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AIO vs Air Cooler—What’s Better?

Whenever you use your CPU for extended time periods, it begins to heat up (see CPU temperature). It is essential for it to cool down again to be able to function efficiently. In this case, you can make use of

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How to use your laptop as a 2nd monitor

If there’s one thing that a great deal of laptop and computer owners can admit to, it’s the fact that they have more than one device in the house. It’s like the infamous “box of cables” that everyone keeps around

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Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Gone are the days when hardy gamers would endure long hours of extreme discomfort, stress, fatigue, and even a bad back by sitting on a plain office chair for their gaming session. With constant innovation and technology, gamers now have

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How Long Does A Laptop Last?

Whether you are looking to buy a brand new laptop or simply want to make a few operational improvements to your existing laptop, the longevity of a laptop happens to be a key concern for users. While most laptops look

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How Old Is My Computer?

You are leading a simple life. You have your movies and popcorn showing on your new projector. And then your computer suddenly crashes. You take it to a repair guy and he asks you something you’ve never thought about before

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The Best Mini Stereo Amplifiers (Class D)

A high-quality Class D mini stereo amplifier makes your standard speakers produce an engaging, loud, and clean sound that pleases your ears. A stereo amplifier has a significant role to play because it makes your home stereo speakers play with extraordinary clarity, regardless of the volume. Alongside the common variations, there are dedicated mini amplifiers for headphones, subwoofers, and passive

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Which is the best 240 Hz gaming monitor?

240 Hz gaming is the new normal and we have waited a long time for it. Long gone are the days when 60 Hz was considered to be the gaming standard. 144 Hz is, in some ways, the minimum, and 240 Hz is the new benchmark for good gaming. 240 Hz monitors are, consequently, the most in-demand piece of gaming

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The Best 60 Percent Keyboard

60 percent keyboard are the latest hype among gamers. Not only do they look absolutely awesome, they also save a ton of space. Were you having trouble aiming, turning, or navigating your mouse around your bulky mechanical keyboard? We will give you our top 5. Is the hype real? Read on to find out more. *TechImperatives.net is a participant in the

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The 8 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

Whether you’ve been using a small mini ITX case or huge and lofty RAM sticks for your motherboard, your CPU cooler will most likely have maintenance difficulties, particularly when you’re using an air cooling system. This article will walk you through the list of the best low profile CPU coolers that we have assessed after hours of research and review.

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The 3 Best Under-Cabinet Radios

Under-cabinet radios can be extremely convenient to use as they can provide some entertainment and music while you go on doing your chores. Perhaps the biggest plus point of this kind of cabinet radio is that it does not take up too much space. So, how do you go about looking for the best under cabinet radio for yourself? Through

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Gaming with PCIe sound cards – worth it?

Sound quality is rarely on the forefront of the average PC user’s mind when looking for the perfect setup. As long as sound comes out, everything’s fine. Why make it more complicated than it is? Well, the big revelation is that there is more to sound beyond just “fine”. You read that right, sound can go above the bare minimum.

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Why you should get a star projector

No matter how old you are, everyone feels some connection to the stars. We all love looking up at the night sky and seeing the stars, moon, and – in the right weather – planets twinkling back at us. There’s something relaxing and peaceful about seeing the night sky. It sparks the imagination and creativity and leaves us feeling a

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Movies on the road? Easy with a portable dvd player

The arrival of portable DVD players was a great blessing for parents – and their children. Not only do portable DVD players play movies and discs, but most modern models include other features such as watching regular television and connecting to smart devices to use as a separate screen. *TechImperatives.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,

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Hit those chords: Affordable Digital Pianos for Beginners

A digital piano is a must-have for many musicians. While regular pianos can be very expensive, digital pianos are available for under $1000. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, everyone can benefit from one of the best digital pianos under 1000. *TechImperatives.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide

