A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change Background on Discord


Welcome to our comprehensive step-by-step guide highlighting how to change the background on Discord. For those who might be clueless, Discord is a wildly popular platform that lets you communicate with friends, family, and fellow gamers via text, voice, and chats. However, the beauty of this platform goes beyond mere communication; its customization options are just as important and exciting.

The purpose of this article is to provide insight into the process of changing your Discord background—an essential aspect of personalizing your user experience on the platform.

Understanding Discord Background Changes

Dissimilar to conventional chat platforms, Discord allows users to change the background of their profile or server. This aesthetic alteration could be everything from a gamer's favorite character, a nostalgic throwback, or a unique design. Discord's flexibility in allowing users to switch up their background gives them the power to create a unique environment that reflects their style and preferences.

Changing your Discord background will not only showcase your personality but also intensify the visual experience during your chat sessions. It is an opportunity to leave standard aesthetics behind and bring a personal touch to your digital communication space.

Requirements for Changing Background on Discord

Before we delve into the process of changing your background on Discord, let's look at the prerequisites for this task. To begin, you'll need:

1. The Discord : Ensure you have the latest version of Discord running on your device.
2. An Image for your background: This should ideally be an HD image that will look good even when enlarged for desktop viewing.
3. An active Discord account: You'll need to sign up with Discord if you haven't already.

Steps to Change Background on Discord

Now, this section is the heart of the article. Here, we'll detail the process of changing your background on Discord.

Step 1: Opening the Discord App

Access Discord via the mobile or desktop application or web browser. Sign in using your credentials to commence the process.

Step 2: Opening the User Settings

Once the application is open, find and click the ‘User Settings' icon found typically at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Selecting a theme

After entering the user settings, navigate to the ‘Appearance' option. Here, you can choose between the default “light” and “dark” themes, depending on your preference.

Step 4: Adjusting the Background Settings

Next, to set a custom image, you'll need to use a tool like BetterDiscord. We'll delve into this in our ‘Tips and Tricks' section.

How to Change Background on Discord for Different Devices

While the process of changing the background on Discord is mostly uniform across platforms, it's valuable to highlight specific considerations:

Changing Background on Discord for PC

To begin personalizing your Discord experience on PC, you'll need to follow the steps mentioned in the previous section sequentially. Contrarily, changing the background on the mobile application is a bit different.

Changing Background on Discord for Mobile Devices

Discord's mobile version doesn't inherently support background alterations like its desktop counterpart. Nevertheless, using plugins and third-party tools can help you change the background.

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Tips and Tricks for Changing Background on Discord

Selecting the right image size

Ensure the selected image matches Discord's recommended dimensions to prevent quality loss upon resizing. The ideal size for server icons is 512×512 pixels.

Using customized themes

You can also choose from a range of pre-existing custom themes available on platforms like BetterDiscord.

Integration with BetterDiscord for more customization

BetterDiscord is a popular third-party tool that enhances your Discord experience, including changing the background image.

Dealing with Common Problems in Changing Background

Problem 1: Upload failed

If you're encountering challenges when uploading a background image, it might be due to poor connection or an oversized file. Retry uploading or reduce the image size.

Problem 2: Background not showing

If your background isn't showing, it could likely be an issue with the selected theme. Consider reinstalling BetterDiscord or ensuring that the theme file is correctly placed.


Changing your Discord background strengthens your online identity, making your experience on the platform unique and engaging. Follow our effective guide above to guide you in personalizing your Discord interface effortlessly and swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I change my Discord background?

The inability to change your Discord background may be due to an outdated application, incorrect settings, or the lack of a third-party tool like BetterDiscord.

Can everyone see my background change on Discord?

With Discord, the background changes are primarily visual and impact your personal view of the app, not visible to other server members or chat participants.

How to revert back to the original background in Discord?

If you wish to return to the default background on Discord, you only need to uninstall any third-party applications affecting the background and then reset your preferences within Discord.

Can you change Discord background on mobile?

Unfortunately, Discord's mobile app doesn't allow you to change the background directly. However, you can use third-party tools to accomplish this.

Is there any restriction on the type of images that can be used as a background?

No specific restriction exists on the image type; however, you're advised to adhere to Discord's community guidelines when selecting a background image to prevent any violations.

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