How to clean a keyboard

If you use your computer regularly, your computer's keyboard is perhaps the dirtiest part of the computer. Regular use results in the accumulation of stubborn debris on and under the keyboard keys and can transfer germs and bacteria.

If you have the habit of eating while working, food crumbs can gather between keys. The oily residue and liquid spills can result in grime-built-up and sticky keys.

So, you need to learn how to clean the keyboard thoroughly without damaging it. There are simple helpful tips for easily cleaning your keyboard.

Cleaning a laptop keyboard

First, turn off your laptop and unplug the power cord. The next thing you need to do is consult the owner's manual to check if there are special instructions for cleaning.

If not, then proceed with the following process.

Flip the laptop keyboard upside down to get rid of loose debris. Hold the laptop at an upright angle and spray between keys with compressed air to get rid of the remaining dust. Place the laptop on a level surface and use a small brush to get rid of excess dirt. You can also use a cotton swab or cleaning slime.

Now use isopropyl alcohol with a paper towel or disinfecting wipes to clean your keyboard. Once it is completely dry, use a microfiber cloth to polish it.

Cleaning an external keyboard

If you have an external keyboard, here is how you can clean it.

Unplug it and turn the keyboard upside down to get rid of loose debris. Use compressed air to get rid of remaining dirt and loose debris. Now use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and clean the entire keyboard. You may need more than one cotton swab for more thorough cleaning.

Now use a paper towel or cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol for thorough cleaning. Once dry, use a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth to polish the keyboard.

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