Summer Sweats? Buy Cooling Mattress Pads 

cooling mattress padNight sweats? Trouble getting your full 8 hours of sleep? Always exhausted? Then the problem could be your mattress or rather the bland features of your mattress.

Most people don’t get the desired cushioning, cooling, and heating they need from just the mattress. Mattress pads can help a lot in that regard. They offer a separate layer of cushioning to improve a mattress without the need to invest in an actual new mattress, which can be expensive. This can result in better sleep, can control night sweats and offer much sought after cooling during tropical summer nights.

Let’s look at what a mattress cooling pad is and assess which is the best cooling mattress pad in 2020. 

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What is a Cooling Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is a kind of removable bit of bedding placed on top of a mattress to overcome any limitations of a mattress. They are commonly used to add extra support for a lumpy bed or make a hard mattress softer and more comfortable. They can also be used to protect mattresses and improve their longevity. 

These mattress pads are generally made from foam and make it easier to get a comfortable night’s sleep. They are usually contoured in order to improve air flow. Foam toppers are often made from a visco-elastic material and can be found in medical facilities but they are becoming more and more popular for home use. 

There are many common uses for them. The most common is using a pad made from memory foam to get the comfort and feel of a memory foam mattress without the cost. They are often made with a contoured design for better air flow and more control over body temperature. To put it simply, the best cooling mattress pad offers a bed cooling system that can’t be beat. 

How does a Mattress Cooling Pad Work?

A cooling mattress topper makes it easier for sleepers to maintain the comfortable and moderate temperature necessary for continued sleep through the night. A good cooling pad for bed can reduce sweating and are a real benefit to people who sleep in hot or cold environments. They’re also good for people who have mattresses that tend to trap a lot of heat. 

In general, there are two kinds of cooling mattress topper options. They are available as both active cooling mattress pad and passive cooling mattress pad options. 

Active Cooling Pad for Bed 

An active cooling mattress pad goes above and beyond having regular padding materials to keep you cool. They are equipped with a control unit and other instruments that help to keep sleepers as cool and comfortable as they need to be to sleep. 

Most of these options are fully customizable. People can use the sleeping temperature they need. They can be used to stay warm during the winter or stay cool during the summer with the help of a control unit. 

Passive Cooling Pads and Toppers 

A passive cooling mattress pad is made with special materials – such as gel-infused foam – to absorb and transfer body heat without any extra power needed. This is what makes them “passive” cooling pads. They are made from naturally cool materials including; 

  • Natural latex, created using the sap of rubber trees 
  • Gel-infused memory foam; a material treated with chemicals to be super soft and comfortable and temperature-responsive. The material is then infused with special cooling beads for added effect. 
  • Feathers from birds like ducks and geese 
  • Wool 

No matter what kind of cooling system a foam mattress topper uses, they generally come with covers made from cooling materials like cotton or bamboo fabric. 

Some foam mattress topper models also come with special covers made from a phase-changing material. These materials absorb body heat until a certain point and then stop retaining heat. This creates a steady and comfortable sleeping surface so users stay asleep for the whole night. 

Be sure to read through cooling mattress pad reviews to learn more about the pad you are considering. Some of them have to be frozen or placed in a refrigerator to cool down before being used. They can only keep people cool for a certain amount of time before it wears off, and they may have to be cooled when not in use. It’s rare to come across this kind of foam mattress topper though. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mattress Cooling Pad 

They Don’t Retain Heat 

A mattress by itself will accumulate heat and can get pretty warm overnight. If you sweat while sleeping, then the moisture sticks to the mattress and you can wake up feeling sticky. On the other hand, an electric cooling mattress pad will disperse and eliminate that heat.

How they do this depends on what kind of heating and cooling mattress pad they are. In general though, you can expect to stay cool and comfortable all through the night when you use cooling pads. 

Take Control Over Night Time Sweating 

There’s not much more uncomfortable than night sweats. Around 75% of women in menopause go through a lot of night sweating, as do around a third of pregnant women. It can also affect men, primarily those with low testosterone. 

