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green screen for streaming

best green screen for streamingMany people enjoy gaming and find that they could make their own streams. Steamers like this want the best green screens, and it's important to find the right option for your needs.

We're going to talk about what a green screen is and how it's beneficial to you.

Plus, we discuss how to use it and other important features. One thing you are sure to need is a collapsible frame. Streamers should be able to take the green screen kit with them and provide quality work wherever they go. This may mean that you search high and low, but you can find a green screen that meets all of your needs. If it is collapsible, this just indicates that you can go anywhere you want with the set.

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What Is a Green Screen?

A green screen is just a large screened area. It often comes with a stand so that you can set it up anywhere in your home or studio. With it, you can add any background you want by removing the current one, using the right lighting, and having the right .

The green fabric screen is often used for , in the studio, and to go live. Typically, it comes as a kit with the right items to help you with live , create a , and much more. You use it with various software, such as the Elgato software, OBS, and others. Streamers find that it has a lot of uses. Though there are a few cons with a green screen, the pros often outweigh them.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Green Screen?

There are many pros of using a green fabric screen. Most digital cameras can capture more data on the green channel. This is a pro because you get a clean key around the subject. There are also fewer noise issues. Green screens typically require less light, making them great for streamers on a budget. These are just a few of the pros for using a green fabric screen. Other pros include:

  • Green is brighter, making daytime scenes easier to create.
  • The person or item has a more natural appearance.
  • They can be used with OBS and other software.
  • Various digital keying tools use green as the default (OBS, Elgato, Chroma key, etc.) This speeds up post-production workflows.

Though there are many benefits of a green screen, there are a few cons. It's important to know about the cons so that you can be aware of them when it comes to setting up and hosting your live stream in the studio. The biggest issue people have is the color spill. Since green is brighter than a blue color, it's going to bounce back with more light. This light has a green tint to it. Sometimes, it's harder to remove that in post-production. Also, green screens aren't ideal if you're working on a dark scene or it's nighttime. The video can be created, but the subjects are going to be unnecessarily bright because of all the reflected light. You must go frame by frame to fix the lighting issues. If you hope to live stream, this may not be the right choice. However, even with those cons, most people like green screens for gaming and other purposes.

Do I Need a Green Screen for Streaming on Twitch?

You don't necessarily require a green screen for live streaming on Twitch. Streaming can happen anywhere, but it usually requires a kit or complete set of equipment. This includes a camera, webcam, and fabric backdrop (green screen). However, most people like to use a green fabric screen setup because it upgrades the streaming experience. You may also need OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio, which can be downloaded to your computer.

How to Set-up a Green Screen for Streaming

Chroma keying has become very popular (and we discuss this a bit later). It works with many applications for live streaming needs and offers various video effects. Most live streaming software includes the Chroma green keying feature, and you can use it with OBS Studio, too.

You're going to need to download OBS, have the right lighting, have a video camera or webcam, and a solid green background. Many streamers prefer one with a pneumatic X-frame and support stand because it is easy to use and is going to be wrinkle-free every time.

Clearly, you want an affordable price for all of the equipment you use. OBS is free, but you should consider a webcam and green screen within your price range. Just make sure it is high-quality. Sometimes, you can get a kit with all the things you need for the set.

Stage Setup

You've got to plan your shoot when live streaming. Is the video camera going to stay stationary, or do you have to move it? Once you've figured out the shot, calculate how much green screen you require. Allow for a little extra green screen around your subject so that they don't get clipped out of your chroma green area.

It's also important to consider lighting. Professionals shoots require three lighting types:

  • Fill light
  • Key light
  • Back light

You also need enough distance between the collapsible green screen and the subject. If they are too close to your green screen, there's going to be a shadow.

OBS Setup

Since you want a professional-quality video or stream, you need to setup the lighting and green screen correctly. Now, you need to chroma key everything, which is often quite simple when using the best green screens.

  1. Open OBS and add the video source.
  2. Right-click ‘video source' to select ‘filter.'
  3. Click the ‘+' under ‘Effects Filters' and choose ‘Chroma Key.'
  4. Create a name for this layer or effect.
  5. When adding the chroma key, OBS automatically generates baseline settings. You can fine-tune them to meet your specific needs.

Now that you're satisfied with the chroma key settings do a run-through of the shoot. If there has to be movement, double-check each position the subject has to be in to know that the chroma key settings are ideal for the entire live streaming shoot.

It's important to add the background layers now. Make sure they stay below the chroma key layer for the best results.

Live streaming can seem hard when utilizing a green screen, but it's quite easy to do. The best green screens have everything you need in an easy-to-use kit.

Extra tips for this process include:

  • When you chroma key live, it uses a lot of CPU power. Make sure your computer has what it takes.
  • Don't use green for the clothing or other parts, and ensure that no reflective materials are used. Even the best green screen for streaming isn't going to work right when the subject has these things working against them.

What Is Chroma Keying and How Does It Work?

Chroma keying is sometimes called blue screening. The subject stands in front of a blue/green screen and acts out a scene all by themselves. Camera operators can slip a background in behind them, making it look like the person is climbing, jumping, and doing other things that just aren't possible in real life (or because of budget concerns).

Many cameras already offer the chroma key feature, so you can make action scenes and shots at home. However, it does take a lot of effort to get it to look right. You've got to key colors correctly to avoid ‘bleeding,' and this can be time-consuming.

It's important to know a few things about chroma keying first. For example, you need some foreground footage. This is the subject and the screen. You also require background footage, which is the scenery you're replacing on the green screen.