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trucker headset

Over and out: These are the top trucker headsets in 2021

There’s a lot of debate about the best Bluetooth headset for truckers. Truckers spend a lot of time on the road, and they need something to pass the time. Many turn to music. Having a headset also makes it easy to make and take calls on the road to stay in touch with loved ones and employers. They need a

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green screen for streaming

Streamers: Listen! Get a Green Screen or fall behind

Many people enjoy gaming and find that they could make their own streams. Steamers like this want the best green screens, and it’s important to find the right option for your needs. We’re going to talk about what a green screen is and how it’s beneficial to you. Plus, we discuss how to use it and other important features. One

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rechargeble hand warmers

Winter Guide: Keeping it comfy with rechargeable hand warmers

The summer is slowly coming to an end and it’s time to retire your cooling mattress pads that kept you from sweating at night. Because winter is coming (GoT pun intended). Now, there are plenty of ways to stay warm when the weather goes cold – from coats and hats to scarves and gloves. Sometimes your hands can still be

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fast remote control cars

Fast & Furious! Fast Remote Control Cars

If you are reading this review, you probably have an interest in remote control cars (RC cars). There is a lot to learn about how they work, how fast they can go, and how to find a great option. This review breaks this down and then gives you product reviews for the best RC cars for the three different scales.

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Snowy? Frosty? No problemo with an electric snow shovel

Snow season is coming, meaning it’s time for you to start getting prepared. There are a few precautions that you need to take, one of which is getting your hands on some electric snow shovels to replace your snow blowers. For those not in the know, snow shovels are a handy piece of hardware that can completely revolutionize your Winter. We’ve

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How to smarten up your home security

It’s 2020, and everything is digitized from our banking, our social life and our very own four walls. Aside from the usual smart gadgets that can improve your home (Echo Dot,  Refrigerator Gadgets et al.), there has been a recent hype around so called “smart locks”. Smart locks are keyless digital locks that keep your home safe utilizing Wi-Fi or

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night vision binoculars

Clear sight with these awesome Night Vision Binoculars

If you enjoy hunting, fishing, or camping, then you likely want to find the best night vision binoculars for you. Night vision devices are useful for these purposes, so long as you buy a good set. There are plenty of night vision goggles on the market, which makes it difficult to find the best pair. Not all of these products

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bluetooth speaker car

This is why you NEED a bluetooth speaker for your car

One of the fundamental rules of the road and driving a car is that you should never use your phone while driving. It is unacceptable to have one hand on the wheel and your phone in the other. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take phone calls while driving, however. Using a Bluetooth speaker is a great way to talk

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Two ain’t enough. The only triple monitor stand you’ll ever need.

Are you a graphics designer that needs all the space you can get for a project? Are you an avid gamer that wants to create a truly immersive experience? No matter the reason why you have multiple monitors, you should use one of the best triple monitors stands for 2020 to create a clean and professional look for your space.

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electric log splitter

Chip that wood with a log splitter

There can be no question that doing chores such as chopping wood keeps you strong and healthy. On the other hand, doing such strenuous and repetitive activities can do a number on your body. If you need to split lots of wood to keep your fireplace going or need wood for other uses, using an axe could do more harm

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The 3 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories

Without a doubt, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most beloved and innovative gaming consoles in this generation. From the start, Nintendo became famous for their willingness to take risks and try something new. Sometimes they completely miss the target (looking at you, Nintendo 64 boomerang controller). But most of the time the hit just the right spot with

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Hit the road jack! The Best Trailer Brake Controller

  There are plenty of accessories that go into being able to safely pull a heavy trailer or SUV. The first thing you need is a hitch ball mount and a hit receiver. Another key tool is the trailer brake controller. But what exactly is a trailer brake controller and why do you need it? *TechImperatives.net is a participant in

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Where are my kids? Must-have GPS trackers for kids

Parenthood is an experience like no other. While kids will eventually grow up and live their own lives, we are tasked with the enormous responsibility of keeping them safe and sound. Of course, this is easier said than done. After all, children can be quite a handful. This is especially true for toddlers with their temper tantrums, enormous energy levels,

