Mastering the Game: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Connect Wireless Headphones to PS4 Effortlessly


A seamless experience is essential for an immersive adventure, and what better way to achieve that than using wireless for your PS4. Apart from giving you the freedom to move around without the hassle of cords, wireless headphones deliver high-quality sounds that can take your gaming experience to the next level.

In this article, we will discuss the types of wireless headphones compatible with PS4, provide step-by-step instructions for connecting these headphones to your console, offer tips for common connection issues, and share additional tips for enhancing your wireless headphone experience.

Types of Wireless Headphones Compatible with PS4

There are three main types of wireless headphones compatible with PS4:

A. PlayStation Official Wireless Headphones

These are headphones designed specifically for PS4 by Sony. They offer excellent audio quality, an easy pairing process, and integration with your console. Examples include the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset and PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset.

B. Third-Party Wireless Headphones Using USB Dongle

Many third-party headphones come with a USB dongle that allows them to connect with the PS4. These headphones can provide excellent audio quality, although their compatibility with the various features of the PS4 may vary.

C. Headphones (with Limitations)

While the PS4 does not natively support Bluetooth headphones, you can use them with your console by purchasing a compatible Bluetooth transmitter/adapter. However, this setup may come with certain limitations, such as potential audio lag and limited compatibility with specific console features.

Steps to Connect PlayStation Official Wireless Headphones

Connecting official PlayStation wireless headphones to your PS4 is a relatively simple process:

A. Turning on the Headphones and PS4

Ensure that both your headphones and PS4 are turned on before beginning the connection process.

B. Connecting the USB Adapter to the PS4

Insert the USB adapter that came with your PlayStation wireless headphones into one of the USB ports on your PS4.

C. Pairing the Headphones with the Adapter

Power on your headphones and wait for them to automatically pair with the USB adapter. You'll typically see a notification on your PS4 screen when the pairing is successful.

D. Adjusting Audio Settings on the Console

Go to the PS4's settings menu, select “Devices,” and then “Audio Devices.” From there, you can adjust your headphone settings, such as enabling surround sound and adjusting the microphone levels.

Steps to Connect Third-Party Wireless Headphones

For third-party wireless headphones that use a USB dongle, the process for connecting them to your PS4 is similar to that of official PlayStation headphones:

A. Turning on the Headphones and PS4

Ensure that both your headphones and PS4 are turned on.

B. Connecting the USB Dongle to the PS4

Plug the USB dongle that came with your headphones into one of the USB ports on your PS4.

C. Pairing the Headphones with the Dongle

Turn on your headphones and follow the pairing process specific to your headset model. Consult the user manual for specific instructions.

D. Adjusting Audio Settings on the Console

Just like with official PlayStation headphones, you can adjust the audio settings for your third-party headphones by going to the PS4's settings menu, selecting “Devices,” and then “Audio Devices.”

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones with a Bluetooth Transmitter/Adapter

If you prefer using Bluetooth headphones, you'll need to purchase a compatible Bluetooth transmitter/adapter. Here's how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PS4 using a transmitter:

A. Purchasing a Compatible Bluetooth Transmitter

Search for a Bluetooth transmitter/adapter that has support for the PS4's optical or 3.5mm output. Make sure it supports the necessary audio codecs, such as A2DP, for high-quality .

B. Connecting the Transmitter to the PS4's Optical or 3.5mm Output

Plug the transmitter into your PS4's optical or 3.5mm output port. This will vary depending on the specific transmitter you're using.

C. Pairing the Headphones with the Transmitter

Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and follow the pairing process in the transmitter's user manual. Once paired, the headphones should receive audio from your PS4.

D. Adjusting Audio Settings on the Console

Lastly, navigate to the PS4's settings menu and adjust the audio settings as needed.

Troubleshooting Common Connection Issues

If you're experiencing connection issues with your wireless headphones and PS4, here are some common issues and potential solutions:

A. Device Not Detected by PS4

If your headphones aren't detected by the PS4, try unplugging and reinserting the USB adapter or transmitter or restarting both your console and headphones. Also, double-check the paired devices list in the PS4's settings, and if needed, remove and re-add your headphones.

B. Choppy or Distorted Sound

If you're experiencing choppy or distorted sound, make sure that your headphones are within the specified range of the PS4. Additionally, check for any interference from other wireless devices or objects that may cause signal disruption, such as metal furniture, walls, or large electronic devices.

C. Audio Lag/Delay

It's not uncommon for Bluetooth headphones connected via a transmitter to experience audio lag. To minimize this, look for a transmitter with low-latency support or alternative features that help reduce lag, such as aptX Low Latency codec.

D. Headset Not Staying Connected to PS4

If your headset is disconnecting frequently, double-check the battery life, remove any potential interference, and make sure that your PS4's firmware and the headphone's firmware are up to date.

Additional Tips for Enhancing the Wireless Headphone Experience

Here are some extra tips to get the best possible experience from your wireless headphones with your PS4:

A. Ensuring Proper Range Between the Headset and the Console

Check the recommended range specified in your headphone's user manual, and ensure you stay within that distance for a stable connection.

B. Regularly Updating the Headphone's Firmware

Keep the firmware of your headphones up to date to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

C. Taking Advantage of PS4's Built-In Audio Enhancements

Explore the audio settings on your PS4, such as 3D audio or surround sound, to get the best sound quality from your headphones.

D. Maximizing Battery Life for the Headphones

To extend your headphone's battery life, make sure to turn them off when not in use and charge them regularly.


Connecting wireless headphones to your PS4 can elevate your gaming experience, providing you with exceptional audio quality and freedom of movement. Explore different headphone options and find the perfect fit for your preferences while taking advantage of PS4's audio features for an immersive and enjoyable gaming adventure.


1. Can you use any Bluetooth headphones with PS4?
No, the PS4 does not natively support Bluetooth headphones. However, you can use a compatible Bluetooth transmitter/adapter to connect them to your console.

2. Are all wireless headphones compatible with PS4?
Not all wireless headphones are compatible with PS4. Look for PlayStation official wireless headphones, third-party options with a USB dongle, or Bluetooth headphones paired with a suitable Bluetooth transmitter.

3. Do PlayStation 5 headphones work with the PS4?
Yes, the PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is compatible with both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

4. Why is there audio lag when using Bluetooth headphones with my PS4?
Audio lag is common with Bluetooth headphones due to inherent latency in the Bluetooth transmission process. To reduce this latency, look for a Bluetooth transmitter with low-latency support or one that supports aptX Low Latency codec.

5. Can I use the PS4 headphone jack for wireless headphones?
Yes. You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the PS4's 3.5mm headphone jack to use with Bluetooth wireless headphones.

6. Do wireless headphones work with in-game chat on PS4?
Yes. Most wireless headphones compatible with PS4, whether they are PlayStation official headsets or third-party options, will support in-game chat.

7. How do I update the firmware on my PS4 wireless headset?
To update your headphone's firmware, refer to the user manual or manufacturer's website for instructions. Some headphones may have a dedicated app for firmware updates, while others might require connecting to a computer.

8. How far can my wireless headphones be from my PS4?
The range varies depending on the specific headphones and any obstacles that might interfere with the signal. Check your headphone's user manual for the recommended range.

9. Can I charge my wireless headphones while using them with my PS4?
Some wireless headphones support charging while in use, but this might impact their performance or signal quality. Consult your headphone's user manual for specific information.

10. How do I enable surround sound on my wireless headphones connected to PS4?
For compatible headphones, navigate to the audio settings on your console and enable the surround sound feature. Some headphones might have their own built-in surround sound technology, so refer to your headphone's user manual for configuration details.

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