How do i enable cookies on my iphone or ipad

Cookies are small pieces of data stored in your web browser by websites you visit. They can store information like login credentials, user preferences, and browsing history. Cookies are essential for websites to remember what you were doing while navigating them and make sure that they display the right version of the website for you. As such, if you want your iPhone or iPad experience to be as smooth as possible, it helps to enable cookies in your device settings.

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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites send to your web browser when you visit them. They store information about your browsing activity, preferences, and login credentials so that the website can remember who you are and what you were doing when you last visited the site. This makes it easier for you to navigate around the website without having to start all over again every time.

Why Enable Cookies on iPhones and iPads?

Cookies enable websites to remember who you are and how you use them. This way, they can provide a better experience by displaying the correct version of their website for you. It also allows them to personalize their content based on your preferences. Enabling cookies on iPhones and iPads also help keep track of your login details so that you don't have to enter them every time you visit a website.

Where to Find the Privacy Settings Menu

To enable cookies on iPhones and iPads, first open up the Settings app by tapping it from your home screen. From there, tap on Safari, then scroll down until you find the Privacy & Security section. Here is where all of your privacy settings are stored.

How to Enable Cookies on

Once in the Privacy & Security section of Safari settings, make sure that Block All Cookies is turned off. This will allow cookies from any website that you visit to be stored in your browser. You can also choose between Always Allow or Allow from Websites I Visit if you want more control over which cookies are allowed in your browser.

How to Enable Cookies on iPad

On an iPad, follow the same steps as above but go into Safari settings instead of going into Settings app directly. Once there, scroll down until you find Content Blockers (under Advanced) and tap it. Then make sure that Block All Cookies is set as Never so that all websites can store their cookies in your web browser.

How to Clear Cookies and Website Data in Safari

If at any point your browsing experience is not running smoothly due to cookie accumulation in your browser, it is also possible for clear out all cookies and data stored by websites on your device. To do this, simply go back into the Privacy & Security section from earlier and tap Clear History and Website Data at the bottom of the page. This will delete all stored cookies from all sites visited in Safari since then last time this was done.

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What Else Can You Do To Manage Your Privacy Settings?

To further manage your privacy settings on iPhones and iPads, there are other options available such as limiting location access or blocking ads from or websites that track user activity without consenting. To do these things, simply go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services or Advertising respectively and adjust the settings accordingly according to your preferences.


Enabling cookies is an important step towards achieving a smoother browsing experience with fewer interruptions due to cookie accumulation in web browsers. Rolling out this feature across different devices will ensure a consistent experience with no surprises should users switch between devices while browsing online. It also gives users more control over what information gets stored by websites about them which helps protect their privacy even further

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