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240hz 1440p IPS Monitors – are they here, yet?

With the recent release of the new RTX 3000 Series and the latest Ryzen CPUs, gamers are well versed for future gaming titles like Cyberpunk & Co. in the hardware department. But what about the monitors? While there are a few monitors that offer 240hz at 1440p, most of these have a TN or ...

The Best Star Projector In 2021

No matter how old you are, everyone feels some connection to the stars. We all love looking up at the night sky and seeing the stars, moon, and - in the right weather - planets twinkling back at us. There's something relaxing and peaceful about seeing the night sky. It sparks the imagination ...

Best Portable DVD Player for Kids

The arrival of portable DVD players was a great blessing for parents - and their children. Not only do portable DVD players play movies and discs, but most modern models include other features such as watching regular television and connecting to smart devices to use as a separate screen. ...

Best Digital Piano Under 1000

A digital piano is a must-have for many musicians. While regular pianos can be very expensive, digital pianos are available for under $1000. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, everyone can benefit from one of the best digital pianos under 1000. *TechImperatives.net is a participant ...

The Best Green Screen for Streaming

Many people enjoy gaming and find that they could make their own streams. Steamers like this want the best green screens, and it's important to find the right option for your needs. We're going to talk about what a green screen is and how it's beneficial to you. Plus, we discuss how to use it ...

Fast & Furious! Fast Remote Control Cars

If you are reading this review, you probably have an interest in remote control cars (RC cars). There is a lot to learn about how they work, how fast they can go, and how to find a great option. This review breaks this down and then gives you product reviews for the best RC cars for the three ...

Frosty! The best Electric Snow Shovel

Snow season is coming, meaning it's time for you to start getting prepared. There are a few precautions that you need to take, one of which is getting your hands on some electric snow shovels to replace your snow blowers. For those not in the know, snow shovels are a handy piece of hardware that ...

TV ME UP! The best USB TV Tuner

Technology has made it easier than ever before to entertain ourselves. There have never been so many options for enjoying TV and movies than today. Streaming services are continually growing in popularity, and the role of the internet in providing access to entertainment is crucial. Many people ...

Mesh it up! The Best Mesh Wifi Routers

Nowadays, modern homes highly depend on the internet. Imagine having a 100 Mbps internet plan only to find out that there are spots in your house that don’t exactly get the same speed as others. This is a common scenario dealt by homeowners especially in areas far from the router. Walls made of ...

On the go: The best portable document scanners

We know, we know... we've been publishing quite a few articles covering portable gadgets like portable monitors or portable projectors in the past weeks. But we figured: What the heck? What is another one, right? So,  in this article we will cover the (in our opinion) three best portable ...

The best gaming monitor, ever? The LG 27GL850-B

There are many components and gadgets that make a good gaming PC. You need a solid CPU at its core, a sufficient amount of memory, and a video card that's powerful enough (RTX2060 - RTX2080Ti) to move all those pixels on screen fast enough to keep up with the action. With those essentials in place, ...

Kidizoom: The Best Action Cam for kids

The Vtech Kidizoom Action Camera is specifically designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 9. It has the ability to capture both photos and video while including a durable outer covering and easy to use format. These advantages have put it at the top of the list for many kids looking for a ...

Gamers Dream: Tempered Glass PC Cases

Are you a gamer, game developer, graphic designer or other high-end desktop user? Do you prefer to build your own custom desktop PCs for home or business use? Are you looking for an elegant, efficient accessories for your desktop computer? Then this guide is for you! Users of high-end desktop PC’s ...