to be aware of is that you should put automatic transmission fluid in it according to the handbook. The transmission fluid lets it work at temperatures as low as 20 degrees.

  1. Does the machine run on 110/120 volts or 220/240 volts?

It runs on 110/120 volts.

  1. Do you need to use two hands?

You will need to use two hands to run this machine. Keep one hand on the power button and another on the lever that moves the splitting head to split wood. The machine was purposefully designed this way to prevent the machine turning on accidentally and discourage users from holding the log while it splits, potentially losing a hand in the process!

  1. How much noise does the splitter generate?

Reviewers and users all praise how quiet the machine is. You should expect it to make some noise, but the noise will never be an issue.


The WEN 56207, also known as the WEN Lumberjack, is slower than the average gas-powered log splitter but better at splitting logs than the average electric splitter. The WEN can handle hardwoods like oak trees and knotty rounds. You should expect your WEN splitter to handle logs up to 14 inches in diameter, depending on how soft and dry they are. The splitter doesn’t even make that much noise and can be powered using your house electricity. It is safe to use indoors because it doesn’t use gas or emit any harmful fumes. We recommend checking out the WEN 56207 and consider it one of the best choices for a residential electric log splitter.

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