A Smart Lock That Works with a Ring Doorbell

A Smart Lock That Works with a Ring Doorbell

Ring, a company owned by Amazon, has several popular doorbells, one of which you might have installed on your own door. If you want to add a smart lock that is compatible with this kind of doorbell, then there is some prior information that you should be aware of.

You can go through some further details about using a compatible smart lock below.

What Is a Ring Doorbell?

Ring is a home security company falling under Amazon. These doorbells are usually smart doorbells that can allow you to keep track of who is at your door. Some of them might also have alarm systems in place.

Other features that Ring doorbells have include motion sensors, cameras, audio systems and more.

Despite having this kind of doorbell, Ring does not offer smart locks of its own that you can install alongside them, which is why you will need to search for other companies and options.

Do Smart Locks Work with a Ring Doorbell?

Smart locks can work with Ring doorbells but there are certain restrictions in place here since you will need to look for an option that Ring deems compatible and suitable.

For instance, only some brands such as Schlage, Kwikset and Yale are compatible with Ring. Smart locks that work using Z-Wave connections can also work as long as the brand and structure are compatible enough.

Here’s the Schlage Lock:

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Further, it is essential for you to have a Ring alarm in place on your Ring doorbell if you want to access such a smart lock option.


There are certain considerations that you should keep in mind when it comes to smart locks that work with a Ring doorbell. These are as follows.


You should note that you will need to integrate a compatible smart lock with the Ring alarm as well as the Ring doorbell so that you can obtain effective results. Using the doorbell alone with a smart lock is not currently possible.


Once you manage to install everything together, you can activate it using the app on your phone or through your Z-Wave home automation system. You can also make use of voice control options or remote codes and keys.


This kind of security system for your door can allow you to access multiple security options.

For instance, you can use the alarm to alert you, the camera to track movements, the doorbell to view who is present at your door and the smart lock to access, track and use your lock on a remote basis, even if you forget to lock the door using a key.


If you want to use a smart lock that works with a Ring doorbell and alarm, then you will need to download the Amazon Key app to create your codes and passwords. The Z-Wave system can also allow you to bring it all together.

Summing Up

It is now clear that a smart lock can work with a Ring doorbell as long as you also have the Ring alarm system set up. Using compatible apps and technologies is also essential here.