Powerline Ethernet Adapters (Guide)

The internet was probably one of the most important inventions of modern times. And the wireless network or WiFi is the second most important. The reason is that WiFi gives us the freedom we all need. To be able to access the internet from wherever you want is just amazing.

But this freedom comes at a price. We can’t access the max speed of our internet connection, we have to deal with a dropped wireless signal, and also deal with the fact that a wireless network isn’t available in every corner of the house.

But all this has now changed. With the new Powerline adapters, WiFi extenders, and other networking solutions, this issue of complete inaccessibility to internet signals has been solved.

In this article, we will be taking a look at one of these solutions- powerline adapters. And we will help you pick the best powerline adapters, so you don’t end up buying a powerline kit that is unreliable.

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What Is A Powerline Adapter?

A powerline Ethernet adapter is an alternative networking solution to Ethernet and WiFi. It is a device that has the capability of converting the normal electrical circuit of the house into an Ethernet network. Yup, that’s right!

And it does this without the hassle of drilling holes and putting up cables all around the house.

Powerline adapters provide a secure connection that cannot be hacked into. This is because the only way to access the network is through a wall outlet in the house. So for anyone to access this home network, they will have to connect the device to one of the power sockets in the house.

Because the powerline adapter connects through an Ethernet cable, it is considered a wired connection. And everyone knows a wired connection is a lot faster than a wireless network. With a wired connection, you won’t experience the pitfalls of wireless networks. There won’t be any latency issues, you will receive the max speed available on your network, and you will have no signal issues. Also, you can say goodbye to dead spots.

Dead spots are areas in your house where WiFi signals don’t reach, so you can’t use your devices in these areas.


How does a powerline Ethernet adapter work?

A powerline Ethernet adapter works by using your home’s electrical wiring to transmit internet signals. The house’s wiring needs to be of good quality for this to work well.

The path to great internet connectivity begins with two powerline adapters. These two adapters are the basic requirement; you can use more than two depending on your requirements.

The way this works is that one adapter is plugged into a power outlet; this provides the adapter with power and allows the adapter to transmit internet signals onto the circuit. It also is plugged into your internet router via an Ethernet cable. So the router’s internet signals are transmitted to the electrical circuit through the powerline adapters.

The other adapter is plugged in near your computer, TV or laptop. This adapter receives the internet signals from the electrical circuit of the house. There is an Ethernet port that uses an Ethernet cable to connect the powerline adapter to your device.

The adapters are plugged into regular power outlets in your home. It doesn’t require any special changes to your existing electrical circuit or wall outlets. Both adapters are plugged into a nearby outlet, and they transmit data through this network of electrical wiring. This is why it is known as a wired connection.

It has no setup costs attached because every home that has electricity has an electrical wiring system, and that is what powerline adapters use. The only concern should be the quality of electrical wiring used.


Who Can Use A Powerline Ethernet Adapter?

Anyone who lives in a home with electricity can use a powerline Ethernet adapter. It is that simple. You don’t need any extra setup costs, there’s no need to call a professional, and you can easily do the entire setup yourself to improve your home network connection.

Most powerline adapters also have WiFi capability too now, so they can transmit a wireless signal on top of providing a wired connection. So if you have a device that doesn’t have an Ethernet port like smart tv, tablet, or smartphone, then you can use this functionality.

But the best method is always the wired method, so if you stick to the Ethernet cable version of Powerline Ethernet adapters.


The 3 Best Powerline Ethernet Adapters

Now that we know how these adapters work, let’s dig into the best buying options available on the market today.


Product #1 – TP-LINK Starter Kit AV2000*

One of the options in the Powerline Ethernet Adapters category is the TP-LINK Starter kit AV2000*.

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TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter - 2 Gigabit Ports, Ethernet Over Power, Plug&Play,...

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$80.99 $119.99

This is one of the top adapters for a reason, as it astounds with fantastic features.

  • TP-Link AV2000 has a range of 300 meters. So you will have to connect the two adapters at a distance of 300 meters from each other.
  • It has two Ethernet ports on the Powerline adapter, which means that more than one device can be hooked on to one adapter; this way, you save costs on buying one adapter for one device. You get the functionality of two adapters for the price of one.
  • Another incredible feature that will help save money is the power saving feature. The TP-Link AV2000 has reduced power consumption. According to the manufacturers, about 85% of power consumption is reduced. This is a great feature to keep the electricity bill under control, especially if you will be using a lot of these Powerline adapters.

The beauty of Powerline adapters is that they are super easy to install. They don’t require any professional help. The TP-Link AV2000 is no different. It is easy to set up with its plug-and-play feature. There is no configuration required. As soon as you connect your device to the adapter, the internet will be available.