If you sweat too much during the night then you could get the relief you need with a bed cooling system. A healing and cooling mattress pad is designed to maintain a cool and comfortable body temperature. They absorb heat and safely disperse it instead of trapping it. Find the best cooling mattress pad 2020 to find the right one for you. 

May Help to Lose Weight 

One of the most unexpected benefits of using an electric cooling mattress pad is that they can help you lose weight. A study by the National Institutes of Health (NHI) showed that staying cool in bed can improve metabolic rate and affect weight loss. Sleeping cool boosts levels of brown fat. Brown fat is the kind that burns calories and manages insulin resistance. 

Having cooling pads attached to the side of the bed is the best way to keep cool during the night. Combine it with things like turning the thermostat down and you can give your metabolism a great boost for better weight management. 

More Comfortable 

A heating and cooling mattress pad offers a more comfortable sleeping experience no matter where you live and what kind of climate you sleep in. They are created specifically for comfortable cooling to help you sleep at night. Cooling pads use active or passive temperature control mechanisms to make sure you don’t sleep too hot or too cold. 

They are ideal for people who live in warm climates and have trouble sleeping at night. That said, they can also work wonders for people in colder environments, even though they are considered a bed cooling system. 

Pressure Relief 

The materials used to make a mattress cooling pad are pretty comfortable as they are, but combine that with the cooling technology and you have an incredible experience. These foam mattress topper options help to evenly distribute body weight and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature for effective pressure relief. They are recommended for people with arthritis and similar conditions. 

Now you know more about cooling mattress topper systems, let’s look at the top two choices available right now and address which is better; Chilipad vs Bedjet?

The best cooling mattress pad: The Chili Pad 3.0 

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chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - ME and WE Zones - Cooling and Heating...

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The Chilipad mattress cooling pad* comes to us from Chili Technology. Also known as the ChiliPad Cube, this foam mattress topper features built-in temperature controls to provide heating and cooling to sleepers that need them. 

The ChiliPad is made with a central control unit called the Cube. The Cube itself is connected to a wide network of microtubes. The ChiliPad can be controlled using hot or cold water, which is added to the mattress. The water goes through the tubes and reaches the Cube. It’s here that it is cooled or heated to the appropriate temperature. The temperature of the foam mattress topper can be controlled through a wireless remote and through manual settings on the ChiliPad sleep system itself. The temperature of the cooling pad for bed can be set anywhere between 55 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This cooling mattress topper from ChiliPad is available in seven different sizes. Four of them are single-zone pads, meaning that they have only one central Cube unit and only one part of the surface can be controlled. Larger sized Chilipad options are dual-zone pads. These are great choices for couples who prefer different sleeping environments. They have two units and the two sides of the cooling mattress topper can be controlled independently. 

ChiliPad Images

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ChiliPad Features and Specs 

No ChiliPad review would be complete without a look at the features and specs of the best cooling mattress pad so here’s what you can expect to get out of your ChiliPad; 

  • Temperature Range 

Each ChiliPad mattress pad comes with a Cube control unit. This unit can be programmed to any specific degree between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. How effectively it can deliver on that can depend on other outside factors, such as ambient bedroom temperature. 

  • Dimensions 

The dimensions of the Cube are worth noting. It measures around 9 inches wide and long, and 7” inches tall and weighs approximately 9 pounds. 

  • Energy Use 

ChiliPad uses an average of 80 watts of power. 

  • Power Source 

The Cube must be connected to an AC outlet to work properly. The wireless remote is powered by two AAA batteries. 

  • Cord Length 

The length of the power cord is eight feet in total. 

  • Materials 

This foam mattress topper is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. The microtubes for transporting water are made from medical-grade silicone. 

  • Weight limit 

The pad comes with a weight limit of 500 pounds per zone. Keep in mind that heavier users may have impaired temperature control compared to lighter users. 

How Does the ChiliPad Work?

The mattress cooling pad is easy to use and easy to clean. Here’s how you can get your ChiliPad mattress pad up and running. 

  • Secure the Pad 

Start out by unfolding your pad. Place it on top of the mattress but under the fitted sheet. The Chilipad sleep system has elastic corner straps that allow you to comfortably fit it to a mattress for improved stability. The microtubes can go either at the top or bottom of the bed depending on yoru own personal preference. 

