A Step-by-Step Guide on How to React to a Message on Discord


In the fast-paced world of instant messaging, Discord has carved a significant niche. Known for its versatility and customization options, it has become a hub for gamers, colleagues, friends, and special interest groups. A major feature that enhances the user experience on Discord is its message reaction functionality. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to react to a message on Discord, from setting up the app to common issues.

Getting started with Discord

The first step to react to a message on Discord is, of course, having a Discord account that is easy to set up. Once the account is active, familiarizing yourself with Discord's user-friendly interface is critical as it hosts the various functionalities and features, including messaging.

Understanding Discord Messages

On Discord, messages are not just text-based. They are more interactive and engaging thanks to message reactions. These reactions come in different forms varying from emojis, GIFs, and custom emojis or stickers, making Discord messaging more expressive and fun.

How to react to a Message on Discord

Reacting to a message on Discord is a simple task, achievable in a few steps. The steps include finding the specific message, selecting it, and choosing the appropriate reaction from the reaction options provided. Each step is imperative and has its function in the message reaction process.

Different ways to react to a Message on Discord

The use of emojis is the most common way of reacting to messages on Discord. However, to make your reaction more interesting, there are other options such as GIFs and custom emojis or stickers. The choice of reaction depends on the message topic and your personal preference.

How to Edit or Remove reactions on Discord

Message reactions on Discord are editable and removable. The guide provides a detailed explanation of how to edit or remove your reaction with handy tips to ensure you don't fall into any common pitfalls.

Use-case examples

Message reactions are not merely fun features. They play a significant role in various situations. For instance, they can demonstrate agreement or disagreement, or present an emotional response without typing a single word.

Dos and Don'ts

Knowing the best practices for reacting to messages on Discord is key to a positive user experience. Similarly, avoiding certain actions is just as important.

Troubleshooting common problems

Occasionally, users may face obstacles when trying to react to messages on Discord. The guide has collected solutions to commonly faced issues and advice on seeking help if issues persist.


Understanding how to react to a message on Discord enhances online communication. More than just a set of instructions, this guide provides insights on how to effectively utilize reactions to create a more interactive and interesting messaging experience on Discord.


Why can't I react to a message on Discord?

Several reasons can cause this issue, ranging from technical glitches to setting restrictions.

How do I delete my reaction on Discord?

Deleting a reaction on Discord is straightforward. Just find the specific reaction and click on it.

What does each reaction emoji mean on Discord?

Emojis are visual representations of emotions. Each emoji has its own interpreted meaning, although this can be subjective.

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Can I react with a custom emoji on Discord?

Yes, Discord allows users to react with custom emojis as long as you have the correct permissions.

What to do if the reaction feature is not working on my Discord?

If you experience trouble with the reaction feature, try troubleshooting possible issues like updating the app or checking your connection.

Can I disable reactions to my messages on Discord?

Yes, Discord provides users with the option to disable reactions for any messages they send.

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