Microphone Is Not Working On Discord, Here’s How You Can Resolve It

Many users of Discord often complain about their microphone just stopping for reasons they can’t explain.

They claim that they can hear other members on channels, but their voices cannot be heard because the microphone is not working – this obviously sucks for gaming or other voice-com heavy situations. If you have experienced this condition or are currently experiencing it, don’t be troubled, as many have had to deal with a malfunctioning microphone on Discord before.

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Why Is My Microphone Not Working On Discord? Tips To The Rescue!

Currently, there is a glitch affecting Discord, and app engineers are trying to resolve it. This glitch is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon for gamers; that is why many gamers ditched Skype for Discord in the first place. For the most part, Discord works flawlessly, but a nonfunctional microphone can be an annoying ordeal.

The glitch affecting the app has been ongoing for several months now, and developers have been unable to fix it just yet. Until they can rectify the issue on their end, there are steps you can take to discover and fix the problem.

Bear in mind that many factors can cause your microphone to not work, so there isn’t a single fix. However, the problem will be resolved if you deploy some of the fixes we recommend in this guest post.

1.     Logging Out Of Discord

One of the quickest methods to fix a Discord Microphone not working is to log out of Discord. This simple trick works for many and may work for you. Simply log out and log back in by doing the following:

  • Click the User Settings icon in the left corner of your screen
  • Confirm Log Out
  • Scroll down and log out and do this several times until the action is initiated

After logging out, log back in with your Discord credentials and test your mic to see if it is working now. This method is only temporary, so consider other fixes below if it doesn’t work.

2.     Run Discord As Administrator

The second fix we want to recommend is to run Discord as an Administrator. Discord Administrator privileges allow you to transmit your voice across the internet. This fix is often recommended by Discord Customer Support. To run Discord as an Administrator, right-click the icon and run the app as an administrator. This method will most likely fix the problem once and for all.

3.     Tweak Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings

The Sensitivity Settings of your app can affect the mic function. If this setting is disabled, your mic will not work. Tweaking your voice settings involves unticking the box may cause problems further down the line. This action will change the position of the slider and cause the app to stop picking sounds from your mic. If you want to re-tick the bar, do the following.

  • Click the User Settings icon in Discord
  • Open User Settings and click the video and voice settings

Once the voice and video settings open up, scroll to the Input Sensitivity and activate the toggle close to the “Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity” to enable it. With this setting now active, speak to your headset and see if the light turns to green. (If it does, it means the mic is working.)

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Now, disable the toggle icon and ensure the manual slider is in the middle; if the manual bar is active, the mic is in perfect condition.

4.     Select Headset Mic Under Input Device

Another method you can use to correct an input device not working is to select the headset microphone. This will let you know whether Discord is using your microphone at all. Many users claim that the app has a weird habit of making the Input Device the default mic without the permission of the user. This phenomenon is coming with gaming computer applications in laptops with built-in mics.

The problem with built-in microphones is that most of them do not have the required drivers to work with VoIP apps like Discord.

Jet are the steps to ensure that Discord is using the right microphone.

  • Open the app by clicking the Discord icon
  • Open User Settings and click the Voice & Video Settings
  • Open the voice and video settings and press the drop-down menu in Input Device to choose your microphone as the preferred headset

Talk into your headset to sew if it works. If you are unsure whether it is working, select Input Device and make sure the headset is connected to your computer, then right-click the audio icon and click Recording devices. Talk into the headset mic and see if the light turns green. Once it starts working,  put the Input volume slider at a maximum level.

5.     Disable Windows Exclusive Mode

Last but not least of the tips you should try out is to disable Windows Exclusive Mode. We know some Windows apps are configured to control your audio device driver. This pre-installed configuration can cause problems on Discord. In some cases, the headset mic will be rendered redundant by the Exclusive Mode suite. To remedy the situation, you have to disable this feature. Here is how to do it.

  • Right-click the volume/sound icon at the bottom right corner to choose Recording Devices
  • Open Recording Devices and select Microphone, then click properties
  • Select the Advanced tab and untick all boxes in Exclusive Mode
  • Hit the “Apply to confirm” button

Reboot the system after unchecking Exclusive Mode and test your microphone.


Any of these methods can revive your microphone or Discord, so be patient enough to try others if one method doesn’t work.

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