Arlo vs Ring Cameras – Who’s winning?

Living in a safe and secure neighborhood will not provide enough home security, so it is always recommended to have an efficient home security system.

A big part of home security systems are the cameras as they have to be able to capture distinguishable images in any lighting.

Various factors contribute to the quality and efficiency of a home security system, but the most important aspect are the security cameras. Most households will equip video doorbells, also known as doorbell cameras, that capture video footage of anybody at your door.

However, a doorbell camera is not enough, and it is best to equip indoor and outdoor cameras. You can find many options to choose from that come with necessary security features such as an alarm system, motion detectors, and cloud storage to store video recordings.

There are countless options in the home security market, and it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right security camera. However, today we will compare the two best security cameras: Arlo Pro 3* vs. Ring spotlight cam*.

Both Arlo and Ring offer a great range of home security system components, but you can have an almost complete home security system with just their spotlight cameras.

In this article, we will dive into all the aspects that make Arlo and Ring cameras as good as they are, and you will be able to compare one camera to the other before buying one. Without further ado, let’s help you find out which camera can provide you with professional monitoring and give you some peace of mind against all potential dangers.

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Arlo vs. Ring: Common Features

They are both spotlight cameras, equipped with an integrated spotlight. The spotlight can be turned on manually or set to automatic if your circumstances require you to. The spotlight is located above the Arlo Pro 3’s lens, and the Ring camera has two strips on the front edges that emit a bright white light.

Both Arlo and Ring cameras offer two-way audio, with good quality, which allows you to hear what’s happening on the other side and communicate as well. It also helps that both cameras come with sirens. Sirens are a great feature to have in your home security systems because it adds a deterring feature that will often save you from any potential break-ins and dangerous situations.

They are also wireless security cameras, which saves you the hassle of dealing with wires that other cameras come with. Even though they are both battery-powered, you can opt to keep the Ring spotlight camera wired to prevent the battery from draining completely. The Arlo Pro 3 has a magnetic charging port that you can easily clip the camera on to recharge. Regardless, both cameras have long battery life, and recharging will not be a common problem.

You will also appreciate that they are both weather-resistant and can withstand most weather conditions easily. be it rain or snow, you will not have to face any issues in performance. Except for the expected degradation over time, but even that will take at least a handful of years.

Arlo vs. Ring: Different Features

Now we get on with the most important thing: the different features that set them apart from one another.

Firstly, the appearance of both cameras is sleek and simple, but the ring spotlight camera is boxy, whereas the Arlo Pro 3 is more oval and unique looking. Their weight is almost the same, but the Arlo Pro 3 is no more than 5 grams heavier. It does have smaller dimensions than the Ring Spotlight camera, so if you need something discreet that is not immediately noticeable, the Arlo Pro 3 is for you.



Both cameras offer great resolutions, but the Arlo Pro 3 wins against the Ring Spotlight camera because its maximum resolution goes up to 2K + HDR. However, the ring spotlight camera is no loser in this regard, and its resolution maximizes at 1080p, which is still very impressive for a security camera.

When it comes to the field of view, the Arlo Pro 3 offers 160 degrees wide field of vision, but the ring spotlight camera doesn’t fall too short either. The ring camera gives you a 140 degrees field of vision which is not a stark difference, to begin with. Arlo Pro 3 also has color night vision, which can be extremely useful if the spotlight does not turn on for any reason. On the other hand, the ring spotlight camera has the usual black and white night vision camera, but it can go back to color when the spotlight is turned on.

Arlo Pro 3 also offers noise cancellation, which does a great job of canceling ambient noise. It comes in handy when you need to speak to someone on the other side of the door, but there’s a lot of noise outside due to traffic, construction, etc. the Ring Spotlight camera does not have noise cancellation, but the audio quality is still pretty great. Unfortunately, the ring camera is comparatively louder, which can cause a harsh sound output quality when you playback footage.

