Handy Steps: How to Get Out of Superscript in Google Docs


A Brief Introduction about Google Docs

Google Docs is an effective and convenient cloud-based word processing solution brought to us by Google as part of their Google Drive service. This service allows us to create, edit, and store documents online, making sharing and collaboration easier than ever.

Definition of Superscript

The term ‘Superscript’ refers to a character, symbol or number set slightly above the normal typing line in a document. It’s a formatting tool commonly used in mathematical equations, citations, or to denote ordinal numbers like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

Importance of Understanding Superscript in Google Docs

Learning how to use the superscript feature in Google Docs can drastically improve your formatting skills, greatly benefiting your documents’ overall presentation and readability. It’s an important tool for students, professionals, or anyone who frequently uses word processors.

Understanding Superscript Feature in Google Docs

Explanation of the Superscript Feature in Google Docs

The superscript feature in Google Docs enables users to augment the standard text with smaller text placed slightly above it, known as a ‘superscript’. The tool is found under the Format menu > Text > Superscript.

Various Uses and Applications of Superscript in Google Docs

In Google Docs, superscript comes in handy for writing academic references, scientific notations, mathematical equations, footnote indicators, and more. It’s essential for correctly formatting certain data.

Steps to Activate/Apply Superscript in Google Docs

Using superscript in Google Docs is pretty straightforward. Simply highlight the text you wish to format, navigate to the Format menu > Text > Superscript. The selected text will then convert into superscript format.

How to Get Out of Superscript in Google Docs

Explanation of the Need and Reasons to Get Out of Superscript

Superscript formatting is not always necessary, and knowing how to deactivate it when you’ve finished using it is just as important as knowing how to activate it.

Detailed Step by Step Instructions on How to Get Out of Superscript

Using the Menu Option

Like enabling the superscript option, deselecting it is also just as simple. Highlight the superscript text, navigate to Format > Text > Superscript. This will deselect the option and revert the text back to normal.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

In Google Docs, the keyboard shortcut for superscript is Ctrl + .(period). You can use this shortcut to both activate and deactivate the superscript function.

Using the Format Option

Another way to exit the superscript mode is by using the ‘Clear formatting’ function. This can be found in Format > Clear formatting. This will revert your superscripted text back to its normal state.

Tips and Tricks on Navigating Google Docs

Additional Advice on Using Google Docs More Effectively

Utilizing features such as ‘Suggestion Mode’ can streamline collaboration with others, while tools like ‘Voice Typing’ can help boost productivity. Similarly, mastering keyboard shortcuts can greatly improve your writing speed.

Highlight of Other Useful Features in Google Docs

Google Docs also offers features such as strike-through, subscripts, and a large variety of text styles, colours, and fonts that will help you create impressive and effective documents.

Potential Issues and Their Solutions

Common Issues While Trying to Deactivate Superscript

Issues encountered while trying to deactivate superscript can range from accidental activation, due to keyboard shortcuts, to finding the superscript option greyed out.

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Solutions and Remedies to These Common Problems

If you’re having issues deactivating superscript, it’s essential to double-check if the correct text is highlighted. Should the option be greyed out, try refreshing Google Docs or sign out and sign in again.

Contact Details for the Google Support Team

For further assistance, Google Support is available at the Google Support website or by telephone at 1-866-2-Google.


Getting out of superscript and understanding its functionality in Google Docs is valuable for creating professional and formatted documents. Other features alongside superscript can also enhance your overall Google Docs experience. Keep exploring and learning these tools and make the most out of Google Docs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of the superscript function in Google Docs?

Superscript aids in creating professional, well-formatted documents especially in scientific and academic writing.

Apart from the listed methods, are there other ways to exit superscript in Google Docs?

The methods stated in this article are the recommended ways provided by Google. Other methods might not be recognized universally.

Is the process of getting out of superscript the same in different Google Docs versions?

Yes, the process of getting out of superscript remains the same across all versions of Google Docs.

What do I do if I can’t deactivate superscript in Google Docs?

Try refreshing Google Docs page or log out and log back in. If issues persist, consider contacting Google Docs support for assistance.

How can I avoid accidentally turning on superscript in Google Docs?

By learning and being mindful of the keyboard shortcuts, you can avoid accidentally activating the superscript mode.

Is superscript available in other languages on Google Docs?

Yes, superscript is available in all languages supported by Google Docs.

Can I get assistance from Google Support in case of issues with using superscript?

Yes, you can contact Google Support for any issues or queries related to the use of Google Docs features including superscript.

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