How To Download TikTok Videos – A Simple Guide

TikTok has become extremely popular lately, ever since it has replaced, a similar video sharing app. It is often used on smartphones, but users can also watch TikTok videos on a desktop computer or laptop. Sometimes you might see a TikTok video you like, and when you go back to find it to show someone else, it is no longer there.

You could share links, but if the clips get removed or deleted, it’s gone unless you somehow manage to save them to your device. That way, you will never have to look for a specific TikTok video endlessly, and you can share it all you like! So how can you download TikTok videos into your camera roll? There are no save video options on TikTok.

We’ll tell you just how to download videos off of the TikTok app where you can share them without having to search too hard. let’s discuss a few things about the TikTok app itself, and then get into what you’re here for.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that hosts a variety of short user videos from genres like pranks, stunts, art, music, jokes, dance, and all forms of entertainment. The duration of TikTok videos ranges from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. TikTok, launched in 2017, is like the international version of Douyin, released to the Chinese market by September 2016. However, it became available worldwide only after merging with a former video-sharing platform called in August 2018.

TikTok’s been downloaded more than 130 million times in the United States and has reached 2 billion downloads worldwide. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, and you can install it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Why TikTok is so popular

One of the best things about the TikTok app that makes it so addictive is it is For You Page, or FYP. The FYP is a content discovery feed that acts as a primary timeline on which users can find content targeted based on their likes, interests, or what they might like. TikTok has a unique algorithm that uses AI and machine learning to fill up everyone’s FYP with the best type of content for that particular user.

TikTok is also very dominating because of the way it sets trends across the internet. From dance or musical challenges to fashion trends to making memes go viral with in-app filters. The algorithm will prioritize content that follows whatever are the most popular trends at that moment. Hot trends also bring more engagement, so users will usually hop on trends and create content.

How To Download A TikTok Video On A Phone

Let us tell you two methods that apply to iPhones and Android devices to download TikTok videos. They are available for free, and the first one goes like this:

First, look for the video you want to save.

Next, please tap on the video to access it.

When the video plays, tap and hold down. TikTok will give you three options.

Tap the Save Video option.

Depending on your device and its operating system, you’ll then get the option of selecting where to save the video. Often, it will automatically save to your phone’s local storage.

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The second method involves using the Share icon.

Once you’ve found your video, tap the Share icon. You will see a pop-up and a set of options. Tap the Save Video button to download your video to either your Downloads or Video folder.

How To Download TikTok Videos On PC

The TikTok download option is not available on Mac or PC, so you must use third-party apps. Qoob is a third-party video downloader app, and it is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It also offers features such as hashtag downloader, account downloader, caption saver and auto-download tools.

You can also use websites such as SSSTikTok to download TikTok videos into your desktop computer. You can download TikTok videos off the site in a few simple steps:

Open SSSTikTok’s webpage and TikTok in separate windows on your browser

Next, copy or share the link to the TikTok video you want to download

Paste the link you copied onto the box on the SSSTikTok webpage and click Download

You can either download it as a video or MP3 Audio File; either way, it will save the video in your computer’s Downloads folder.

You can also find a TikTok video downloader extension for your browser. You can search for Advanced TikTok Downloader and add the extension to the web browser. All you have to do is find the clip you want to download and click Download on the extension to save it automatically.

How To Save Video From TikTok Without The Watermark

There are many web extensions and third-party apps that allow you to download TikTok videos without the extension. Just remember that the TikTok watermark is part of federally registered trademarks, so if you try to pass off TikTok clips on a different site as your own, or as if they belong to the site/app, you can face legal consequences. So we can’t recommend it. Just leave the watermark in there!

Other Ways To Save A TikTok Video

Often, with almost any phone, you will get the option to save the video to your device’s camera roll. If you cannot, you should also get the option of emailing it. You could email it to yourself and save it off of the email as an alternative.

Another way to save a TikTok video is to use the screen record feature on your device. If you do not have one already, you can install third-party screen recording apps from the play store or app store. Most iPhones and Android phones will have built-in screen recording features. You can access them through the swipe-up or down widget menus, or you can find ways to access them if they are not readily available.


To conclude, it is possible and pretty easy to save TikTok videos to your phone to computer. It is easier on an iPhone or Android device. Mostly, you will have to select the clip or video you want to download and tap save video to save it to your phone’s local storage. On PC, it requires third parties or web extensions, but it is simple nonetheless.

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If you saved a video on your PC and want to share it further on your phone, you can save it to google photos. Access the google cloud on your phone and save the video you want!

We hope this article helped simplify and explain the process and ways of downloading TikTok videos and saving videos, with or without the watermark.


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