Best Smart Door Locks (2022)

Best Smart Door Locks (2022) 1It’s 2020, and everything is digitized from our banking, our social life and our very own four walls. Aside from the usual smart gadgets that can improve your home (Echo Dot,  Refrigerator Gadgets et al.), there has been a recent hype around so called “smart locks”.

Smart locks are keyless digital locks that keep your home safe utilizing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology in order to provide you with real-time safety alerts and access to your home without needing a physical key. They are perfect for the wary homeowner who wants to know what is going on around their home remotely. Utilizing Smart Lock technology, one is able to lock their home remotely, receive alerts when someone is at their door and more, all using smart technology to provide updates directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android). And it’s not too far fetched to think, that smart locks might be the next big thing that will be integrated into new homes, apartments and building in the next decade.

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How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart Locks utilize your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to provide real-time, digital updates to homeowners. With most smart locks, you will be granted access to an app for your iPhone or Android Phone, which you can use to lock, unlock and monitor activity around your home. Most of the time, your existing lock won’t have to be altered, so you still have the option to use your physical keys, if needed.

So, if you lost your keys or simply forgot them inside, you can use your phone to unlock your door, saving your potentially hundreds of dollars for a door repair service.

In addition to being simply awesome and very convenient, these smart lock systems are highly encoded and very secure. Homeowners utilize cryptographic keys in order to keep their security systems from being compromised by external parties.

Why Choose a Smart Lock Over a Traditional Lock?

A smart door lock provides users with an added sense of security by keeping them updated on what is happening around their home when they are not there. What’s more, smart lock users are free from worrying about losing their keys or forgetting to lock up. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your home, you likely know the benefit of going keyless. It’s incredible.

Likewise, many have found themselves in scenarios in which they may have forgotten to lock up behind them. Parents and those living in areas where they are unsure of their neighbors cannot undervalue the peace of mind this type of security provides.

If you’ve ever had a package disappear, you’d likely think a detailed breakdown of front door activity may have come in handy.

Can I use a smart lock on my door?

Most of the good smart lock will be an attachment to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your main door. Your existing lock will not be altered, allowing you to still use your keys, if you wanted to.

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So it’s basically an enhancement allowing you to go keyless.

Keep in mind, that your door should be properly aligned and your deadbolt should move smoothly, otherwise there might be some complications with the smart lock. But judging by the reviews and the vast positive feedback for smart locks it should work fine on most doors.

What is the Best Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a great idea for your home, but where to start? The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect* likely has the functionality that will best suit your home security needs.

August, the leading smart lock brand of 2020, this smart door lock has a wide range of functionality. For more in-depth information, keep reading our August Smart Lock Pro review. We consider this to be one of the best smart locks, and for good reason. For the price, this is one of the best keyless door lockwireless door lock purchases you can make.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind, and purchasing one of the best smart locks on the market can help you with this.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect – Review

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August Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Bundle,...

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Specs and Details

This smart home door lock connects over Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi utilizing a bridge that connects to your standard outlets, requires 110-240 volts, and comes with 4 AA alkaline batteries, making it ready for use upon purchase. Neat, huh? To pair it with your smart device, you’ll need to be running iOS 9.0 or higher on your iPhone, or Android 5.0 or higher.

This smart door lock comes with a lock adapter and mounting hardware and easily adapts itself to most entryways with a cylinder deadbolt. You’ll need a Philips head screwdriver to physically install the lock, otherwise, it will be good to go and ready for use relatively quickly.

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How Does the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Work?

The August Pro Smart Lock utilizes Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption for their locking mechanisms. It works with most newer phones (iOs / Android) that support Bluetooth 4.0.

Another one of their main features it the so called “DoorSense” technology. DoorSense is a feature that notifies you about the status of your lock: Locked/Unlocked.

Furthermore, their Auto-Lock features allows the door to lock (and unlock) automatically when you leave or arrive, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your door is locked, but allowing you to be able to double-check if you feel any initial anxiety.

Using the lock is super simple, too. After installing the lock on your door, you simply download the app on your smartphone and are instantly able to monitor activity around the door comprehensively 24/7, receive notifications and of course lock and unlock your door right from your phone. The app provides real-time updates right down to inform all users who is coming and going and at what time, down to the minute. In addition, you can grant guests keys digitally and control how long the keys are able to function. Have someone coming over to water your plants? Grant them access for the weekend without worrying about having any duplicate keys floating around.

What is the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge?

This device is the lifeblood of your August Smart Lock. The August Connect acts as a bridge between the august servers and your smart lock. Subsequently, it allows you complete remote access to your door, even when you’re not at home. This can be very useful if you’re on vacation and need to let someone into your house (for whatever reasons). The Connect Wi-Fi Bridge makes it possible and closes the gap between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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You simply plug it into an outlet near your door (15 feet within range of where you installed the smart lock) allowing it to control your smart look utilizing your Wi-Fi connection (uit supports 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi). Please keep in mind, that you should always use one Connect Bridge per smart lock.

Lastly, the bridge allows seamingless integration with other smart home apps, such as Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart home apps. Allowing you to digitalize things to the maximum.