The green screen has to be lit evenly so that the same colors are shown all along it. If you don't have enough light, shadows can cause problems for the chroma key process. Also, you've got to be aware of the foreground subject lighting. You're going to need two separate light sets, but the subject should be far enough away from the green screen that each type of lighting doesn't interfere with the other.

Once your subject is lit properly, and the background colors are keyed successfully, it's time to add your background scene. With these two things placed together, the green screen transports the subject from a green screen to anywhere in the world (or beyond). Your imagination is the only hindrance here.

What Programs Can You Use a Green Screen With?

There are seemingly endless programs that you can use your green screen with, which means you're not limited as to what you can create. Options can include:

  • OBS Studio (Linux, , )
  • OpenShot (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • DaVinci Resolve 15 (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • HitFilm Express (Windows, Mac)

All of the ones listed above are free to utilize. That way, you can create frame after frame without having to spend any money. If you're new to the gaming world and streaming, this is a great feature for you. You may like them so much that you continue using them, even as you turn professional and create high-quality works of art.

Best Green Screen for Streaming Reviews

Elgato Green Screen – Best Greenscreen for Streaming

The Elgato Green Screen* is the best green screen for streaming and gaming purposes. You're going to appreciate that this kit comes with everything you need to start. We like the collapsible version best, and you can get it with the key panel and webcam included. This set has everything you require and gives you the quality workmanship that you need in your gaming lifestyle.

Specs & Details

  • 20.5 pounds
  • 5 x 9 x 7 abilities
  • Green fabric
  • Kit available
  • Stand included
  • Easy to set up
  • Collapsible frame
  • Large enough for all needs


If you want to use a green screen, it's likely that you're going to want a support stand. This product comes with a stand, making it easy to create the right backdrop, regardless of the size you need.

We like that the stand is made of durable materials, which means streamers can be a little rough with it and still get the quality they require. The backdrop is wrinkle-resistant, which ensures a wrinkle-free setup each time. It's quick and easy to set up, and you can choose between a green or blue backdrop for your streaming needs.

You're going to like the carrying case because it allows for easy storage of the backdrop. Streaming is now effortless with this green screen. Since it does come with a stand, we made sure that the stand fits in the carrying case, too. Your backdrop is going to look great, regardless of what you choose to do with the green screen.

Plus, it is collapsible, making it easy to take apart and put together. One thing streamers prefer is to have a fabric that is simple to set up. You're going to appreciate the quality of this kit because the fabric is made using Dacron by DuPont. This guarantees that you get a clean key.

What's Included

Within the kit, you get:

  • One fabric green screen
  • One stand
  • One frame for the stand
  • Chroma key panel

How to Use It

Using a green fabric screen is easy. With the Elgato brand, you're going to have to use chroma keying. The chromakey green screen requires the Elgato Game Capture Software. This lets you add the chromakey green screen features to your webcam, which allows you to remove the background when utilizing green screens for steaming.

First, you need a chromakey green backdrop for the feature to work. You've got many options available, but it's best to utilize a solid color. Most people prefer the green muslin backdrop, but blue is another option. Remember, green is the most recommended color.

Make sure that you pay attention to the colors of the background objects. If they're the same color as the muslin backdrop, it could be keyed, too. Therefore, if you choose the green muslin backdrop, you shouldn't wear green clothes, have greenery in the background, etc.

Chroma keying your webcam with the Elgato Software requires these steps:

  1. Pick the scene you want to edit in the Stream Command and choose ‘Edit Scene.'
  2. Click on the ‘Add' button.
  3. Choose the right webcam.
  4. Click ‘Remove Background' once the webcam is in the scene.
  5. Check ‘Enable Green Screen.'
  6. Select ‘Pick Color.'
  7. Utilize the color picking tool to choose the background colors to remove.
  8. Adjust your tolerance slider until you're satisfied with it.
  9. Click on ‘Save Scene.'

To chromakey green screens for streaming, you have to do that with every scene.


How Tall Is the Elgato Green Screen?

The green screen from Elgato is 70.87 inches tall when it is fully extended, and it is 58.27 inches wide.

Is the Elgato Green Screen Suitable?

With Elgato, it's more convenient to utilize green screens with your streams. In the past, green screens were overly involved and cumbersome, but this one is easy to use, lightweight, and suitable for all types of streaming.

How Do You Clean an Elgato Green Screen?

The Elgato green screen is made with 100 percent polyester fabric. Close the screen when it isn't being used to prevent it from getting damaged or dirty. Wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth and let it air dry before closing it.

What Are Some Tips for Using the Chromakey Green Screen?
  • Utilize a well-lit environment for your green screens. Consider using lights that cover the space evenly and don't just focus on a single or small area.
  • Make sure the green screens for streaming are as smooth as they can be. Iron out the big creases or add weights at the material's bottom to minimize clumping and hold it down. Since the Elgato screen for streaming is wrinkle-resistant, you're sure to find that it's wrinkle-free when you go to use it.
  • Leave plenty of room between the material and yourself. We recommend having 3 to 6 feet behind you for the best results. If you're too far away or too close, lighting is harder to get right.
  • Decide beforehand on the screen's color. The Elgato screen comes in green and blue backdrop setups.


When it comes to choosing a top-quality green screen, there are many options. We feel that the Elgato brand is the best because it comes with an easy-to-setup stand. It's actually a kit that includes the backdrop, stand, and everything else you require.

With it, you can choose a blue or green backdrop, making it ideal for various situations. This means you can stream almost anywhere, though most people do so in their homes.

Everyone who streams wants a green screen, and the Elgato brand has everything you require. This means that you can set up the screen to have the subject do anything you can imagine. With the screen, you have full control and can create various scenes and exciting action from the comfort of your home.

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