A Comprehensive Guide: How to Play Subnautica VR for a Breathtaking Underwater Adventure


With the advent of virtual reality (VR) technology, gaming takes a thrilling and immersive twist. This is especially true for Subnautica, an open-world survival adventure game set in the depths of an alien ocean. With its stunning underwater environment and engaging gameplay, Subnautica becomes an extraordinary experience when played in VR.

The exhilarating appeal lies not only in bridging the gap between the virtual and real world but also in the benefits of VR. It offers depth perception, engaging user interaction, and a higher degree of immersion, making Subnautica VR a game that’s worth diving into. The objective of this comprehensive guide is to elucidate how to play Subnautica VR, providing a seamless subaqueous adventure.

Understand Subnautica VR Requirements

To ensure a great VR experience, understanding the prerequisites is crucial, starting from system requirements to motion comfort.

System Requirements

Subnautica VR necessitates at least an Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, and, ideally, a NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card. Additionally, you’ll need a minimum of 20 GB of available storage.

Necessary Hardware: PC and VR Headset

A powerful PC paired with a compatible VR headset is key. The game supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The use of motion controllers is optional, as you can use a keyboard or gamepad.

Comfort and Motion Sickness

Subnautica VR can be intense due to the game’s free-roaming exploration and survival elements. Users prone to motion sickness should adjust settings to match their comfort level or take necessary precautions.

Installing and Configuring Subnautica VR

Getting ready to plunge into this alien ocean world involves two critical steps: installing the game and configuring it for VR play.

Installing Subnautica VR

Subnautica VR can be purchased and downloaded from platforms like Steam or the Oculus Store. Upon purchase, the game will be available in your library for downloading and subsequent installation.

Configuring for VR Play:

To play Subnautica in VR, simply launch the game from your VR dashboard after connecting your VR headset. Under the options menu, adjust the display and control settings to match your preferences.

Getting Started with Subnautica VR

The beginning of your underwater adventure includes understanding the game’s main menu, modes, and the initial set-up.

Main Menu Navigation in VR

Navigating the main menu in VR is straightforward. Simply look towards the options and use the gamepad or motion controller to select.

Game Modes

You can choose from modes like Survival, Freedom, Hardcore, and Creative, each offering a unique gameplay experience.

Setting Up Initial Game Environment

You begin by crashing onto an alien ocean world with limited resources. Understand the basics of swimming and gathering resources to survive.

Game Mechanics and Controls in Subnautica VR

To thrive under the alien ocean, get accustomed to the mechanics and controls within VR.

Player Movements and Controls

Movement in Subnautica VR involves swimming, diving, and navigating your submersibles. You can use your gamepad/stick, keyboard, or motion controllers.

Interacting with In-game Elements

Surviving necessitates crafting equipment, building bases, interacting with aquatic life, and exploring the equation of the underwater world.

Inventory System

Managing inventory in VR needs practice. Remember to equip items for easy access and store essential resources.

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Strategies and Tips for Playing Subnautica VR

Increase your chances for survival with strategic gameplay and useful tips.

Exploring the Underwater Environment

Reveal your surroundings with the Seaglide’s light or use the Aurora’s distant silhouette as a compass. Be aware of oxygen levels while diving deep.

Surviving Underwater Creatures

Avoid trouble by stealthily maneuvering around dangerous creatures. Remember, not all creatures are hostile, some can provide useful resources.

Resource Management and Base Building

Resource management is vital in Subnautica VR. Build a base as you progress and use your resources thoughtfully.

Troubleshooting Common Subnautica VR issues

Occasional technical hitches or glitches can disrupt play.

Solving common technical issues

Issues like tracking problems or distorted visuals can be fixed by recalibrating your VR headset or updating your graphic card drivers respectively.

Reporting Bugs and Contact Support

In case of persistent issues, report the bug via the game system or reach out to customer support.

Optimizing VR System Performance

Keeping the system up-to-date, ensuring good ventilation, and avoiding unnecessary applications running in the background may enhance the VR performance.


This guide summarizes what you need to know about playing Subnautica VR, from its installation to gameplay strategies. The fascinating underwater world of Subnautica in VR is truly an immersive experience waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Subnautica VR different from the regular version of Subnautica?

No, Subnautica VR is the same game, but experienced with VR technology for a more immersive gaming experience.

Can Subnautica VR be played without a VR headset?

Yes, but it wouldn’t be a VR experience. You can play it as a regular PC game.

Is Subnautica VR suitable for those susceptible to motion sickness?

Subnautica VR can cause motion sickness in some players. Adjustments can be made in the game settings to increase comfort.

What are the minimum system requirements to play Subnautica VR?

The minimum requirements include a powerful PC (Intel Core i3 processor or better), 8 GB RAM, and a compatible VR headset.

How to solve common problems when playing Subnautica VR?

Common problems can be solved by recalibrating the VR system, updating graphic cards, and ensuring the system is well ventilated.

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