A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Download Crunchyroll Episodes on PC


Crunchyroll is a popular and most sought-after entertainment platform offering an array of anime, manga, and doramas. It is the go-to platform for anime enthusiasts, providing a vast collection of Japanese animated series and movies. Nonetheless, situations may arise that require downloading episodes for offline viewing. For instance, an unstable internet connection or travelling to an area with no network coverage. This article maps out a step-by-step guide on how to download Crunchyroll episodes on your PC to enhance your offline viewing experience.

Requirements for Downloading Crunchyroll Episodes on PC

Necessary Hardware and Software

For seamless downloading of Crunchyroll episodes, you need a computer with adequate storage space, updated with a recent operating system version. Besides, you must have a contemporary browser installed, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Strong, Secure Internet Connection

A robust and secure internet connection is vital to download Crunchyroll episodes efficiently. A high-speed connection reduces the buffering duration, hastens the downloading speed, thus enhancing your overall experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Crunchyroll Episodes on PC

Creating a Crunchyroll Account

To start downloading from Crunchyroll, sign up for an account first. Visit the Crunchyroll website, click on the “Sign Up” button, and feed in your details.

Necessary Payments and Subscription Plans

Crunchyroll offers a range of subscription plans to choose from, with each having a unique set of benefits. For the ability to download and watch offline, you need a premium subscription.

Navigating the Crunchyroll app/website on a PC

Once the account is set and the subscription plan chosen, log in to your account. Browse or search for your preferred anime from the massive library.

Selecting Desired Episodes and Downloading

Click on the desired episode and opt for the download option available. Depending on your internet speed and the episode’s size, the download duration may vary.

Tips and Tricks for Improving the Downloading Experience

Optimizing PC Settings for Faster Downloads

Ensure your PC is configured for optimal downloading speed. Limit the background apps consuming the bandwidth, use a wired connection over wireless, if possible, and keep your system updated.

Ways to Manage and Organize Downloaded Files for Easier Access

Create a dedicated folder for Crunchyroll downloads. You may also categorize the episodes by series or genres, making locating and viewing easier.

Safety Measures to Avoid Downloading Malware or Virus

Install a reputable antivirus and ensure it’s updated. Do the downloads from the official Crunchyroll platform to avoid risks associated with pirated sites.

Common Issues and Their Solutions

Troubleshooting Common Problems faced while Downloading

If you encounter download errors, check your internet connection, ensure you possess sufficient storage space, and try refreshing the page.

Solutions and Suggestions

In case of persistent issues, you might need to clear your browser’s cache, check for any browser updates, or try downloading on a different browser.

Point of Contact for Further Assistance

For complex issues, Crunchyroll’s customer support can help via their contact information available on the website.


Downloading episodes for offline viewing provides the luxury to watch your favorite anime on Crunchyroll anytime, anywhere. Following the mentioned processes you can download episodes smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to pay for downloading episodes from Crunchyroll?

Yes, you need a premium subscription to access offline viewing.

Why are my downloads slow and how to improve speed?

Speed depends on your internet connection. Close other applications using the bandwidth to improve speed.

Can I download episodes on my PC and transfer them to other devices?

No, Crunchyroll doesn’t support cross-device transfers.

What do I do if the episode won’t play after download?

Try refreshing the page, logging in and out, or contact customer support.

Are there any restrictions on the number of episodes I can download?

Yes, restrictions apply depending on your subscription plan.

Can I watch downloaded episodes without an internet connection?

Absolutely, that’s the benefit of offline downloads.

What formats are available for downloading?

MP4 is the standard format for Crunchyroll downloads.

What to do when downloaded file is corrupted?

Delete the file, clear your cache, and try downloading again.

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