Mastering Spreadsheets: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Split Cells in Excel 2022


Microsoft Excel has been the go-to for businesses, organizations, and people worldwide interested in organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data. As an integral part of the Office Suite, Excel offers a comprehensive range of features that allow users to perform advanced calculations, generate graphs, and manipulate data sets. One such feature is the ability to split cells. Splitting cells in Excel can come in handy when we need to separate pieces of information in a single cell into different cells.

With the launch of Excel 2022, Microsoft has introduced several new features and functionalities, enhancing our ability to manipulate data effectively. This guide will explore these functionalities and discuss how to split cells in Excel 2022.

Understand Excel Cells

Excel operates on an advanced grid system, where each box is referred to as a cell. Cells are the primary building blocks of an Excel worksheet, housing the data we input.

Managing and manipulating cells effectively in Excel allows you to make the most out of your data. By adjusting, calculating, formatting, and even splitting cells, you can fundamentally change how your data appears and interacts with other elements on your worksheet.

Preparing to Split Cells in Excel

Before proceeding to split cells in Excel 2022, ensure that your data is organized in a way that supports cell splitting. Identify the cells that need to be split by looking for cells that contain multiple pieces of information. It's also crucial to make backups and protect your data before manipulating it drastically.

A Simple Method to Split Cells in Excel 2022

Excel 2022 provides a relatively straightforward way to split cells – using the ‘Text to Columns' method. Start by selecting the cell or column that you wish to split, then navigate to the ‘Data' tab, and finally click on ‘Text to Columns'. From here, you can choose delimiters (such as comma, space, or any other character) to split the cells.

However, keep in mind that Excel will replace any existing data where the split cells are being placed, so always ensure to have a backup before you proceed.

Advanced Methods to Split Cells in Excel 2022

Excel 2022 offers more advanced methods to split cells. You can use Excel formulas like Left, Right, Mid etc., or the Flash Fill Method. These methods offer greater control over the splitting process and can handle more complex scenarios.

For instance, the Left function will return the first specified number of characters from the left of the text in a cell while the Right function does the same but from the right. The Mid function extracts a specified number of characters from a particular position of the text within the selected cell.

How to Split Cells in Excel 2022 using VBA

If you're comfortable with programming and prefer automated tasks, you can use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel to split cells. VBA is a programming language within Excel that allows for more complex data manipulation tasks.

Using VBA to split cells can be quite efficient and convenient, especially when working with large datasets.

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However, VBA may be a bit complicated for non-programmers and might require more computational resources.

Tips on Splitting Cells in Excel 2022

There are several common issues that users of Excel 2022 face while splitting cells, such as split data replacing existing data or formulas not properly executing. These can often be easily resolved using simple solutions and workarounds, but occasionally, you might need to approach an expert for advice.


Splitting cells in Excel 2022 is a powerful tool for managing and organizing your data effectively. From simple methods like Text to Columns to more advanced techniques using Excel formulas or VBA, there are several ways to achieve this task.


What is the main use of split cells in Excel?

Splitting cells in Excel is mainly used when one needs to separate or reformat data within a cell.

Can you split a merged cell in Excel 2022?

Yes, you can easily split a merged cell in Excel 2022 by selecting the cell and clicking ‘Unmerge Cells' from the toolbar.

Do I have to worry about the data in my Excel cells when I split them?

While splitting cells in Excel, extra care should be taken. If you're not careful, the split data may replace existing data.

Is it possible to split an Excel cell diagonally?

You can't divide a cell diagonally into two editable sections in Excel.

How do I split cells using VBA in Excel 2022?

Using VBA to split cells in Excel requires a basic understanding of VBA programming. The Split function in VBA can be used to split a text string into a one-dimensional array.

What if I made an error while splitting cells, can I revert the changes?

Excel offers an ‘Undo' option to revert changes. However, it's always a good idea to back up your data before making changes.

How can I split cells in Excel 2022 into multiple rows?

You can split cells into multiple rows using the ‘Text to Columns' feature along with the ‘Transpose' feature.

What is the significance of ‘delimiters' while splitting cells?

Delimiters are characters used as markers to split cell content in Excel. Standard delimiters include space, comma, tab, or a specific character.

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