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bluetooth trackers for kids

Never lose your keys (or kids) again with tracking tiles

While GPS trackers for kids offer parents a handy security solution with real-time data, readers should know that they are not your only option. Tracking tiles, or otherwise commonly known as a tile bluetooth trackers, offer parents a great alternative solution to track their kids’ whereabouts.  A tile tracker can certainly come in handy if you have hyperactive children running

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The best gaming monitor under 300 dollar (or slightly above) 

Whether you are a total novice gamer just getting into it or an avid pro gramer used to the highest quality in gaming materials (see our comparison of the rtx 3080 vs 3090). Subsequently, it’s not a shock that your monitor is an important part of your gaming experience. You want… no you NEED a good one to compete. But

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smart baby monitors

Look Who’s Talking? Baby Monitors that are SMART

Hooray, the baby is finally here. You’ve become parents and slowly come to realize that it takes a lot to raise a baby – you need a buggy and cot, not to mention an endless supply of nappies, pampers and patience. But have you also considered that you may want to invest into a baby monitor? Yep, a monitor to

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The perfect steak? Use a Wireless Meat Thermometer

A food thermometer or meat probe is one of the most important gadgets to have in your smart kitchen. They ensure that anything you make is cooked to perfection. Given that just about everything is connected to the internet these days, it’s hardly surprising someone would create a wireless meat thermometer for grilling, smoking, and cooking meat. These wireless Bluetooth

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smart garage door opener

Smart up your garage with a smart garage door opener & parking aids

These days every part of the home is getting that little bit “smarter”, we have already covered a few smart gadgets in our articles on the best smart air quality monitors and best smart irrigation controllers. Now it’s time for an article on your garage. There are quite a few cool gadgets you can use to smarten up your home

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mesh wifi routers

Mesh it up! The Best Mesh Wifi Routers

Nowadays, modern homes highly depend on the internet. Imagine having a 100 Mbps internet plan only to find out that there are spots in your house that don’t exactly get the same speed as others. This is a common scenario dealt by homeowners especially in areas far from the router. Walls made of concrete, brick, or metal can obstruct the

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cooling mattress pad

Summer Sweats? Buy Cooling Mattress Pads 

Night sweats? Trouble getting your full 8 hours of sleep? Always exhausted? Then the problem could be your mattress or rather the bland features of your mattress. Most people don’t get the desired cushioning, cooling, and heating they need from just the mattress. Mattress pads can help a lot in that regard. They offer a separate layer of cushioning to

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fully automatic turntables

Why Audio Technica Makes the Best Fully Automatic Turntables

Who doesn’t love to listen to an old record on Vinyl? Huh? Yep, me too. After all, turntables are the tried and true method of listening to real music. They work by rotating a vinyl and playing music as the needle passes along the vinyl to create a full and rich sound that that people and especially audiophiles absolutely love.

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Portable Projectors: What you need to know

People’  definition of entertainment has evolved over the years and centuries. Nowadays, you can merge home and portable entertainment into one. Nowadays, you don’t need to have a large and expensive television to watch your favorite movies, series, and videos. Instead, you can have a portable projector and have your entertainment system whether you’re staying indoors or outdoors. And not

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portable document scanner

Business tips: Get a portable document scanner

We know, we know… we’ve been publishing quite a few articles covering portable gadgets like portable monitors or portable projectors in the past weeks. But we figured: What the heck? What is another one, right? So,  in this article we will cover the (in our opinion) three best portable document scanners that are currently available on the market. We decided

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Gift Idea: A Wifi Digital Photo Frame

Why display a single photo in a frame when you can have a continuously-rotating display of hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures on your mantelpiece?  This has been the major appeal of the digital photo frame. Just hook your digital camera, insert a memory card, or stream your images wirelessly. Then the LCD screen displays your pictures- either as a

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The best gaming monitor, ever? The LG 27GL850-B