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But one thing that the Arlo Pro 3 lacks is theft protection guarantee. The ring spotlight camera comes with theft protection, which guarantees to replace your camera if it gets stolen within a given period.

Arlo vs. Ring: Apps & Monitoring

The Ring spotlight camera uses the same Android and iOS mobile app as many other ring video doorbell cameras and floodlight cameras. It is a well-developed app with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

On the Ring mobile app dashboard, you will find controls for motion and alarm settings. You can also check your camera’s battery life and use the Live View feature to stream your security footage live. The app also allows you to use two-way audio, mute sounds, share clips with other people, end live streaming, control the spotlight and many more. The app is impressive and allows you to gain complete home security system control.

Arlo’s mobile app is also very advanced and makes device usability and smart home security systems convenient. It is available for Android and iOS smartphones and desktop web browsers. You can control all sorts of features such as motion sensors, spotlights, alarm systems and connect them to other home security devices.

All in all, both mobile apps offer great control and allow home monitoring to be easier than ever. You can also access video storage and start or stop video recordings whenever you like. The app gives you full access to all the smart features and makes them great outdoor security cameras for your home.

Arlo vs. Ring: Smart Home Integration

Both Arlo Pro 3 and Ring spotlight cam is compatible with multiple smart home devices. You can connect Arlo Pro 3 to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. The Ring is also compatible with more or less the same smart home devices, but it also offers WWR (works with Ring). WWR is a feature on the Ring mobile app that allows the camera to integrate with smart home systems. And obviously it perfectly integrates with the Ring Doorbell* or other Ring products.

Arlo vs. Ring: Costs & Fees

Both cameras are quite affordable and readily available on Amazon:

The Arlo Pro 3 is most affordable if you opt for at least 2 cameras.

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Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera - 2 Camera Security System - Wireless,...

& Free shipping
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Ring is available as a ‘wired’, ‘battery’ and even ‘solar’ operated version.

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Ring Spotlight Cam Wired: Plugged-in HD security camera with built-in spotlights, two-way...

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Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and...

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Ring Spotlight Cam Solar (White)

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Both offer their subscriptions, though, and that might cost you a little more to continue using and accessing all the features the apps offer. Ring offers the Ring protect subscription, whereas Arlo offers Arlo Smart.

The best part about Arlo Smart is that you get the first 3 months free. You can test out the devices and enjoy the premium subscription accessibility before deciding to pay for them.

Quick FAQ

Who owns Arlo?

Netgear owns Arlo Technologies, founded in 2014 as a Division of Netgear. As of 2018, Arlo Technologies distributed its stocks shares and became an independent company. Its headquarters are located in San Jose, California, USA.

Netgear specializes in producing Surveillance cameras and devices. They are one of the biggest companies in the home security market and are one of the biggest home surveillance system devices providers.

Who owns Ring?

Amazon currently owns Ring. Hence, it is the best compatible with the Amazon smart home system Alexa. However, Jamie Siminoff is the founder and CEO of Ring LLC.

Earlier in its days, Ring was first featured on Shark Tank and quickly gained attention and investment by 2018. However, Amazon bought Ring for $839 million. It is one of the biggest home surveillance producers and manufacturers today, and its success speaks for the product quality they provide.


It is safe to say that both Arlo and Ring spotlight cameras are great. They offer excellent mobile apps to go with the cameras, allowing you to access night vision, motion detection, alarm system, integration, live video feed, and more.

Ring Protect is a great deal because you can test out the ring system and ring devices with all of the app’s smart features for a decent fee. However, Arlo Smart might be a better steal because you can test out Arlo security cameras and all their features for free for 3 months. Arlo cameras, overall, are a convincing selling point themselves.

Simply put, Ring and Arlo both have a lot to offer, and it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. The debate between Ring vs. Arlo sees almost no end because they are both that good.

We hope you found this article useful, and you can now pick a side between Ring and Arlo security cameras.

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