  • Connect the Cube 

Keep the Cube on a flat surface where it will have at least two feet of breathing room on all sides. Connect it to an AC outlet to give it power, and then position it with the water tank on top. This will help to prevent leaks. If you want to keep the Cube under the bed then you can use risers. Connect the tubes to the Cube with the blue release button facing upwards. 

  • Fill the Cube 

If you look at the top of your Chilipad mattress pad you’ll see the Cube has an opening. This is where you can add water. Take the cap off of the Cube and add water as necessary. After the Cube is filled up – or just where you want it – you can use the power button to actually turn it on. The water will be used up as it passes through the tubes so don’t forget to keep the Cube topped up as needed. Be sure to properly reattach the screw cap to prevent water leakage when done. 

Please note that the Cube may have a tiny amount of water inside when it is delivered. This is due to the quality control testing. If there is no water at all in the Cube, it’s a sign your Chilipad hasn’t been properly tested before it was shipped out. 

  • Adjust the Temperature 

The ChiliPad has two buttons on it. One of them has a snowflake on and the other has a flame icon on it. These are by the power button. As you might have guessed, they are used to adjust the temperature to the right setting. There’s also a temperature reading but keep in mind that this displays the user’s temperature and not the temperature of the Chilipad itself. It can take up to fifteen minutes for the set temperature to be reached. 

As well as these manual controls, the Chilipad can be programmed using a wireless remote. This is a feature commonly praised with ChiliPad review because it so handy. Hold the power button on the Cube down for five seconds and it will beep and display “888” on the temperature display. This indicates it is attempting to connect to the remote, so turn the remote on. It will beep one more time before switching back to the temperature. Be sure to keep one side of the ChiliPad off when using a remote for a dual-zone Cube. 

  • Turn the Cube off When Done 

When you’re finished with the ChiliPad just press down the power button to turn it off. The display will turn off immediately, but the fans could take a few seconds longer to slow down and turn off. It’s recommended that users then unplug their ChiliPad if they aren’t going to use it again for at least 24 hours. 

You can drain the ChiliPad sleep system using an H-shaped tool. The cooling mattress topper actually comes shipped with one, which is another great thing to point out with ChiliPad review. The cross-shaped end of the tool is used for draining the Cube, with the hollow end used to drain the mattress pad if necessary. 

Don’t forget that the dual-zone options have two sets of tubes and two Cubes to deal with. You’ll have to individually turn off – and drain – each pad. 

ChiliPad FAQs

  • What’s the Temperature Range?

This foam mattress topper can be set anywhere between 55 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit in one-degree increments. 

  • Do Other Factors Affect the Temperature?

Please note some factors can affect the temperature setting. Things such as the ambient room temperature and the weight of the user can prevent the ChiliPad from reaching the desired temperature. These factors only result in minor changes though. 

  • Where Should I Position It?

You should place the Cube on a flat surface. The water tank should face upwards and there should be at least two feet of breathing room between the Cube and anything else. If you want to keep the unit under your bed then you’ll have to use risers to hold it in position. The Cube weighs around nine pounds in all so make sure any support you use can manage that. 

  • Do I Need to Use Treated Water?

Chili Technology – the company behind the ChiliPad sleep system – recommend using distilled water in the mattress cooling pad. They recommend adding a cap of hydrogen peroxide to the tank when it is full. 

The Contender: The BedJet 3

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BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single...

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The BedJet 3* is the main alternative and the contender to ChiliPad for the title of best cooling mattress pad. The Bedjet offers customizable temperature controls and works just like the Cube does by allowing users to control the temperature of their bed. It should be placed under the bed and uses a hose attachment to create the ideal sleeping environment. The hose is held in place by clips to prevent it coming loose during the night. One interesting little feature here is that you can set specific temperatures for specific times. 

The BedJet 3 is the latest offering from BedJet. It is available in a single-zone design and dual-zone design depending on the size of the bed. The BedJet is a little smaller than earlier models in the series and it has a wider temperature range than previous models. That said, the temperature range of between 66 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit means it offers less freedom than the Cube. This is one area where the Cube wins in the fight of ChiliPad vs Bedjet. 

