A Comprehensive Guide: How to Add Pages in Google Docs Easily


A. Explanation of What Google Docs is

Google Docs is a free, online word processing tool from Google. It is like an internet-based version of Microsoft Office, offering the ability to create, edit and store documents online. Instead of documents being saved on a local computer, Google Docs stores them on Google’s servers, allowing access from any computer with an internet connection. This makes it an excellent tool for collaboration, as multiple users can edit a document simultaneously in real-time.

B. Importance and Usefulness of Adding Pages in Google Docs

Adding pages in Google Docs is an essential skill that allows for the creation of longer, better-structured documents. Whether for a research paper, business report, or a lengthy novel, it’s vital that you know how to manage pages. By adding and customizing pages, users can create effective and impressive documents with ease.

Different Ways of Adding Pages in Google Docs

A. How to Add Pages by Pressing “Enter”

The simplest way to add a new page in Google Docs is by pressing the “Enter” key until you move to a new page. However, this method can create formatting problems later.

B. How to Add Pages by Inserting a Page Break

A more professional method is inserting a page break. You can do this by placing your cursor where you wish to start a new page and clicking `Insert > Break > Page break`, or by using the shortcut `Ctrl+Enter`.

C. How to Add Pages Using the Insert Page Option

You can also add a new page through the `Insert` tab by selecting `Insert > Page > New page`. However, note that Google Docs does not directly provide an “Insert Page” option.

Tips on Managing Added Pages in Google Docs

A. How to Delete Pages

To delete a page, place your cursor at the beginning of the text that you want to delete, click and drag across to highlight, then press the `backspace` button.

B. How to Reposition Pages

Repositioning pages primarily involves cutting and pasting the content. Highlight the text you want to move, right-click to choose the `Cut` option, place your cursor where you wish to move that content to, right-click and choose `Paste`.

C. How to Duplicate Pages

To duplicate your page content, simply copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) it at the desired location.

Using Automated Page Numbering in Google Docs

A. Introduction to Automated Page Numbering

Google Docs also offers the capability of automatic page numbering, which auto-updates when you add or delete pages.

B. How to Add Automated Page Numbers

To add page numbers, go to `Insert > Page numbers`, then choose the format you prefer.

C. Using Sections in Google Docs for Different Page Numbering

Google Docs enables the use of sections, each with different page numbering. To create a new section with different page numbers, select `Format > Columns > More options` and choose the desired start value for your new section.

How to Customize Pages in Google Docs

A. How to Change Page Color

To change a page color, select `File > Page setup > Page color` and choose your desired color.

B. How to Change the Page Orientation

Change your page’s orientation by clicking `File > Page setup > Orientation` and selecting `Portrait` or `Landscape`.

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C. How to Adjust Margins

To adjust margins, select `File > Page setup > Margins` and input your desired measurements.

Using Templates in Google Docs to Add Pages

A. Introduction to Google Docs Templates

Google Docs provides a selection of pre-designed templates that can add pages automatically. These templates include different types of documents such as resumes, reports, newsletters, and more.

B. Steps on How to Use and Customize a Template

To use a template, click `File > New > From template` and choose your template. You can customize the template according to your needs.


A. Recap of the Main Points Covered

In conclusion, this guide has covered the various ways of adding, managing, numbering, customizing, and using templates for pages in Google Docs.

B. Encourage Readers to Explore and Make Use of These Techniques

With the basic knowledge of these techniques, I urge you to explore more and enhance your skills in Google Docs. You’ll be a Google Docs pro in no time!

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