How To turn On Performance Mode In Fortnite

If you play Fortnite, you might have high-resolution textures downloaded, and you've been enjoying advanced graphics on your PC, console or mobile device. However, you've noticed that although your visual quality is great, the overall FPS is low. Your ping is great, but you keep getting hit by enemies before you can even see them! So how can you improve FPS for a significantly smoother experience?

The answer is in Fortnite performance mode. You may have heard of it, but let us give you a quick overview.

What Is Performance Mode?

Fortnite's performance mode is a new experimental model that can balance system load to give you higher FPS and improves the game's performance. It offers significant performance gains that are traded in for visual quality. It will lower memory usage, which is beneficial for lower-end PCs, that might even struggle to keep up with lower FPS.

To activate performance mode, you only have to open the in-game settings menu, click on rendering mode and select Performance (Alpha).

You will then be asked to restart the game so that it can activate performance mode.

Moreover, if you have lower-end hardware, you will be prompted to enable performance mode when you open Fortnite for the first time after installing it. According to Epic Games, performance mode is recommended because it can remove the excessive load on your CPU and GPU. It provides you with fluid visuals, although the texture quality will degrade.

Why You Should Enable Performance Mode In Fortnite

Even though the textures in-game are not great, they will not affect your aim and reaction time but improve them. If you have a lower FPS, performance mode can help provide you with a higher FPS. You can also alter other cosmetic settings because if your PC has fewer graphics to render, the smoother it can run the game.

Additionally, you should not expect performance mode to add a few skill points for you right away. Instead, you will be removing a few skill points from environmental textures and moving them towards the overall FPS.

Performance mode will also make it easier for your PC to meet hardware requirements by reducing the hard drive space it takes. You will not need high-resolution textures with performance mode activated.

To uninstall them, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open Epic Games Launcher
  • Click and Open Library
  • Look for Fortnite and click the three dots next to it
  • Select Options
  • Lastly, uncheck the High-resolution textures box

However, if you do not like this mode, you can easily disable the performance mode and continue playing in non-performance mode. You might have to adjust other settingsĀ  or get up to date hardware to get a smoother gaming experience.

What To Do If Performance Mode In Fortnite Does Not Help

Some players have been experiencing issues with the gameplay after turning performance mode on. For example, full structures such as buildings, environments, and other aspects of the game fail to load or render. There are a few solutions to this, so let us explain what you can do.

Firstly, you can check your PC graphics settings menu and lower memory usage by reducing the load on your GPU. Most high-end computers will come with the ability to adjust and balance system load themselves. Still, you can opt for low scalability settings, lower resolution, or help your PC uninstall other demanding .

Suppose you want to be gaining advantages as much as possible. In that case, you can get more powerful hardware such as a dedicated GPU. the least you could do is invest in recommended hardware and then test out the performance mode option.

Conclusion: Fortnite's Performance Mode

Epic Games works consistently to provide its players with the best experience possible, which is how the Fortnite Performance Mode came to be. Although it is still an experimental feature, it has proven very useful for most people. There are some underlying issues with this rendering mode, but we hope that they will be able to implement the bug fixes necessary and make it a permanent render setting.

It can even help high-end machines retain a longer life span by reducing the load exerted by Fornite, even though they exceed the game's hardware requirements

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