How to remove keyboard keys

If you need to clean underneath the keyboard keys or replace keys that have stopped working, you must know how to remove keyboard keys safely so that your keyboard doesn't get damaged in the process.

Here are a few simple tips to get you started

  • Unplug your keyboard or turn off the laptop before starting.
  • Take a picture of the keyboard keys so that you know the order of the keycaps. It is important if you need to remove multiple keys.
  • Keep a bowl or tray on the side where you can safely place all the keycaps.

Remove keys from mechanical keyboard

If you have a mechanical keyboard, you will need a special tool called a keycap puller.

Here is the step by step guide you need to follow

  • You can use a plastic keycap puller or a wire keycap puller to remove keyboard keys.
  • Place the edges of the keycap puller under the keycap and pull it up so that the keycap is separated from the switch. Be extra careful if your keyboard has an LED backlight
  • Be careful when removing larger keys like the space bar. They have a metal support bar which might get damaged
  • Once you remove keyboard keys, use compressed air to clean the stuck dirt. You can also use a cotton swab or microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol or warm water.

Here's a GREAT on it:

Remove keys from a laptop keyboard

If you need to remove laptop keys, there are a few household tools that you can use, for instance, a plastic butter knife or a small flathead screwdriver.

Place the end of chosen tool under the corner of the key to gently pry it. You may need your fingers to remove the keys that do not come off with the tools. Be careful with the larger keys and do not apply much force. Now clean the dust or grime with compressed air or any other method.

Once you are done cleaning, you can refer to the picture to replace or put the keys back onto the keyboard.

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