How to use second monitor while gaming

Many gamers switch from a single monitor to a dual monitor setup for playing games. It allows them to use the second screen for other tasks while they use the primary monitor for gaming. For instance, they can use a secondary monitor to check their emails or activate streaming tools on the second screen while they play games on the primary screen.

If you also want to use your second monitor while gaming on your primary monitor, you may need to adjust the display settings of the graphics card for the purpose. You may also need to check the hardware configurations to assess if they can support the window mode and if the two have an equal refresh rate.

Switching to the second monitor while gaming

So if you are a gamer with multiple monitors and want to switch to the secondary monitor while gaming, here is what you need to do.

Display settings

The first thing you need to do is change the display settings. You can select the primary and secondary display screen through the operating systems. Go to display settings in the main menu, select the monitor for playing games as the primary monitor, and make it the main display.

Nvidia control settings

Now open the Nvidia control panel to change the Nvidia control settings. Click on the multiple displays section and select the primary monitor as the main display.

Borderless windowed option

You need to enable the borderless windowed mode for your dual monitor setup. Open the display mode settings in the graphics option to enable the mode.

If you are gaming on the primary monitor in full-screen mode, the mouse cursor may not move to the second monitor, and if it does move, the game on the primary monitor may get minimized. The borderless windowed option prevents that from happening, and you can easily use the two monitors simultaneously.

Aspect ratio settings.

When you enable borderless windowed mode, it may change aspect ratio settings, and you may need to reset them.

Switching between screens (Alt+Tab)

When you click on the second monitor, the game will continue to play in full-screen mode, and you can use Alt+Tab to switch between the two screens in the dual-screen setup.

Suppose you want to move your mouse cursor from one monitor to the other while gaming; just go to your game’s graphics options, find the display mode settings, and check the aspect ration settings. Now click on the other monitor. If you want to switch between the two screens, just press Alt+Tab.

Here’s a great video on it:

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