A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn Off Gyro on Steam Deck


The gaming world recently received a significant shakeup with the introduction of Valve’s Steam Deck, a highly competent handheld gaming device. One of its unique features includes its built-in gyroscopic control, supplementing traditional controls for a more immersive gaming experience. However, this feature may not be beneficial or preferred by all players. In this article, we discuss the usefulness of the gyroscopic feature, when and why you might consider disabling it, and a detailed guide on how to turn off the gyro on the Steam Deck.

Understanding The Steam Deck

Steam Deck’s Component and Functions

The Steam Deck sports an array of impressive hardware components like a custom APU designed for handheld gaming and it runs a variant of Steam OS with full access to your Steam library. One of its standout components is the Gyro.

In-depth analysis of the gyroscopic feature

Gyroscopic controls, also known as Gyro, bring motion sensitivity to the Steam Deck. By tilting or moving the device in various directions, games will respond to these movements, in addition to the standard button inputs.

When and why might you need to disable the Gyro feature

While the Gyro feature enhances gaming experiences by creating an interactive play session, it may make some gaming sessions more challenging. Fast-paced or complex games might become more difficult, causing more harm than good. The Gyro feature may also drain the battery faster. There are various reasons to learn how to turn off gyro on the Steam Deck, and we’ve got your back.

Detailed Guide: Switching off the Gyro on Steam Deck


Before starting the process, ensure your Steam software is up to date and log into your account.

Step-by-step instructions on accessing the settings panel of the Steam Deck

Start by navigating to the settings icon on your device, typically located in the top right corner of the Home menu.

Detailed guide on locating the gyro option in the settings

Once within the setting menu, navigate through to the ‘Controller’ section, followed by the ‘Manage Controller settings’ option, and finally to the ‘Gyro’ option.

Full walkthrough on how to disable the gyro feature

In the ‘Gyro’ menu, you will see a toggle switch labeled ‘Enable Gyro.’ Switch this off to deactivate the gyroscopic feature.

Troubleshooting: Common issues when trying to turn off gyro on Steam Deck

Identification of common problems and errors

Missteps during this process might mean not being able to locate the ‘Gyro’ settings. Another common issue is that the settings may not save correctly.

Possible solutions and workarounds for each issue

If you struggle to find the settings, revisit the earlier steps to ensure you are following them correctly. If your settings are not saving, ensure you confirm any changes before exiting the menu.

Where to seek more help if required

If you still encounter problems, the Steam Community forum or the official support page for Steam can be a great resource.

Consequences of turning off Gyro on Steam Deck

How it impacts gaming experiences

Turning off the Gyro feature can result in a more traditional gaming experience. Some players may prefer this for certain game types, while others will find it less immersive.

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Differences in Steam Deck performance

On the performance side, disabling Gyro could save battery life as the device has fewer sensors to keep running, slightly extending your play sessions.

Possible issues after turning off gyro and how to resolve them

If you feel the gameplay experience has worsened after switching off the gyro feature, simply follow the instructions in reverse to re-enable it.


Learning how to switch off the Gyro on the Steam Deck contributes to customizing your gaming experience. Understandably, the gyro feature may not appeal to everyone, but the option to enable or disable at will ensures you have control over your device’s functions and your gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gyro function on Steam Deck?

The Gyro function on Steam Deck refers to the gyroscopic feature that introduces motion-sensitive controls to the gaming experience.

Why might someone want to turn off the Gyro feature on their Steam Deck?

The Gyro feature might be distracting or inconvenient for some games, which is why some players prefer to have it disabled.

Does disabling the Gyro feature improve the performance of the Steam Deck?

Disabling the Gyro feature can have a minor positive impact on battery life as it requires less power to run fewer sensors.

What are the typical problems you can encounter while trying to turn off the gyro?

Typical problems include not being able to locate the right settings or changes not saving properly.

Is it possible to turn the gyro feature back on if you change your mind?

Yes, it is entirely possible to switch the Gyro feature back on following the same steps but in reverse order.

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