Powerline Adapter vs Wifi Extender

If you're frustrated that your signals don't reach all the corners of your house, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how to solve this problem using one of two solutions. You have many options to fix these wifi dead spots in your home. One option is a wifi extender, and the other is a Powerline adapter. Both these options will help you achieve the same goal: getting better connectivity throughout your house.

Powerline Adapter vs wifi Extender – Technical Difference

The Powerline adapter uses your home's electrical wiring to transmit internet signals. One adapter is plugged into an electrical socket near the router, and two are connected through an Ethernet cable. It is important to note that the device you use has Ethernet ports. The second adapter you plugin is connected to at your desired location, and your device is connected to the adapter by an Ethernet cable.

Powerline Adapters have a range of 300 meters and can reach speeds of up to 2000 Mbps. After wired connection options, the Powerline adapter is the next best thing if you want the maximum internet speed on your device that your router has to offer. Unless you have Coax, then a MoCa network that uses Ethernet ovaer Coax might be worth investing into.

The other option to enhance your internet connection is a wifi extenders. Wifi extenders are just like your home wifi; the only difference is that they re-broadcast existing wireless signal. When they re-broadcast this existing wi fi signal, some of the internet speed is lost. This is because the wifi extender is enhancing an existing weak wireless signals. Secondly, walls and other hindrances are also present.

Powerline Adapter vs Wi fi Extender – What's Better For Your Home?

Since the powerline doesn't require any cabling work or setup, it is a simpler and easier choice. But for numerous dead spots, getting so many Powerline adapters would be costly. In that case, a wi fi extender may be the right choice. The wireless coverage would be sufficient to cover 1-2 dead spots.

Powerline Adapter vs wifi Extender – What's Better For Streaming Or Gaming?

Powerline adapters will give you an uninterrupted internet connection because they use electric wiring. This electric wiring will ensure no issue with the You won't experience any latency issues, and the speeds will be amazing. This is why for purposes, you should opt for Powerline adapters.

Similarly, for , an ethernet cable will give you such speeds that your streaming experience will be incredible.

With a wifi extender, you will have latency issues; the internet speed won't be good enough to have smooth gaming or streaming experience.

Fortunately, a lot of the new powerline adapter now also transmit a wifi signal.

Final Verdict

Overall we believe that Powerline technology is the way to increase your internet coverage in your house. They don't require any setup or professional help, unlike wifi extenders that need to be configured. You have to plug and play with Powerline Adapters. After a traditional wired connection like Ethernet, a powerline network is the best option for enchaining your internet connection and reaching places in your house that were unreachable before.


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