There are many components and gadgets that make a good gaming PC. You need a solid CPU at its core, a sufficient amount of memory, and a video card that’s powerful enough (RTX2060 – RTX2080Ti) to move all those pixels on screen fast enough to keep up with the action. With those essentials in place, it then basically becomes a

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featured image for article on the kidizoom action camera

Action Shots with this awesome camera for kids

The Vtech Kidizoom Action Camera is specifically designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 9. It has the ability to capture both photos and video while including a durable outer covering and easy to use format. These advantages have put it at the top of the list for many kids looking for a quality kids camera to capture

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karaoke machine

Karaoke Time! These are the best karaoke machines to use at home.

When you think about karaoke, you likely imagine a night out with your friends during which you take turns singing popular rock or country music songs over a microphone to recorded backup music coming from a singing machine in front of a room full of clubgoers. While this form of entertainment might traditionally occur in clubs or bars with a

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Green Power: The Best Smart Air Quality Monitor

Air quality is becoming a serious issue throughout the world. People are increasingly away of the dangers of breathing in low-quality air. However, a large body of evidence indicates that often the air within buildings, particularly within homes, can be even more polluted than the air inside. This has even been found to be the case in large industrial cities.

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best portable monitor

Screen to go: The Best Portable Monitors

Today’s busy professionals do business from home, co-working spaces, and nearly every place that’s equipped with internet access. While they find that their smartphones, portable projectors and portable document scanners are indispensable gadgets for quick communication among stakeholders, they often need desk-top quality displays to give presentations and explain complex graphical data to business associates. When a projector screen is

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Smart Irrigation? How does it work?

Landscape irrigation accounts for significant water consumption in the United States, accounting for no less than 9 billion gallons of water per day. About half of this goes to households overwatering their yards and lawns caused by inefficient traditional irrigation methods. Needless to say, this takes a toll on the world’s water supply as well as your personal finances. That

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Gamers Dream do come true: Tempered Glass PC Cases

Are you a gamer, game developer, graphic designer or other high-end desktop user? Do you prefer to build your own custom desktop PCs for home or business use? Are you looking for an elegant, efficient accessories for your desktop computer? Then this guide is for you! Users of high-end desktop PC’s often invest in the best tempered glass PC case

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5 Reasons why you need a multi-language portable smart voice translator

Traveling abroad can fun and exciting. Not only does it allow you to experience new cultures but it can also help you to form new friendships, become more independent, and develop you communications. However, while visiting different countries can be an enlightening experience, some people are concerned that it may take them too far out of their comfort zone. This

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Selfie Time! How to use an LED Ring Light for perfect pictures

Social media is on the rise. Along with facebook, you have snapchat, TikTok and most importantly instagram. Having the right photos for your social media accounts is huuuuge. But many of us are struggling to get the perfect lighting for Instagram selfies. Are normal lighting conditions just not enough to illuminate that beautiful face of yours? We don’t think so.

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Retro Power: Who makes the best Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Music as a human experience is not a modern phenomenon. Archaeological expeditions have revealed several times throughout our lives that even our ancient ancestors had a passion for music. Sometimes that passion was realized in vastly different ways from what we have now, but the fact remains that music is a force that transcends time and culture. It is a

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Through the lense: The Meeting OWL Pro 360 Conference Camera

Are you planning on having regular video conferences in your office board room? The Meeting Owl 360 conference camera by Owllabs is guaranteed to impress the board members at the next big meeting. When a company’s executives are having issues communicating between branches, purchasing a better quality camera is one of the surest solutions to improving on those issues in communication.

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Sony wh-1000xm3 vs bose QC35 II

Headphone Battle: Sony WH-1000XM3 vs Bose QC35 II

Headphones are some of the most significant accessories in audio tech today. Due to the plenty of noise that surrounds you, you need a great set of headphones that will help you immerse yourself in whatever you are doing aka noise cancelling headphones. Whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, playing a game (read our article on the

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