Mastering Discord Formatting: An Easy Guide on How to Get Italics in Discord


Discord, one of the leading online communication platforms, brings users from all around the world together, enabling them to interact seamlessly in a real-time scenario. Known for its immersive voice, text, and chat features, Discord is vastly popular among the community though it caters to a wider audience base. However, making your discord text stand out is key to efficient communication. One of the proven ways to do this is by making use of Discord's text formatting features, with a particular emphasis on italics.

Formatting text, especially using italics, plays a significant role in digital communication. It's all about emphasizing certain words or sentences effectively, adding vividness and depth to your interactions. This article will guide you on how to get italics in Discord, aiming for clear and engaging communication.

Basics of Italics on Discord

What Italics Mean in Texting or Digital Communication

Italics, in conventional English grammar, is widely used to give emphasis, denote titles, foreign languages, or distinguish specific thoughts. In digital communication, italics retain the same essence. They help express emphasis, represent voice modulations and emotions, and often guide the reading flow.

Usage of Italics in Discord

In the realm of Discord, italics serve a similar purpose. They assist in emphasizing a part of your text, making it stand out from the rest, thereby conveying the correct sentiment or context during a conversation.

Step-by-Step Guide on Incorporating Italics in Discord

Desktop Users

Description of the Steps to Add Italics Using Markdown

In Discord, text formatting, such as italicizing, adheres to a system known as the ‘Markdown'. To italicize a text, you need to wrap it with a single asterisk (*) at the beginning and end. So, if you want to write ‘hello' in italics, you should type *hello* and send it.

Demonstration with Screenshots

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Mobile Users

Description of the Steps to Add Italics Using Markdown

For mobile users, it's the same process; simply identify the text you wish to italicize and enclose it within single asterisks (*) before sending the message.

Demonstration with Screenshots

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Additional Tips for Using Italics in Discord

Incorporating Italics into Other Forms of Text Formatting

You can also combine italics with other formatting codes such as bold or underline. To apply italics and bold, simply double the asterisk count. For instance, writing ** *hello* ** will display the text as bold and italicized.

Common Errors in Using Italics

If the italics aren't working, check whether you have properly enclosed the text within the correct number of asterisks. Also, ensure there are no spaces between the asterisk and the text.

Benefits of Correctly Using Italics in Discord

Using italics correctly in Discord enhances message clarity, injects personality into the text, and enables you to effectively emphasize your points.

Italic Commands in Discord

In-Depth Explanation of Discord's Text Formatting System, “Markdown”

Markdown is the text formatting system Discord uses. Apart from italics, it supports a variety of other commands, such as bolding, underlining, or strikethrough text, helping to enhance online conversations.

Detailed Examples of Markdown's Italics Command

The italics command in markdown involves the use of a single asterisk or underscore character. For instance, should you wish to display the word ‘hello' in italics, the correct markdown would be either *hello* or _hello_.

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Italics play an essential role in digital communication, especially when you want to emphasize a specific point or add a certain flair to your text. Discord, recognizing this, provides functionalities to easily incorporate italics in your conversation. So, go ahead, explore, and take your Discord conversations to the next level.


Is There a Shortcut to Make Text Italic in Discord?

Markdown languages do not support shortcuts; you must manually encase the text in the required symbols. In this case, single asterisks or underscores to make text italic in Discord.

How to Write in Italics in Discord Without Using Markdown?

Markdown is the standard method to format text in Discord. This means that italics, or any other text formatting, cannot be achieved without using markdown.

I Tried Using the Command for Italics, But It's Not Working. What Could Be Wrong?

If the italics aren't working, ensure your text is correctly enclosed within single asterisks or underscores without any additional spaces.

Can I Use Italics on Discord Through My Mobile Device?

Yes, Discord supports markdown on all platforms, including on and iOS devices. Simply use the same markdown syntax, involving asterisks or underscores.

What If I Want to Use Italics and Another Formatting Command at the Same Time? How Can I Do That?

Using multiple formatting styles together is possible. To apply italics with bold or underline, simply increase the asterisk or underscore count. For instance, ***italic and bold*** or __*italic and underlined*__.

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