Diving Into The Fantasy Gaming Genre? 3 Tips To Help You Find The Right Games For You

The fantasy genre is rich with amazing experiences and some of the biggest titles in games. It can be really hard to know where to start if you are new to this type of gaming. Here are three top tips to make your start in one of gaming's biggest and best genres.

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Story Or Action?

Most fantasy games offer both of these, but the balance is usually weighted in one direction. Big titles like the Final Fantasy series give you plenty of both, but are narrative-heavy. If you fancy hacking and slashing more than sitting through hours of scripted full-motion video that explains their often complex storylines, perhaps you should start with something a bit more fighting based.

The Baldur's Gate series is perhaps a better choice if you want to run through dungeons and slay demons. The second game in the series has recently been refreshed for console and PC, and the long-awaited third installment is slated for release in the summer of 2023. This is perhaps the best entry title for gamers who want a taste of fantasy without diving too deep into a storyline.

Whichever fantasy title you choose, the challenges are going to be similar. One of the biggest holdups for new fantasy gamers is naming your characters, weapons, and armor if you have the option. Do not worry if you lack inspiration, as always the is here to help. You can use this fantasy name generator that can give you a long list of cool names to use for characters, swords, horses, and pretty much anything else.

Online Or Single Player?

This is another important choice. Some of the best fantasy games are solitary affairs, as you slowly work your way through the storyline and build up your character's stats. Many of the big titles now operate online.

The Elder Scrolls series, which includes record-breaking fantasy game successes like Morrowind and Skyrim, now has an Elder Scrolls Online game that is one of the most successful fantasy titles of recent years. With a game like this, you can join random players or your friends and work on quests together. This can be a great way to introduce yourself to fantasy titles with some backup.

Old School Or New School

Many dedicated fantasy game players and RPG fans look at the titles of the past and get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The games of the old days often had to use unique and interesting mechanics and storylines to squeeze as much as they could from the limited amount of space on a cartridge or CD-Rom.

If you want to make a start in fantasy gaming, going old school should definitely be a consideration. The original Final Fantasy titles on the Super Nintendo are a great entry into the genre. Action, character development, and story all combine beautifully in the fifth and sixth titles of the series. Going retro to get started is the perfect way to get to know the mechanics of fantasy gaming.

Don't be intimidated by the fantasy genre. Use these three top tips to find your first title and dive in. This is one of the biggest and best video game genres, and the only thing you should fear is losing hours upon hours of your life to a wonderful fantasy world and its amazing and interesting characters.

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