Keep in mind that the Bedjet has individual cooling and heating units so they can be used throughout the year. Even so, it isn’t a suitable replacement for a proper heater or air conditioner for extreme temperatures. 

How Does the Bedjet 3 Work?

This cooling mattress topper generates cool or warm air as needed. The air is distributed to the bed through the connective hose. The system is pretty easy to put together and use. Here’s how to assemble a single-zone unit; 

  • Place the unit under the bed or at the side of the bed 
  • Plug it into an outlet 
  • Run the hose attachment under the sheets; the nozzle should be kept at the foot of the bed to get the best results 
  • Attach the hose using the provided clips 

After you attach the hose you can make the necessary temperature adjustments. The BedJet 3 can be controlled using a wireless remote. It also has a Wi-Fi chip in it that can be controlled using SmartHome hubs or smart voice assistants like Alexa. 

As with the ChiliPad, the dual-zone for the Bedjet comes with two separate units. This system allows couples to attach their own individual hoses to their sides of the bed and have the temperature set just how they like it. 

Another benefit of getting the dual zone system is the chance to purchase a Cloud Sheet. These sheets – which are sold separately as an addon – are made from 100% cotton and are designed to fit the BedHet hose. If you don’t get the Cloud Sheet, then you’ll be happy to hear that it works fine with any other kind of sheet. This is also a bit of a negative against the product as it would be nice if the Cloud Sheet was included in the price and was available for a single zone unit. 

BedJet 3 Images 

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BedJet 3 Features and Specs 

  • Temperature Range 

The BedJet has a temperature range between 66 and 104F. 

  • Power Requirements 

The power requirements of the BedJet depend on how it is being used. It uses between 10 and 40 watts for cooling mode, and between 500 and 1,500 watts for the heating mode. How much power it uses depends on the room temperature, which affects how hard the motor has to work. 

  • Clearance Requirements 

The unit should be placed under a bed with at least 6 inches of space above the unit and 3 and a half feet of clearance on all sides. It can also be placed next to a bed. 

  • Remote Control 

Comes with a wireless remote control complete with a display that shows all functions. 

  • Wireless App 

While the BedJet 3 does come with a wireless app, the app is only needed to update the firmware in the remote so that it can connect to the device over a wireless network. The app can’t be used to control the heating and cooling of the BedJet, which can only be controlled by the remote. BedJet are planning an update for the app that would allow for it to fully control the cooling mattress topper though. 

  • Smart Home Connectivity 

The BedJet can be controlled using Alexa, Echo, and other smart home controllers for greater functionality and control. 

BedJet FAQ

  • What’s the Temperature Range? 

The BedJet 3 comes with a temperature range of between 66 and 104F. Keep in mind that the colder a room is the more consistent the hating/cooling from the foam mattress topper. 

  • How Long Does it take to Notice the Temperature Change? 

The temperature change can be felt in seconds if the unit is set to Turbo-Heating mode. Please note this means the unit will consume more power. 

  • Can I Use it with an Adjustable Bed?

The BedJet can be used with an adjustable bed if needed. You will need to make sure that there is enough clearance for the unit to work properly and for the bed to be set to the required position. If there isn’t enough room then the bed could press against the hose and impair cooling/heating. 

  • What Happens if the Hose Gets Blocked?

It’s possible that the hose may get blocked by blankets or bed sheets. The unit comes with a microprocessor built in that is able to adjust air delivery if the hose is blocked. The unit will turn itself off automatically in the event of a complete blockage. 


If you’re looking for the best cooling mattress pad then you can’t go wrong with either the ChiliPad or Bedjet. When comparing Chilipad vs Bedjet, look at what the two offer. They are pretty similar, but have some unique differences. Get the one that has the right features for you. Both of them are made from top quality materials. The ChiliPad comes out just ahead overall, but the BedJet is still a great choice. 

Here are both options again:

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chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - ME and WE Zones - Cooling and Heating...

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BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single...

& Free shipping
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