How to clean dust from pc WITHOUT compressed air

Your computer’s performance may be affected by multiple factors, of which dust is a major factor. Dust is one such culprit that can be detrimental to the system’s performance and slow it down. If your PC has slowed down and you cannot determine an obvious reason, it may be in dire need of cleaning.

Dust tends to build up slowly in your PC’s critical components, and you need to clean it thoroughly to restore the optimum performance level. The most common solution is compressed air. However, it is expensive, and at times one compressed air canister may not be enough.

However, you may be surprised to hear that you can clean dust from PC without compressed air. If you want to find out how; continue reading.

How to clean dust from pc without compressed air

The simplest technique includes use of a straw to blow out the dust with your own breath. However, it requires considerable effort and may cause irritation to the eyes or nose since you have to bring your face closer to the dust.

In this section, we have provided a few suggestions which may help you determine how to clean dust from pc without compressed air.

Manually clean the PC

To clean your PC manually, here is what you need to do.

  • Turn off your computer and disconnect the power supply. Clear out the surroundings.
  • Open your case and remove the panels and filters. Tap to remove loose dust and use a soft cloth to clear dust away from the inside area.
  • You may use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean dust from tricky areas like fan blades that are otherwise hard to reach.
  • Now clean the hardware, including the CPU, motherboard, graphics card, etc. Be gentle and clean with care to avoid inflicting damage to the sensitive components.

Alternative: Use an Air Duster

An air duster is quite an easy and economical way to clean dust from your PC. It uses compressed air, that provides enough air pressure to remove dust from nooks and corners within your PC. For a more thorough step by step, check out this article.

Alternative 2: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Another option is mini vacuum cleaners, specifically built for cleaning dust from computers. These vacuum cleaners have anti-static technology to prevent your PC from being damaged. They are quite effective but also expensive.

At the same time, it is advised to avoid using a regular vacuum cleaner because of the electrostatic discharge emanating from the vacuum nozzle due to static buildup.

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