Complete Guide on How to Gameshare on PS4: A Step by Step Tutorial


If you're a PlayStation 4 (PS4) user, you're probably familiar with the idea of purchasing and downloading games from the PlayStation Store. But did you know that you can share these games with a friend? Welcome to the world of Gameshare. This smart feature allows PS4 users to share their digital game library with a friend, effectively doubling the entertainment for both parties involved.

Gameshare maximizes your PS4's potential by unlocking a world of possibilities. The process, though seemingly complex, is straightforward once you get the hang of it. On top of that, the benefits of Gamesharing on PS4 are indeed remarkable. So, if you're ready to dive into the world of game sharing, strap yourself in, and let's get started.

Basic requirements for Gamesharing on PS4

Before we jump into the step-wise instructions, ensure you have the basic requirements at hand. Begin with installing the necessary versions for both PS4 units involved. An active connection is a must for Gameshare. And of course, you require the PS4 console itself.

Step-by-step process for Gamesharing on PS4

Preparation before Gamesharing begins

Before you begin, understand the rules and guidelines set by Sony. Make sure both you and your friend have set up user accounts on your individual PS4s. Once that's sorted, you're ready to dive into Gameshare.

Detailed steps involved in Gamesharing on PS4

The process begins by logging in to the account whose games you wish to share. Navigate to the settings menu and set this account as your primary PS4. You will then need to provide your friend with your account credentials so they can log into your account on their console.

Once your friend has logged into your account on their PS4, navigate them to the settings to activate your account as their primary PS4. After this is done, sign out of your account, and let your friend log in.

Checking whether Gamesharing is successful

Sign back in on your console and check your game library. If the Gameshare worked successfully, you should be able to see your friend's games in your library.

Reasons why Gamesharing may not work on PS4

Sometimes, the Gameshare process might hit a snag for various reasons including PS4's Gameshare limitations, incorrect procedure followed, inactive PlayStation Network (PSN) subscriptions, the two PS4s not being on the same version, or issues with the internet connection.

tips for Gamesharing on PS4

Among the common hurdles are password and privacy settings issues, various PSN account issues, and various hardware and software issues. A reset of privacy settings, signing out and signing back in, or checking your internet connection might just save the day.

Potential risks of Gamesharing on PS4

Beware, as Gameshare isn't without its risks. Account security is a significant concern as you'll be sharing your account details. Moreover, game sharing could potentially violate Sony's Terms of Service, and in worst-case scenarios, you might lose access to your games.


Despite some potential risks, the pros of Gamesharing on PS4 indeed outshine the cons. Should you decide to give it a go, simply remember the step-by-step process outlined above. After all, why not maximize your PS4 gaming experience by sharing your game library with a friend?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gamesharing on PS4 legal?

Though game sharing might seem to skirt around the rules, it is indeed legal. However, it's essential always to respect Sony's Terms of Service.

How often can one change their primary PS4 devices?

As per Sony's rules, you can only deactivate and change your primary PS4 once every six months.

Does gamesharing work on all PS4 games?

Yes, Gamesharing works with all digital games bought from the PlayStation Store.

Does gamesharing affect gameplay or performance?

No, Gamesharing does not impact gameplay or performance.

Is gamesharing limited to two PS4 consoles only?

Yes, Gameshare is limited to sharing between two PS4 consoles.

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