Effective Method to Delete Your Facebook Account on a Computer

How to Delete Facebook Account on a Computer

Hello, I’m Tracy from Techimperatives.net. In this article, I will be guiding you through a simple, step-by-step process on how to delete your Facebook account when using a computer.

Advanced Account Deletion

Deleting a Facebook account permanently removes all your data, and you won’t be able to retrieve your information later. Therefore, it’s critical to make a copy of any data you wish to save.

Step 1: Back up your data

1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Click the downward arrow in the top right of Facebook.
3. Select ‘Settings & Privacy’, then click ‘Settings’.
4. In the left column, click ‘Your Facebook Information’.
5. Next to ‘Download Your Information’, click ‘View’.

Step 2: Request Account Deletion

1. After backing up your data, return to the ‘Your Facebook Information’ menu.
2. Click on ‘Deactivation and Deletion’.
3. Choose ‘Permanently Delete Account’, then click ‘Continue to Account Deletion’.
4. Click ‘Delete Account’, enter your password and then click ‘Continue’.

Please note, it may take up to 90 days for Facebook to delete all your information.

Considerations Before Deleting Account

Before making the decision to delete your Facebook account, you should consider that all your photos, posts, messages, and other data will be permanently removed. You won’t be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any content.


Deleting your Facebook account is a significant decision. However, if you have weighed the pros and cons and determined it’s the best course for you, following this guide will walk you through the process simply and easily.

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