How To Calculate DPI for Mouse?

DPI is the standard used for measuring mouse sensitivity, and is the number of dots per linear inch that a computer can detect.

By adjusting the DPI, you can change the pointer speed for precise operations. It is synonymous with CPI and refers to the same thing.

Why Does DPI Matter?

The more DPIs there are, the more sensitive the mouse is and the faster the cursor moves. Some mouse models contain specialized buttons known as the DPI On-the-fly buttons that allow you to modify your mouse’s sensitivity immediately.

If you move your mouse an inch to the right with a low DPI and then move it an inch to the right with a higher DPI, the pointer will travel further, even though the distance covered by the mouse’s sensor is the same.

If you’re working on a high-resolution monitor, a higher DPI can come in helpful. With a low DPI, moving your mouse from one side to the other will take longer.

If you make this movement frequently, a higher DPI might save you time and effort, enhance ergonomics, and have a significant influence on your workflow.

To be clear, DPI is merely a measurement of that physical connection and does not indicate the mouse’s precision or the sensor’s accuracy

The ideal DPI range for normal usage on HD displays is 400-2000 DPI. The sensitivity of your mouse should not be affected by whether it is wired or wireless.

How To Measure Mouse DPI

You can use a ready-made software tool, such as the DPI Analyzer at

Just follow the instruction shown on the page and you will have a clear breakdown of your DPI data. It actually shows your the real DPI used by your mouse.

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Easy peasy.

How To Convert Sensitivity and DPI from one game to another

There’s also a very cool tool for this:

You can simply enter the DPI you set for your mouse and your current in-game sensitivity for game A (for example CS:GO) and convert it to Game B (for example Fornite).

Super convenient and fast.

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