How high should my monitor be for gaming

Most avid gamers sit in front of the computer screen for long hours and spend most of their day there. There has been an increased focus on maintaining a correct posture or a correct sitting position in recent times.

This article will guide you about the correct gaming monitor height that will enable you to maintain a proper posture when you are gaming.

To start off, you should check out this great video on it by 1HP, which visually shows the best position – but below oyu will find a few more additional tips:

Importance of optimal monitor height

While your chair height is important, your gaming monitor height and position can also significantly impact your sitting position.

For instance, if the monitor is too high, it may cause a neck strain. If it is too low, it may force you to lean forward, and if you sit in that awkward position for a long time may cause neck pain.

So what is the right monitor height? Let’s find out!

Tips for determining the right monitor height

Here are a few tips to help you out

Place monitor at eye level

Instruction for correct pose during office work flat vector illustration. Cartoon worker sitting at desk with right posture for healthy back and looking at computer. Health and ergonomics concept

The monitor must be at an eye-level, neither too high nor too low. Ideally, the top edge of the monitor must be slightly below the eye level (at a point that is around 10 cm below the top edge of monitor). A too high or too low monitor position will cause neck injury.

Position monitor at arm’s length

Position your monitor at an arm’s length distance. However, if your computer screen is large, you can increase the distance more than an arm’s length. As a general rule, the viewing distance is 20 inches so that you can view the entire screen of the gaming monitor at once.

Avoid glare

Avoid putting the monitor at a place where the screen gets a glare which can cause eye strain. You can adjust the monitor slightly to avoid the risk of eye strain.

Position monitor in front

Position the monitor right in front of you in the center where you sit. This, along with the right monitor height, will help you in sitting upright and minimize the risk of lower back pain. However, if you have two monitors, you can make one the primary monitor to play your game and place the second monitor at a slight angle.

Enable adjustable height

Do not adjust your body position. Instead, invest in equipment that enables the adjustable height of monitor. For instance, you can get a monitor stand. You will never guess how much space you can save on your desk through a stand while providing you with the ideal monitor position.

You can also get an adjustable arm for monitors. It is good for ergonomics, particularly if you have a dual-display setup.

Final Remarks

You must maintain a neutral spine position when you sit in from of your gaming setup. Keep your feet flat. Adjust your armrests and chair angle for maximum lumbar support. It will prevent you from neck, back and shoulders pain. Finally, consider the abovementioned points for maintaining an ideal monitor height for gaming.

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