How to turn on RTX

If you want to activate RTX or enable RTX ray-tracing effects on your favorite video games, we have got you covered.

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to turn RTX on while gaming.

Explaining ray tracing and GeForce RTX

Ray tracing technology involves tracing the bouncing of light rays path, which enables rendering light, reflections and shadows by the computer to create a realistic scene. The real-time ray tracing technology was introduced in GPUs by introducing Nvidia GeForce RTX computer graphics cards in 2018.

It was a big deal, as the innovation paved the way for game developers to introduce it in video games. Today many games support RTX technology, including Tomb Raider, Modern Warfare Control, Light watchdogs, Minecraft, Moon Dirt, Duty Black ops, Mortal Shell Observer, Cold War, Battlefield V, Elysium Shadow etc.

Ray tracing can be very intense hardware demanding process and can be very taxing on the hardware components when enabled in games, so Nvidia’s RTX GPU has separate RT Cores. So if you want to get the best experience, you need to get powerful GeForce graphics cards like RTX 3080.

How to enable ray tracing

So if you want to enable ray tracing on your Nvidia GeForce GPU, here is what you need to do.

Firstly, ensure that Windows 10 and the graphics card is properly installed to support the new technology. Now open any of the games which support RTX and check if the RTX is enabled. Usually, you do not need to enable RTX from the Nvidia Control panel as it is turned on by default.

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However, you may have to enable the RTX manually from the game’s graphic menu. Just go to the graphic settings and turn ray tracing DXR on (DirectX ray tracing).

Quick video tutorial by Barefox:

Enable RTX on a game; an example.

If you select Minecraft for playing with ray tracing, here is how it goes.

Firstly search for Minecraft on the Microsoft store. You will need the Xbox Insider Hub app to enable RTX, as it won’t be enabled by default. Simply search for the Xbox Insider Hub app from the Start menu and choose Minecraft for Windows 10. Click to join and then opt for the RTX Beta version of Minecraft. This will enable RTX in the game.

If you want to enable ray tracing in other games that support RTX, you may need to check their settings to enjoy the experience.

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