  • The TP-Link AV2000 uses a combination of 2×2 MIMO and beamforming technology. MIMO stands for multiple-in, multiple-out. The 2×2 refers to two antennas for the transmission and receiving of signals. What this means is that instead of one road for the movement of signals, they have provided two paths. This enhances the speed and reduces interference in the transmission and receiving of signals.
  • The beamforming technology is the technique of focusing signals to one receiver instead of signals spreading out everywhere and a few signals being caught by the receiver.
  • TP-Link’s AV2000 also provides good network security of 128 bit, according to AES. AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is the specification set by the U.S National Institute of Standard and Technology to measure the level of data encryption.
  • It has a gigabit port, which is a special type of Ethernet switch that allows for gigabit Ethernet speeds to travel through. Gigabit internet speeds are 1 Gbps or more. This Powerline adapter has two gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • TP-Link AV2000 is also compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac, and Linux.
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Overall the TP-Link Starter Kit AV2000 is a Powerline Ethernet adapter that won’t disappoint. You can expect high internet speeds, reliable connectivity, and incredibly safe networking.

Product Highlights

  • Plug and play system that doesn’t require any configuration
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports allow speeds of up to 1 Gbps
  • Reduces power wastage through an integrated power socket
  • Ethernet cable included with the adapter


  • Reduced power consumption by 85% using patented technology
  • Two Ethernet ports are available
  • Up to 300 meters range
  • RoHS, FCC, UL certified

What We Like About The TP-LINK AV2000

The TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Ethernet Adapter is a great option for alternative networking solutions. We really like the 2-gigabit ports made available in the adapter allowing two devices to work on it simultaneously without any loss of internet speed.

The 128-bit AES network security through data encryption makes it even better because you can be sure that you’re on a secure network. And the 2×2 MIMO and beamforming technology put this adapter above all Powerline adapters.

What We Don’t Like About the TP-LINK AV2000

We think the 300-meter range is less and should have been more. This limitation forces a homeowner with a large house or multiple stories to buy more adapters, adding to the cost of setting up this networking solution.

Pros & Cons


  • 2-gigabit ports
  • 128-bit data encryption for network security
  • Reduced power consumption of up to 85%
  • Can transmit internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps


  • The use of electrical appliances may affect Powerline adapter performance
  • Only 300 meters range in the house

Here’s a great review from Dad’s Dojo on the AV2000 that shows the difference it came make when it comes to speed.

Product #2 – WiFi Version – Devolo Magic 2 LAN*

The Devolo Magic 2 LAN* is another great Powerline Ethernet Adapter.

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devolo Magic 2 LAN triple Powerline Starter Kit | 2000 Mbps |...

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  • With high-level technology, it can provide up to 2 Gbps of internet speed. This is higher than most Powerline Ethernet Adapters. The technology used in the Devolo Magic 2 LAN Powerline Ethernet adapter is the G.hn technology; this Powerline Technology which has been able to allow for internet speeds of up to 2 Gbps.
  • This 2 Gbps speed allows for smooth 4k HD video streaming without any lag. It also allows for smooth online gaming.
  • The G.Hn semiconductor in the Devolo Magic 2 LAN allows it to create an Ethernet network over any home wiring. This technology has also helped increase the range of the Powerline system, which was previously just 300 meters but now it is up to 450 meters.
  • The Devolo Magic 2 LAN also has an integrated switch but with a child safety lock, so if you have kids at home, you will need this feature in your Powerline Adapters.
  • The unique thing about this Powerline kit is that it uses all three wires in the electrical network in your home to transmit internet signals. Since there are more paths for the internet signals to travel, it reduces latency and improves internet connectivity.
  • Another reason for choosing Devolo Magic 2 LAN is that it has three gigabit Ethernet ports. This means that you will have the capacity to run three devices on one adapter, and you can run these three devices simultaneously. This way, you won’t have to buy extra adapters. You get the functionality of three for the price of one.

Product Highlights

  • Latest in G.hn Powerline technology for high-speed, reliable internet
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet ports for simultaneous usage for more devices
  • It has A Range of up to 1600 feet


  • Secure connection
  • 4k HD video streaming
  • Smooth online gaming experience
  • Up to 2 Gbps internet speed

What We Like About the Devolo Magic 2

The best feature about the Devolo Magic 2 Powerline Ethernet adapter is the three gigabit Ethernet ports. With these three ports, you get to plug in three devices for internet connectivity. The g.hn technology is another great feature that allows speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

What We Don’t Like About the Devolo Magic 2

The Devolo magic 2 lacks MIMO and beamforming technology. There is no mention of reduced power consumption by the manufacturer either, so it’s safe to assume that these adapters will be consuming electricity and adding to the extra cost of the electricity bill.

Pros & Cons


  • Up to 2.5 Gbps
  • G.Hn technology for better internet speed
  • 450m range, greater than the traditional 300m range


  • No MIMO or beamforming technology

Product #3 – Budget Version – TP-LINK AV1000*

Last on the list is the TP-Link AV1000*. This is a great choice for those of you with a limited budget or no need for super fast speeds.

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devolo Magic 2 LAN triple Powerline Starter Kit | 2000 Mbps |...

