How to change keyboard language

Did you know that you can use your computer keyboard for typing in different languages?

In most instances, English is the primary language in a qwerty keyboard. However, you can always use one keyboard for more than one language and do not need to change . If you want to learn how to change keyboard language, you can do so in a few simple steps. Continue reading below to find out.

Change keyboard language on 10

If you have Windows 10, you have the option to configure multiple keyboard layouts during installation. If you want to change keyboard language, you can add a new keyboard layout. This simple process will allow you to change keyboard language without changing the language on the Windows screen.

Here is you can change your keyboard language.

Click Windows logo key and click the settings icon, and then the language icon. You will see the switching input method option. Now click add language and select the language of choice in the preferred language.

Now go to options and add the keyboard that you want. Once you have enabled keyboard for a different language, a language icon will appear in the taskbar. You may find it in the bottom right corner of the screen. It allows you to change language preferences.

Here's a quick demo we found on the tubes:

Change keyboard language on Windows 8

If you want to learn how to change keyboard language on Windows 8, here is how.

Click on the Windows logo key or simply press Windows + I. Open the language icon and tap add for your preferred language for switching input language.

Adding language support

If the preferred language does not appear in the input languages dialog box, you might need to install the required font.

Click control panel and open the language options. Click on the language tab in the language options and click on the check box besides the respective language collection. Click OK to apply.

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