Powerline vs Mesh WiFi

If you live in a big house or a multi-story home, you probably have faced connectivity issues because of weak signals. This is because of dead spots in your home where wifi can't reach you. There are alternate network solutions that you can opt for to solve this problem.

The first is the Powerline Adapter, and the second is the Mesh wi fi system. Both of these are good options.

So let's look at which one will suit your needs best.

Powerline Adapters vs Mesh WiFi: Technical Differences

Powerline adapters work by using the existing electrical wiring in your home to transmit internet signals. It functions through Powerline adapters, one powerline adapter connects to the router, and the other powerline adapter connects to your device.

Both powerline adapters are plugged into the electrical socket in your home. And the electrical circuit is then used to transmit internet signals throughout the home.

This type of network solution falls under wired connections because you need an Ethernet port and Ethernet cables to access the powerline network.

On the other hand, a mesh wifi system provides wireless coverage by transmitting wireless signals throughout your home.

Mesh wifi uses nodes to create wireless coverage all around the house. Mesh wifi is similar to wifi extenders but better because it is built to maintain great internet speed and provide the strongest wifi signals around your home.

These features make a great wifi network. Each mesh node is piggybacking on other node signals creating a web of wifi signals. With Mesh wi fi system, you will have multiple access points to access the internet around the house.

Powerline Adapters vs Mesh Wi-Fi: Which is better for your home?

Which one you choose for your home depends on the type of house. If you have a big or multi-storey house and there are a lot of dead spots in your house, then opt for mesh wifi. The overall wireless network that you can get with mesh wifi will be cost-effective.

However, if you are looking for coverage in just a few dead spots or far away rooms, a Powerline network will work best.

In a large home, you will have to buy many adapters to make the internet accessible via a powerline network which is why mesh wifi is a better option for really big homes.

Powerline Adapter vs Mesh WiFi: Which is better for ?

Powerline adapters are hands down the better option. When discussing great internet connectivity, wired connections are always a better choice. They provide uninterrupted internet, with no loss of signals and no latency issues.

The powerline adapter is the best choice for uninterrupted streaming cause it's a wired connection providing the best coverage.

Powerline Adapter vs Mesh WiFi: Which is better for ?

Once again, Powerline adapters are going to be the better choice here. You need high-speed internet without interference to play online games. Mesh wifi will give you the freedom to move around, but there will always be a level of unreliability with a wireless system. Powerline adapters are the way to go for an incredibly smooth gaming experience.

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Final Verdict

We think Powerline Adapters are the clear winners in the powerline vs mesh wifi debate. The only downside with powerline adapters is that they don't provide the freedom that can be achieved with a mesh wifi system because you can only connect your device to the internet through Ethernet cables.

The mesh network will allow you to move around the house freely, but this freedom will come with a price, and the price will be your internet speed.

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