How to Install the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The AUgust Smart Lock Pro works for almos all single-cylinder deadbolt doors. Keep this in mind, please. If you don’t have a single cylinder deadbolt, then the August smart lock won’t work for your door. But if you (as most of us do), then it’ll be a smooth sailing.

As we hope to provide a comprehensive August Smart Lock Pro review for those in search of the best smart locks, let’s take an in-depth look into the installation process for those searching for the best keyless door locks. A full overview of the installation (incl. images) can be found on the August website – so we’ll keep it short and straight to the point.

Your device will come with AA batteries to keep it running, a mounting plate, 3 adapters, and an adhesive strip. The strips work to keep the backside of your lock in place while you use a screwdriver to remove your preexisting deadbolt latch. Replace this with the mounting plate provided and add the adapter. Attach your August door lock, remove the batteries, and replace the faceplate. Voila! You’ve successfully completed the physical installation process for one of the best smart locks for your home.

Next, in order to achieve the functionality the best keyless door locks provide, you’ll need to connect to your device digitally. Start by setting up DoorSense and the August Home app in order to set up your lock digitally. Create an account and fill in the necessary information, and you will be ready to use your digital lock! Finish by setting up your August Connect (see above) and voila! You’re done – 15-20 Minutes, tops!

How Secure is the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect?

Smart locks like August’s are inherently safe, eliminating the chance of stolen or lost keys or the chance that an intruder could come and go without your knowledge. Using two layer encryption and two factor authentifaction (for all their apps) ensures the utmost security for your smart lock. Obviously it is recommended to use unique passwords for their smart locks and change them frequently. User error or carelessness is one of the largest perils for smart locks, but otherwise, they are inherently secure, utilizing two layer encryption designed to keep their users safe and rival other locks claiming to be the best smart lock.

What Does the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Work With?

These are called smart locks for a reason. The devices are compatible with Siri and most Apple devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, iPad, and more. Google Assistant is also compatible with this August door lock. As with many of the best keyless door lockwireless door lock devices, this August device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

August devices are truly versatile and for good reason. For a device to take the lead in the war of smart lock devices, it has to be entirely dependable and convenient to use. Utilizing the Wi-Fi Bridge, users can control their devices with voice commands, allowing users to feel they have truly entered into the age of the smart home.

What if I lose my phone?

If you lost your phone, or your battery died, you always have the option to use your physical keys to get into your home.

Another option would be to use your laptop, or a friend’s phone to log into your account and unlock your door from there.

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A third option would be to buy the August Keypad and install it as a separate solution to unlock your doors without physical keys.

You see, the options are quite far-spread. So there’s no need to worry about being locked outside your home.

If your phone is stolen, on the other hand, you should refer to this site.

3 Final Reasons Why You Should Invest into One of the Best Keyless Door Locks

This August Door Lock Partners With Most Home Security Options

A smart lock is just one aspect of keeping your home secure. If you’re also interested in maintaining a front door camera or digital home alarm system, the smart lock will not interfere with these systems.

In fact, they interact well together, allowing you more peace of mind than you may otherwise be able to afford.

The August Smart Lock 3rd Generation is Compatible with the August Keypad

If you’ve also purchased the August brand keypad, you’ll be able to give guests and frequent visitors their own code to get into your abode. Congratulations, you now have one of the best keyless door locks installed in your home. This code is unique to each guest, meaning you’ll still be able to see who is coming and going from your home and when.

Auto-Unlock Makes This the Best Smart Lock

This feature is truly impressive. You can set your August Smart Lock 3rd Generation to auto-unlock when it senses that you are nearby. The lock will automatically unlock when you are within 15 feet of your door and automatically re-lock once you’re inside.

Those looking for convenience should look no further; it really doesn’t get any easier than this. Utilizing DoorSense technology, the lock will alert you if you’ve left the door ajar, meaning you’ve now eliminated a serious yet inconvenient hassle from your daily worries. We consider this to be the best keyless door lockwireless door lock because of this hassle-free nature, and, through perusing other smart lock reviews, it is clear industry experts agree.

Conclusion: The August Pro + Connect  is One of the Best Keyless Door Locks on the Market

This connectivity is especially useful to those renting out their property or leaving on vacation. As specified in many an August Smart Lock Pro review and general smart lock reviews, if you’re using your property as an Airbnb, utilizing a smart lock is one of the best choices you can make. Give guests digital access to keys for a week or weekend at a time, and then digitally revoke them without hassle, making this one of the best smart locks you can buy, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect.

Likewise, you’ll be able to leave your home with peace of mind utilizing this August door lock. No longer will you have to worry about creating the illusion of being home. Instead, go on vacation and take a little piece of home with you.

Many search smart lock reviews in order to determine what the best smart lock available to purchase today is. A smart home door lock is not a purchase to be made lightly, as you are likely putting you and your family’s safety on the line. Reading through smart lock reviews is one way to make sure you’re getting the required information before making a purchase. We are confident that this smart home door lock is one of, if not the best keyless door lockwireless door lock on the market.

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August Home ASL-03, AC-R1 Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Bundle,...

Last update was on: January 28, 2023 1:28 am
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