Random mouse sensitivity changes? Here are three fixes.

System or hardware errors can be quite frustrating, particularly if they happen while you are deep in the middle of some important task, playing a game or have multiple displays functional at one time. One such example is the random changes in the sensitivity of your mouse.

The mouse is an important navigating tool, without which people find it hard to function. If it malfunctions, you may find it difficult to point or click at the desired spot, inhibiting your work and causing delays.

Usually, the mouse sensitivity changes in Windows refer to two situations. The mouse’s pointer is either too slow or so fast that it doesn’t let you click in the right place or open the right file. Both issues can be quite despairing; however, there are ways to fix the mouse sensitivity changes.

Continue reading as we discuss three easy fixes to the problem.

#1 The Simple Solutions

The first thing you can try is disconnecting and re-connecting the mouse. If the problem persists, connect the mouse to a different USB port. If it were the problem of a faulty port, the mouse would resume working normally. You can also check the mouse battery to see if it may need replacement.

If that too is not the solution, try using your mouse with another laptop or pc. Additionally, if you are using a Bluetooth mouse, ensure you are within the requisite range. If none of these is working, it is time to move to the next fix.

#2 Check the mouse settings

If  #1 does not work, move on into the mouse settings.

To check the settings, here is what you need to do.

·         Using your keyboard, press Windows + I to open the settings

·         Click on the devices to open the window.

·         Now click on the mouse option. It is usually in the left column.

·         Using the slider in this section, click on the cursor speed to adjust the mouse speed to the desired level.

Once you have configured the cursor speed, it should ideally show in real-time. It will help you assess if the speed settings are accurate or need further configuration.

#3 Disabling the pointer precision option

Sometimes, it so happens that enabling pointer precision impacts the mouse sensitivity. If that is the case, disabling this option may help resolve the issue. Here is what you need to do to disable the option.

·         Press Windows + I to open the settings

·         Click on the devices to open the window.

·         Now click on the mouse option in the left column.

·         Go to additional mouse options on the right side and click on the Pointer Options.

·         It will reveal the “Movement” and uncheck the “Improve pointer precision” tab to disable the option.

Hopefully, one of the three solutions may help resolve the matter of mouse sensitivity. However, if the problem persists, you may need to update the drivers or refer to the Windows troubleshooting section for enabling the normal mouse function.

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