How to make a heart on keyboard

Emoji symbols are quite popular nowadays. The heart symbol is a commonly used emoji beside the popular smiley face, and if you use it frequently, you may want to add a keyboard shortcut.

There are several methods for adding a heart symbol.

While you can copy and paste a heart symbol from an online source, a keyboard shortcut may be quite convenient. So, whether it is a pc or , here is how you can make a heart symbol.

Making a heart symbol on a Windows PC keyboard

Normally,  character map is used to insert various symbols, including heart emojis and other symbols in Microsoft word document or emails. If you do not have it, you can install it easily.

Open the start menu and click control panel, and open add/remove program options. In the Windows Setup tab, open details under the system tools. Check the character map check box to enable it.

You can easily assess the Character map window through the keyboard.

  • Simply press the Windows key and R, type charmap and enter. 
  • Select “Symbols” from the font dropdown.
  • Select the heart symbol, click copy and paste it on your Microsoft word document or where it is needed.

Making a heart symbol on Mac computer keyboard

You can use a character viewer to make a heart symbol on the Mac keyboard. The character viewer is used in word, email, text messages and web page.

To use the character viewer, simply click start button and open the menu bar. Now select control, command and then space bar. Now type heart and enter, which will display all heart symbol options. Pick the one you want.

Making a heart symbol with numpad

If you have a numeric pad with your computer, you can use a key combination comprising alt code shortcuts to insert symbols.

You can use various alt codes to insert heart symbols in different colors besides the simple heart.

The easiest ist alt + numpad 3.

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