A Comprehensive Guide on How to Stream Movies on Discord: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners


The vast landscape of digital communication is constantly evolving, with Discord leading the pack as an all-purpose platform providing voice, video, and text communication. Originally designed for gamers, the application has expanded its horizons, jumping into areas such as education, businesses, and, more recently, movie streaming.

Streaming movies is a concept we are all familiar with, courtesy of platforms like Netflix and Hulu. But Discord adds a unique twist to it. Imagine watching your favorite film or TV show with friends or the entire server, regardless of the distance separating you. That’s the fascinating allure and convenience of streaming movies on Discord.

Moreover, Discord offers both screen sharing and video call features, allowing users to watch movies simultaneously as they chat about the cinematic nuances in real time. The benefits range from connecting with friends in unique, fun ways to creating active, engaged communities around shared interests.

What You Need to Stream Movies on Discord

Before you rendezvous at your virtual movie night, there are a few necessities to arrange.

A Discord Account

If you are not already a user, sign up on the Discord platform.

A Stable Internet Connection

To prevent buffering or lagging, a reliable internet connection is essential.

A Movie/Source

Choose a movie to stream. You may own a digital copy, or you can stream from platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, provided you have the necessary subscription.

The Discord Application on Your Desktop

Discord’s screen share feature is only on their desktop application, which means you can’t stream movies through their website or mobile app.

Legal Considerations

When deciding on a movie for streaming, copyright issues might emerge. It is important to ensure your chosen content doesn’t infringe upon any copyright laws. To stay safe, choose public domain films, or stream from your personal collection or a legal streaming service.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Stream Movies on Discord

Creating or Joining a Server

To stream a movie, start by creating a new server or join an existing one.

Creating a Voice Channel

Next, create a voice channel where everyone will gather. Make sure to select the ‘voice channel’ option, not the ‘text channel’.

Sharing Your Screen

Join the voice channel, click on the ‘screen’ icon, and choose the window that’s playing the movie. With your screen shared, you can now start streaming the movie.

Enhancing Your Movie Streaming Experience

Using Discord Bots

Bots like Rythm or Octave can assist you in controlling the session, such as organizing queues, controlling volume for the entire server and making announcements.

Tips for a Successful Stream

To ensure a joyful experience, a stable internet connection is crucial. Additionally, having clear guidelines for server members during the stream, such as muting their microphones while the movie plays, can foster a smooth, enjoyable streaming session.

Potential Problems and Troubleshooting

Occurrences like lagging or buffering might occur during a movie stream. Often a more stable internet connection can solve this. For other concerns, Discord’s help centre or online communities can provide guidance.


Streaming movies on Discord is an innovative way to bring people together, offering an exciting communal experience. Though the process may seem daunting initially, the above guidelines should enable a seamless setup for your first Discord movie night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream movies on Discord via mobile phone?

Unfortunately, Discord screen sharing is not currently available for mobile devices.

Are there any copyright issues with streaming movies on Discord?

The user is responsible for ensuring that streamed content complies with copyright laws.

Why is my movie stream laggy and how can I fix it?

The most likely culprit is a weak internet connection. Ensure there are minimal devices on the network during streaming.

Can I stream movies from Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming platforms on Discord?

Yes, as long as you have subscriptions to these services.

How many members can watch a movie stream at the same time?

Discord supports up to 50 members in a video call, but this number can increase with Nitro Classic or Nitro server boosts.

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