A Simple Guide on How to Unban Someone on Discord: Quick and Easy Steps


Discord is a popular communication platform primarily used by gamers to chat via text, , and . This interactive app is used to create individual chat servers where users can come together to discuss games, join voice channels, share images, and much more, thereby fostering robust virtual communities worldwide. However, like any other social platform, Discord has set up rules and mechanisms to maintain decorum and ensure user safety. One such mechanism is the ability to ban and unban users from particular servers.

Knowing how to unban someone on Discord is crucial for server administrators and moderators. It allows for better control and management of the server by ensuring a chance for reform to those who might have violated the rules. This article will guide you through understanding banning in Discord, the process of unbanning, Discord's unban policies, potential errors in the unbanning process, and some frequently asked questions on the subject.

Understanding Banning in Discord

So, what exactly does it mean to ban a user in Discord? In simple terms, banning a user means prohibiting them from joining your server or accessing its content. An individual could be banned for various reasons, such as violating Discord's community guidelines, engaging in toxic behavior, or spamming the server.

The effects of banning include removal of the individual from the server and the inability to rejoin, unless unbanned by an administrator. The banning process is straightforward, involving selecting the offending user and choosing the ‘ban' option. However, banning should be used sparingly and only when required, to maintain a harmonious community.

How to Unban Someone on Discord

Realizing that a user has served their time or mistakenly banned them calls for unbanning. Luckily, unbanning someone on Discord, either on a computer or a mobile device, is relatively straightforward.

Unbanning a User on a Computer

  1. First, open Discord and access your server settings by clicking on the server name at the top left.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Server Settings.'
  3. Select ‘Bans' from the vertical menu on the left.
  4. You will see a list of banned users. Find and click on the user you wish to unban.
  5. Click on ‘Revoke Ban.' This action will immediately unban the user.

Unbanning a User on Mobile Platforms

  1. Open the Discord app and access the server settings by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.
  2. At the bottom, tap on the server name and select ‘Settings.'
  3. From the options that appear, tap on ‘Bans.'
  4. Select the user you want to unban and tap on ‘Revoke Ban.'

Understanding Discord's Unban Policies

Discord maintains a strict stance on their policies regarding banning and unbanning users. Admins and moderators have the authority to ban or unban individuals as they deem fit, given they maintain respect for individuals' rights and adhere to Discord's community guidelines.

Violation of Discord's policies, such as abuse of the banning feature, could lead to server deactivation. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand the essence of these policies and adhere to them.

Possible Errors in Unbanning

Sometimes, you might encounter errors while unbanning someone on Discord. Common issues could involve not having sufficient permissions (only admins and moderators can unban users), user not found (ensure the correct username), and others.

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In case of persistent issues, you can reach out to Discord Support through their website or help center. They respond promptly and offer efficient solutions to problems.


In today's virtual community, Discord serves as a significant platform for user interaction. As such, understanding how to maintain a harmonious environment within your server is critical. Knowing how to unban someone on Discord is a part of this management role. Always ensure to abide by Discord's unban policies to avoid unnecessary complications.


Can anyone unban a Discord user?

No, only administrators and moderators of a server have the authority to unban a user.

What happens when a user is unbanned from Discord?

When a user is unbanned, they regain access to the server they were banned from. They can view, post, and interact on the server as any regular member would.

Can a user be banned permanently on Discord?

Yes, a user can be indefinitely banned from a server until the administrator or a moderator chooses to unban them.

Is there a limit to the number of users one can unban in a day?

As of now, Discord does not impose a limit on the number of users one can unban in a day.

Can a user be unbanned from a Discord server they were not originally a part of?

No, a user can only be unbanned from a server they were previously a member of.

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