How to connect gaming pc to your gaming monitor

So, you have a new pc and want to set it up for gaming?

When it comes to pc gaming, you can use almost any monitor. Even the older monitors would do, but they would lag in terms of display features; for instance, the size, response time, refresh rate or resolution are perhaps more suited for playing old games.

Whether it’s a new gaming monitor or an old one, we will guide you about how to connect your gaming pc to a monitor. While we are at it, we will also touch upon connecting multiple monitors to the gaming pc.

Connecting a new gaming monitor to pc

The newer monitors intended for gaming come with the ideal resolution, refresh rate, and low response times and are compatible with new games. New monitors use DisplayPort connections, USB-C or HDMI connections, while the old monitors rely on older video ports and would need relevant cables, for example, DVI cable or VGA cable.

You will require a Displayport or HDMI cable to connect to the pc at the GPU ports Once connected, turn on the pc and open the GPU control panel to adjust settings, and you are set to play games.

Here’s a simple video we found that showcases the exact steps you need to take:

Connecting all your monitors to the pc

If you want to connect  multiple monitors to the gaming pc, they must be compatible and have the same features since the same system will support them despite having multiple displays.

Moreover, you will need a dedicated graphics card (like an RTX 3080 or RTX 3090) and the required ports so that all cables can be connected. Moreover, when you have multiple monitors, you also need to consider the multi-screen features.

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For instance, if you have Nvidia, its “Surround” feature is similar to AMD’s Eyefinity technology. It allows up to three monitors to be linked to the GPU at one time. The image spreads across all screens, and all the important details are not compromised.

If you want three monitors with a higher refresh rate, you will require a GPU with three built-in HDMI or Displayport ports. While some ports are better, mixing one DisplayPort and two HDMI ports to establish connections will also work.

Once you have the equipment in line for your new pc, it is time to plug everything in the ports to establish a connection. If all computer monitors are not working, you may have to change your settings. For this purpose, you do not need to look into the operating system. Simply go to the GPU Control panel and make changes to the settings.

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