A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Snip on Chromebook


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to share a snippet of information on your screen, but just didn't know how to? This narrative is not uncommon, especially among new Chromebook users. This article focuses on how to snip on a Chromebook, providing a step-by-step guide to make this process seamless for you.

A Brief Explanation of What Snipping Means

Snipping essentially involves capturing a screenshot, or rather, a ‘snippet' of your active screen. It could be an exciting segment on a webpage, a vital chat message, a perplexing manual you want to share for , an excerpt from an e-book you're reading, or anything on your screen that you want a snap of.

Significance and Convenience of Snipping Articles on a Chromebook

Snipping comes with a range of benefits. It allows quick and easy sharing of information, helps in documenting knowledge, simplifies troubleshooting, and increases productivity. In a learning or work environment, it's an invaluable skill, as it promotes effective communication and improved efficiency.

Understanding the Chromebook

In order to master snipping, it's beneficial to understand the device you're using. In this case, the device in question is a Chromebook.

Brief Overview of What a Chromebook is

A Chromebook is a laptop or a tablet that runs on the Linux-based, Chrome OS. Designed by Google, Chromebooks are primarily used for tasks involving the Google Chrome browser, with most applications and data in the cloud.

Unique Features and Functionality of a Chromebook

Chromebooks stand out because of their speed, simplicity, and security. With automatic updates, easy Google Drive integration, and built-in virus protection, Chromebooks are highly efficient devices.

Importance of Learning How to Snip on a Chromebook

With Chromebooks being cloud-based and browser-centric, the likelihood of encountering a crucial piece of content that you'd like to capture is high. Therefore, knowing how to snip on a Chromebook can effectively nuance your user experience.

Different Tools for Snipping on Chromebook

Chromebooks come with a built-in snipping tool along with compatibility with numerous alternative snipping tools.

Introduction to the Built-in Chrome OS Snipping Tool

Chrome OS has a built-in snipping tool called the “Screen Capture tool”. It's fairly simplistic, easily accessible, and comes with a variety of options for full or partial screen capture.

Overview of Alternative Snip Tools Compatible with Chromebook

Apart from the built-in tool, you can also use other tools like LightShot, Nimbus Screenshot, and Awesome Screenshot to snip on your Chromebook. Each of these have their distinctive attributes and strengths.

Highlights and Benefits of Each Tool

While the built-in tool stands out for its ease and accessibility, other tools offer features like editing options, high-quality captures, and additional file formats. They cater to different user needs and make the snipping experience more versatile.

Detailed Guide on How to Snip on Chromebook Using the Built-in Tool

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use the built-in tool effectively.

Accessing the Snipping Tool from the Toolbar

You can access the Screen Capture tool from the toolbar located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once you click on the time display, a window pops up where you select the “Screen Capture” option.

Selecting the Desired Screen Area to Snip

The tool enables you to choose whether you want to capture the entire screen, a window, or specific area. You can select your preference, focus on the area you want to capture, and take your snip.

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Guidelines on How to Save, Download or Share the Snipped Image

After capturing a snip, a notification will appear. You can click on it to view, save, download, or share your snipped image.

Guidance on Using Other Compatible Snip Tools

While the built-in tool is useful, alternative tools offer some additional features and merits.

Downloading and Installing These Tools

Downloading and installing these additional tools is simple. Most of them are available in the Chrome Store. All you have to do is search for the tool, click ‘Add to Chrome', and follow the installation instructions.

Using These Tools to Snip Images

Usage varies among these tools, but generally, they are accessible via a button on the browser toolbar, a context menu, or a hotkey. These tools also offer a swathe of options for snipping, editing, saving, sharing, and even annotating your snips.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Using These Tools

Issues might arise when using these tools, including not being able to capture a specific screen area or save the snip. Contacting the tool's customer support or checking their FAQ sections can usually help find quick solutions.

Tips and Tricks on Optimizing Snipping on a Chromebook

Tips for High-quality Snips

To ensure high-quality snips, pick the right tool, ensure good screen resolution, and take your time to accurately select your area of capture.

Fast and Efficient Snipping

Speed and efficiency can be improved by understanding the tool's shortcuts, utilizing the editing options where necessary, and integrating with a suitable cloud storage system.

Sharing and Storing Tips

These snips can be quickly shared via email, messenger , or directly uploaded to a cloud storage space. Ensure you organize your snips properly for easy retrieval.

Armed with Snip Tools – What Else Can You Do?

Creative Ways to Use the Snip Tool

From fun projects to professional presentations, snip tools can convert your regular work to incredible creativity. Add annotations, highlight text, and blend images with ease using the vast editing options.

Snipping Tool for Educational Purposes

For scholars, the snip tool can make learning easier. Clip important excerpts from digital texts or capture diagrams to enhance your learning experience.

Integration with Other Applications and How to Maximize Usage

Snip tools can be integrated with other applications like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to provide a cohesive and efficient workflow.


Understanding how to snip on a Chromebook can make your browsing and content sharing experience significantly better. We urge you to practice using the techniques, tips, and tools mentioned in this guide, and you'll witness a noticeable improvement in your productivity and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best snipping tool for Chromebook?

The built-in Screen Capture tool is considerably efficient, but if you want more features, tools like LightShot and Nimbus Screenshot are great options.

Can I use the snipping tool offline on my Chromebook?

Yes, you can use the built-in Screen Capture tool offline on your Chromebook.

What to do when the snipping tool is not working?

Restarting the device often solves the issue. If not, you can check for updates or consult Chromebook's support.

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How do I save my snips on my Chromebook?

Snips are automatically saved in your ‘Downloads' folder. You can also manually save them in your preferred location.

Can I edit my snips on my Chromebook?

The built-in tool doesn't have editing features, but alternate tools like Nimbus Screenshot and LightShot offer editing options.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to access the snip tool on a Chromebook?

Yes, pressing Ctrl+Shift+ Show will activate the Screen Capture tool.

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