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  • The TP-Link AV1000 provides up to 1000 Mbps internet speeds. The 1 Gigabit Ethernet port allows for only one device to use the adapter to access the internet. This means that if you have multiple devices that need to access the internet simultaneously, you will have to invest in more adapters.
  • The internet speed allows for video streaming and online gaming, so you can watch videos lag-free and have a smooth gaming experience as well with the 1 Gbps speed.
  • The TP-Link AV1000 is compatible with TP-Link AV2000, AV1200, AV1300, AV600, AV1000, AV500, and AV200. The pairing features allow for a safe and secure home network connection. For added security, it has 128-bit AES Powerline security. All data traveling on this network will be encrypted. So your home network becomes highly secure.
  • TP-Link AV1000 is also RoHS certified. This means you will be buying a product that has been using hazardous substances like lead and mercury to the maximum limit allowed. So buying this adapter will help the environment as well, since no hazardous material limits are being breached.
  • The TP-Link AV1000 also has an automatic power-saving mode. This automatic power-saving option allows for up to 85% less power consumption. So using multiple Powerline adapters will not put a strain on that electricity bill.
  • This power consumption feature is patented, so it won’t be available in other networking products from other manufacturers, which gives the TP-Link products some added benefits.
  • It is compatible with all devices with an Ethernet port; laptops, computers, and smart TVs are included.
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Product Highlights

  • 85% less power consumption
  • One gigabit Ethernet port
  • 128 bit AES Powerline security
  • RoHS certified
  • 6.5 feet Ethernet cable is given with an adapter


  • Suitable for 4k HD video streaming
  • Online gaming suitable
  • Secure connection

What We Like About the TP-Link AV1000

This adapter has a really great power-saving function, which is of importance because if you use many adapters, then you won’t be burdened by the hike in electricity consumption.

What We Don’t Like About the TP-Link AV1000

The fact that there is only a one-gigabit port makes this product a little less popular. It limits the number of devices you can simultaneously use to access the internet. Because of this reason, you will have to invest in more adapters which will add to your cost.

Pros & Cons


  • 85% less power consumption
  • RoHS certified
  • 1 Gbps internet speed capability
  • 6.5 feet Ethernet Cable given with adapter
  • Quite affordable


  • Only one-gigabit port is available



Out of these three, our pick for the best Powerline adapters is the TP-Link AV2000*; it is a product that has great reviews, market competitive pricing, and good functionality. It will create a secure and safe connection with its data encryption feature. In this day and age, you need to secure your data. The TP-Link AV2000 Powerline adapters have a 128-bit AES data encryption feature.

Apart from the data encryption feature, you also get 85% less power consumption, so there isn’t a heavy electrical load on the circuit. And the two gigabit Ethernet ports make it easy for two devices to be run on it simultaneously.

TP-Link AV2000 also has 2×2 MIMO and beamforming features. This allows the internet signals to be precise and target the receiver adapter.

Powerline Ethernet Adapters aren’t your only option, though. There are MoCA adapters, wi-fi extenders, and mesh wi-fi options as well. The Powerline Ethernet adapter, however, is the simplest, easiest, and most pocket-friendly.

Overall it’s a great product with good features, and we place our money on TP-Link AV2000 as the top Powerline adapter.

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TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter - 2 Gigabit Ports, Ethernet Over Power, Plug&Play,...

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Last update was on: June 6, 2023 5:20 pm
$80.99 $119.99



Q. How do I connect a Powerline adapter to my router?

A. A power adapter is connected to a router through an Ethernet cable. The Powerline adapter has a gigabit Ethernet port, the Ethernet cable connects to this port, and the other end of the Ethernet cable connects to the router’s Ethernet port. This allows for the travel of internet signals from the router to the adapter.

The Ethernet cable carries broadband signals from the router to the adapter, which will then pass through the power socket to the electrical circuit.

Q. Do you lose bandwidth using powerline adapters?

A. It is possible to lose bandwidth with a Powerline adapter. This is because you connect the Powerline network system to the existing electric circuit of the house. If anyone runs electric appliances on this circuit, it can cause some interference resulting in a loss of bandwidth. Also, bandwidth loss depends on the quality of wiring in your home. The better the electrical wiring, the better the transmission of internet signals.

Q. Are Powerline Ethernet adapters better than a WiFi Mesh system?

A. This entirely depends on your requirements. They’re both good in their place and fulfill the basic requirement of providing good internet speed to your device. If you live in a big house or a multi-story house, then a mesh WiFi may work well for you. However, if you just have a few dead spots to cover up where your WiFi signals don’t reach, then a Powerline adapter will be a better option.

Also, if your issue is weak internet, then remember that a wired connection is always better than a wireless network.

Q. How far can a Powerline Ethernet adapter reach?

Powerline adapters typically have a range of 300 meters, but newer devices with better technology have the ability to reach a range of 400 meters.

Q. Why do I need an Ethernet cable?

A. The Ethernet cables are special cables that are used to transmit broadband signals from a router to a receiver which can be a computer, laptop, or Powerline adapter. Without Ethernet cables, the adapter won’t be of any good.

Anything simple from Amazon suffices:

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Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft White - Flat Internet Network LAN...

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$12.99 $25.98

Q. What is the difference between MoCA and Powerline?

A. MoCa is similar to Powerline adapters; they create a wired connection without the hassle of cabling work or making any structural changes. The main difference between the two is that the Powerline system runs on the existing electrical wiring of the house, whereas the MoCA system works over the coaxial cabling in a house.


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