Did you know? How many keys are on a keyboard

While the number of keys varies, most desktop computer keyboards have 104 alphabetic and numeric keys, unless you’re using a 60 percent keyboard.

But let’s look at the key on a typical PC keyboard in detail.

How many rows of keys

A standard computer keyboard has six rows. Three rows belong to alphabets, while the top row is the function keys row.

How many alphabetic keys

There are 26 English letters, so there are 26 alphabetic keys in total.

How many number keys

The top row of the keyboard has ten number keys ( from 1 to 0). If there is a numeric keypad on the keyboard, there are twenty number keys.

How many symbols

A QWERTY keyboard has 40 symbols on 28 keys, as some keys have two symbols.

How many function keys

There are 12 function keys on a traditional keyboard (F1- F12), while specialized PC keyboards may have 24 function keys (F1- F24)

As for the Apple desktop computer keyboards, there are 19 function keys (F1 – F19)

How many arrow keys

There are four arrow keys on the keyboard. If there is a number pad on the PC keyboard, there are eight arrow keys in total.

How many keys on the numeric keypad

There are 17 keys on pc keyboards number pad for most desktop computer keyboards, while there are 18 keys on Apple keyboards.

As for laptop keyboards, a numeric keypad is usually present if the screen size is 15 inches or more. However, the numeric keypad is not present on a smaller keyboard.

Some PCs also use an external USB numeric keypad. The number of keys varies on an external USB numeric keypad.

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